Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bukan Salah Saya..Its not My Fault..

Have we notice, that when sometime, something wrong happened, we always blame someone or try to blame someone else so that whatever went wrong is not our fault. We are fast at pointing finger at someone to bear all that wrong doing. Little that we notice, when we point a finger at someone, the other 4 fingers are pointing back at us.

Human makes mistake. That is why we are called imperfect beings. It does not matter what the mistake is. A mistake is a mistake. The question is, how many of us are daring enough to take the blame. To bear the responsibilty of our mistake. We may argue that "Hey that is not my fault", well that may be true some times but most of the time the mistakes we make is due to our own hard head of not wanting to listen to others. Like the time when we were young, our mum will advise us not to ride the bicycle fast, or not to eat lots of junk food, or not to run around in the shopping complex. The end result is we fall from our bike and had cuts all over our leg, we get food poisoning, and we get lost in the shopping complex.

As we grow older, our responsibility in life becomes more. We start to choose the road that will shape our future. And during this phase we make alot of decision. Those decision may produce good result. Some may in turn make us end up in big trouble. What ever happens, there are bound to be times that we make mistakes. Like the time we play around when exam is around the corner, we procrastinate in doing our assignment. Then we start to blame the lecturer of not giving enough notes. Blame the lecturere of giving such hard questions.

Writing this entry is actually a reminder to my self that I need to start thinking about the consequences of the decision I make in life. To start taking responsibility in my work, my life. No one is going to do your work for you. It's up to ourself to make sure the work given is done. When some one enthrust a responsibility to us. It means that they thrust we can complete that task. Our life is our own responsibility.

We always try to push the blame, the responsiblity to someone else.But we always want to take credit of the things we do, always wanting people to appreciate what we contributed. That when something goes wrong it is suddenly not our fault.

 A way to illusrtate this is by a Malay idiom.

Bangau oh bangau mengapa engkau kurus
Mcm mana aku tak kurus, ikan tak timbul timbul.
Ikan oh ikan kenapa kau tak timbul,
Mcm man aku nak timbul rumput panjang sangat,
Rumput oh rumput mengapa engkau panjang,
Mcm mana aku tak panjang, kerbau tak makan aku.
Kerbau oh kerbau mengapa tak makan rumput,
Mcm mana aku nak makan, perut aku sakit.
Perut oh perut mengapa engkau sakit,
Macam mana aku tak sakit makan nasi basi.
Nasi oh nasi mengapa engkau basi.
Mcm mana aku tak basi, kayu api basah.
Kayu oh aku kenapa engkau basah.
Mcm mana aku tak basah, hujan turun tak henti henti.
Hujan oh hujan kenapa engkau turun,
Mcm mana aku tak turun. Katak panggil aku.
Katak oh katak mengapa panggil hujan.
Mcm mana aku tak panggil, ular nak makan aku.
Ular oh ular kenapa nak makan katak.
Mcm mana aku tak makan, memang makanan aku.

From the bangau blaming the fish because it is skinny, to the kerbau of blaming the food it ate that made it sick to the rain that blame the frog of calling for rain. None of them ever said that it was what they should have done. None of them took responsibilty of what happened.

In the end only the snake admitted that the frog is its food. And he has done nothing wrong in eating the frog.
 Lets be the snake. Although some may consider that snake as a very mischievious, not thrustworthy animal. But at least it dare took the responsibility when the time comes.

Peace out