Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Love You...

Three simple words that mean so much...

Some how I am afraid to believe in it anymore...

Is it going to be real this time?

I am tired..

I am scared..

To be hurt again..

If you go..

What do you thing will happen?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stop Child Abuse! Stop Child Beggers!

Pasar Malam, Shopping complexes, Bus stations, LRT stations, banks, under the overhead bridge...What do all these places have in common?

You might be thinking, Hey, these are places I pass by all the time. Whether its going to work, to eat, to shop, to do what ever routine in our daily life.

And if we are alert enough we  might sometime see/encounter children wandering aimlessly, alone, begging for money. And these children may appear begging in different ways;

1. An adult and a child begger

I have seen this type of begging happening alot. An adult probably the child's mother or father will bring a child with them, asking for money. People will pity them seeing that the child is dirty, malnourish and start to "donate" money. But the reality is, are these adult the real guardian of the children or are they just using children for money. Abusing the children for money as they themselves are lazy to get a job.

And reality is, some of this children might be victims of kidnapping. I once encountered an adult bringing a chlid begging for money in a hospital. Read more here. And the way he acted made me suspicious on whether a father will do that to his own child.

2. Selling bookmarks with religious verses

This type of begging happens alot outside banks, at petrol stations and at bus stations. I have encountered children begging in these place. They came to you claiming that they are selling the bookmarks or cds to raise money for their school, their home (orphan home), or to support their poor family. Personally I don't believe any of it. You may say that I am a heartless person. but hey, I have encountered child begger that ask a minimum donation. Can you believe that?

This happen when I was in the bus and this child came up and distributed book marks with verses from the Quran. He gave them out, sort of like wanting to sell them. Each costing RM 2. I saw this woman who didn't want to buy the book mark but gave a RM 1 donation. You know what happen. This kid had the nerve to say " Seringgit tak cukup, Kurang kurang pun 5 ringgit" My damn!

I think he might have been given a quota to fill each day. There may be a syndicate behind it. The boy might be required to beg for a certain amount of money so that he stays unharmed. Hell, I don't know if that is true. But that is what I watch in Movies, take Slummdog Millionaire for example.

Using children to beg for money is wrong. Maybe their parent cannot afford to support the child, maybe the child has no parent. Whatever the reason is, a child should be protected. He/she does not know right from wrong. When the child grows up. What do you think will happen? Go on begging for the rest of his life?

Stop Child Abuse! One act of child abuse I never want to see happen again is using children to beg for money!


Support the Unicef move! Raise your Hand! Stop child abuse now! Together we can make a difference! (Sounds abit cliche. haha)

Peace out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everything Happens for A Reason

I lost my Ic. oh damn.. how could I be so careless.

Actually maybe I left it at the celcom branch. Cuz they took my Ic to get it photostated, but due to my carelessness I forgot did the guy gave me back my Ic? Damn!

Only realised it awhile ago, when I wanted to check my broadband account.

Luckly my fren asked me out for a movie (Skyline). And luckly he said he wanted to buy something before we went in the cinema. And luckly for me, I pass by a celcom shop. And luckly at that moment I wanted to check my account. And luckly the salesperson wanted to see my Ic.

A chain reaction that created the end result. Oh my my....

Hope they have my Ic with them..

Everything happens for a reason.

If they don't have it.

I will take this as a lesson to be more carefull next time. To be more alert..

Peace out..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Misteri 99 x 5. Akhirnya Selesai!

Yahoo. Hari ini gua email Prof gua berkaitan dgn soalan 99 x 5 tu. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, clik sini.

And Guess what! =) Betul la . Dia mau tunjukkan bahawa there are different ways to get an answer. There are different ways to solve something.

99 x 5 = 100 x 5 -5 = 55 x 9 = 495. The answer is not important. but the process of getting the answer is. just like what bloodytiramisu wrote.

This is what I wrote to my Prof:


Regarding to the question you gave me on what is 99 x 5, I gave the answer as 495. And you asked me how I got the answer. I told you my method and you said that it is not critical thinking.

So I went back, taught about your question. And came up with a conclusion. Was it you wanted show me that critical thinking is actually about doing the same thing differently.

Meaning finding other approches, other alternative to do one thing?

Like the question you gave me. 99 x 5 = 100 x 5 - 5 = 55 x 9 = 495. Here, we can see that there are many ways of getting the answer. Was this what you were trying to teach me? Is this the critical thinking you have in mind?

Daniel Teng.

And this was his reply:

That's it Daniel. We have to think differently - outside the box in this case.


(short and simple answer beliau. Datuk tuh! hahaha!)
Peace out! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sampai jer rumah...


Sampai rumah akhir nyer!

Rumah Gua yg lagi syok, lagi selesa, lagi tenteram.

Sampai jer rumah first thing gua buat... Gi toilet la dulu. wahahaha. (10 jam kot dalam bus, waduh waduh)

Kena la melepas dulu.

Pastu gi mandi! Then terus buka tv. Mcm setahun kot tak tengok tv.

Makan Nasi lomak! Uhhh!! Nikmat! Minum Kopi! Uhh! nikmat kali 2!

Pastu online guna TM Net yg laju lagi best!

Apa apa pun, its good to be back!

Kepada Kawan gua, Mogan! Malam ni gua datang rumah lu.

Makan Kari Kambing nyer!

Sebelum gua sign out.

Gua nak ucap "Stay Strong" kepada member gua yg telah kehilangan kete nyer yg berumur 6 tahun. Di curi seorang yg tak berotak!

Banyak banyak bersabar bro.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Bye Umk. Till We Meet Again!

Will be leaving UMK in approximately 12 hours time.

Going back home. My home Sweet home!

Sem 7 officially over!

To all SBS 4 see you all in a months time.

And soon it will be all over.

I hate to say this...But I am going to actually miss UMK, Kelantan, The Friends I made for the Whole 4 years.

Life in UMK has not always been good. But It has certainly become My second Home!

Enjoy the pictures below:

"We may Grow old with time, But the memories will never fade"

Kali Pertama Buat Kerja Amal Sama-Sama (waduh, rindu seh!)

First outing (sebenarnye utk subject biodiversity, but end up having fun)

masa mude mude. canguk seh!

Sambut Majlis perpisahan Lecturer sama-sama (Dr Hisham! We miss you!!)

Gi melancong sama-sama (Penang Tuh!)
Buat Lab Work yg Bukan Mcm Lab work

Raye Sama-Sama

Gi Cameron Sama Sama! Baju Hijau Fasa tuh! Bangga Seh!

Jadi Model Jap!

I ll Carry the memories to where ever I go

Life is Full of Wonders.

The people you meet.

The people you share you life with.

Will always be remembered.

As, at one part of our lives they were present together with us.

Living their life in our presences..we were part of the history in their life.

For all we know. When we meet again in 10 years time..

He/She might say "Itu la kawan atuk masa kat U dulu"

Peace out

Thursday, November 11, 2010

99 x 5 = 495. Correct ?

I went to see my Academic Supervisor today.

He asked me what is Critical Thinking?

I answered him with my own version of answer.

He then gave me this mathematical question. How much is 99 x 5?

I answer 495. He asked me, how did I get the answer. I answer. I times the equation one by one. 9 x 5, 45 balance 4 bring it up on 9. and 9 x 5, 45 plus 4, 49. ( this was what I learnt in school). so in the end I got 495.

He said, that is the normal way of doing things. That is not critical thinking.

I paused...Are there any other ways to get the answer....

I cannot answer him.

He then said why I don't give you 82, 53, 37...Why did I used 99...

Again I paused I can't answer him...

I went back. Google the meaning of critical thinking. Google for different ways to get the answer of 99 x 5...but I still cannot get why he use 99 instead of other number?

I start to think. maybe if I was alert enough I would have used 500 - 5. Since 100 x 5 = 500. 99 x 5 = 500 - 5 = 495.

Is this the answer that my academic supervisor was looking for?

Does critical thinking means finding other ways, approach of doing something?

Any body has a clue?

Please help...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hahaha. Waduh-waduh, kenangan-kenangan. Masa tengah browse kat Facebook. Jumpa plak gambar gambar lama, masa gua disekolah dulu. Haha. Rindu seh!

Layan la photo2 kat bawah ni!

2 Alamanda: Guru Kelas: Pn Rosinah

3 Alamanda Guru Kelas: Cikgu Kee (Mak Kee)

5 Sains: Guru Kelas: Pn Jamaliah
Lower 6 Guru Kelas: Mr Ong
Hoho. Masa Tingkatan 3 baru mula jadi ketua tingkatan. Naik tingkatan 4 dan 5 pun dipilih lagi. hahaha rindu rindu!

Boleh cam tak mana satu Gua! ahaha.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aku Bukan Dengki..

Gua tengok yg berpacaran, especially Girls..

Tulis mcm mcm tentang BF dieorg la.

Weekend ni buat apa.

Nanti cuti nak gi mana la.

Rindu la.

Tak sanggup nak pisah la..

Kalau tak jumpa rasa tak sedap badan la.

Sakit laaa...

Ini bukan sindiran ataupun kutukan mahupun hasat dengki...

Tapi tanya diri anda adakah die itu org yg is made for you?

How sure are you, he also feels the same way for you.

From experience some guys just fall in and out of love just like that.

Girls beware. Don't give all you heart soul body to that guy.

Most importantly is he a God Fearing man?

Is his relatioship with God as good, as firm as his relatioship with you?

Find a guy, a partner that is able to guide you..

Find one that puts God above all else.

Because if he is a God fearing man..

He will pray for you,

Pray for the family,

Pray for those he care for.

And God will hear him..

Most importantly

His love for you will never die

As he love you,

They way God loves everyone that believes in him.

I am not perfect..I will never be perfect..

But if I can find some one that is God fearing..

Is able to correct me if I am wrong..

Is able to look at my flaws and find something beautiful...

I would want her hand in marriage.

Peace out.

ps: God will not give us what we want. But He will definitely give us what we Need.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am just not into you

Simple Signs A Guy shows when he is not interested in you

1. When you message, he replies late and give all sort of excuses like he just top up his phone, din't notice you message because it was silent, he was busy doing something.

Believe me. If he was interested, He would be waiting, anticipating messages from you all the time. Even when he sleep, showers, or is doing something important, he will always make sure when you message, he replies as quickly as possible.

2. When he does not message you often, despite you having message him almost all the time.

Isn't that clear?

3. When you ask him out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for just makan makan, he refuses and says, I ate already, I have a date already. I got work to do, I need to see my lecturer at this time.

If he were interested. Believe me, he would put everything on hold just to be with you, spend his time with you. Even if it means passing his deadline to submit his assignment.

4. There is no random messages, like: What are you doing? Busy? Asleep already? Want to have lunch?

If he likes you, he would want to have conversation with you all the time.

5. No eye contact. It's either he is very shy. or he is just not interested in what you have to say. He is not focus and everytime you talk he just look else where.

6. He rather stay in his room watching series then to go out with you.

All of the above are just my personal opinion. It maybe also signs that he is cheating on you.

What ever it is. Be sincere, and truthful to one another.

Peace out!

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Funny...

It kinda makes me wonder..

How can people lie right in front of you and pretend that nothing is wrong.

Look you in the eye and say all sort of sweet words to you yet at the same time say the same thing back at another...

Life is full of deception.

Just pity the other that thinks the person is sincere..

For me I am just glad I knew what I know..

I am not that dumbass...

Althought I might feel being used..

But what the heck..

Its mutual..

You get what you want..

I get some entertainment too..

You happy I happy ..

So what's the fuss.

Peace out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you Believe in What you Believe

Are we Religion By Birth?

Do we Practice what we are Taught to Believe?

Are we all God Fearing?

Do we Believe in what we Believe?

Are we going to stand by our Religion when the time comes?

Are we just accepting what our parents Believe in?

Or are we living in the Real Meaning Of the religion that we are Taught to Believe in?

Ponder about it...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Babies!

Should be studying right now, but took some time out to look at some old picture.
And look what I found. My babies. Transformers there is more then Meets the eyes. Has been a huge fan of transformers since G1 generation. Been collecting ever since the real life action movie by michael bay. That was th trigger for me to start my collection.

But mum always nag. "You still small kid aaa? Play with toy"
This is not a toy mum. Its a collectible! There is more then meets the eyes.
Sambil mengtransformkan kete menjadi robot. Bangga sekejap di depan mak ku ahahaha.

Layan poto poto ini.

Autobots & Decepticons Join forces!