Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year 2011. Apa Erti?

Hello hello. Apa khaaabaaar Semua.? Kemana si Da Niel ini menghilang. wahahaha.

Dia tak kemana mana cuma sudah mulakan hidup baru! wahahaha

New Year Sudah mau dekat. Apa Azam baru ? Hahaha. Tak buat lagi

Bagaimana dgn korang? Apa makna Tahun Baru kepada anda. Kongsi kongsi la. Mcm Gong Xi Fa CAi!

Peace Out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bila Rokok Mula Membahayakan Mahluk Lain

Walaupun lipas dianggap mahluk yg paling kotor jijik. Tapi kesian mereka kena cancer angkara perbuatan perokok yg tidak peduli..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baru Ku tau..Review: Top Gear: Proton Satria Neo, Perodua Myvi, Chevrolet Aveo

Pendapat pengacara Top Gear terhadap Proton Satria, Myvi dan Chevrolet Aveo. Rancangan permotoran yang popular di UK. Dalam siri ini dua buah kereta buatan Malaysia ini di review oleh mereka. Apa pendapat orang Malaysia terhadap kedua buah kereta ini? Lebih lebih lagi kepada mereka yg memiliki kerete tersebut...? Komen komen la

ps: ayat yg selalu di ulang "Rubish rubish! and so plasticky"

Bukan Salah Saya..Its not My Fault..

Have we notice, that when sometime, something wrong happened, we always blame someone or try to blame someone else so that whatever went wrong is not our fault. We are fast at pointing finger at someone to bear all that wrong doing. Little that we notice, when we point a finger at someone, the other 4 fingers are pointing back at us.

Human makes mistake. That is why we are called imperfect beings. It does not matter what the mistake is. A mistake is a mistake. The question is, how many of us are daring enough to take the blame. To bear the responsibilty of our mistake. We may argue that "Hey that is not my fault", well that may be true some times but most of the time the mistakes we make is due to our own hard head of not wanting to listen to others. Like the time when we were young, our mum will advise us not to ride the bicycle fast, or not to eat lots of junk food, or not to run around in the shopping complex. The end result is we fall from our bike and had cuts all over our leg, we get food poisoning, and we get lost in the shopping complex.

As we grow older, our responsibility in life becomes more. We start to choose the road that will shape our future. And during this phase we make alot of decision. Those decision may produce good result. Some may in turn make us end up in big trouble. What ever happens, there are bound to be times that we make mistakes. Like the time we play around when exam is around the corner, we procrastinate in doing our assignment. Then we start to blame the lecturer of not giving enough notes. Blame the lecturere of giving such hard questions.

Writing this entry is actually a reminder to my self that I need to start thinking about the consequences of the decision I make in life. To start taking responsibility in my work, my life. No one is going to do your work for you. It's up to ourself to make sure the work given is done. When some one enthrust a responsibility to us. It means that they thrust we can complete that task. Our life is our own responsibility.

We always try to push the blame, the responsiblity to someone else.But we always want to take credit of the things we do, always wanting people to appreciate what we contributed. That when something goes wrong it is suddenly not our fault.

 A way to illusrtate this is by a Malay idiom.

Bangau oh bangau mengapa engkau kurus
Mcm mana aku tak kurus, ikan tak timbul timbul.
Ikan oh ikan kenapa kau tak timbul,
Mcm man aku nak timbul rumput panjang sangat,
Rumput oh rumput mengapa engkau panjang,
Mcm mana aku tak panjang, kerbau tak makan aku.
Kerbau oh kerbau mengapa tak makan rumput,
Mcm mana aku nak makan, perut aku sakit.
Perut oh perut mengapa engkau sakit,
Macam mana aku tak sakit makan nasi basi.
Nasi oh nasi mengapa engkau basi.
Mcm mana aku tak basi, kayu api basah.
Kayu oh aku kenapa engkau basah.
Mcm mana aku tak basah, hujan turun tak henti henti.
Hujan oh hujan kenapa engkau turun,
Mcm mana aku tak turun. Katak panggil aku.
Katak oh katak mengapa panggil hujan.
Mcm mana aku tak panggil, ular nak makan aku.
Ular oh ular kenapa nak makan katak.
Mcm mana aku tak makan, memang makanan aku.

From the bangau blaming the fish because it is skinny, to the kerbau of blaming the food it ate that made it sick to the rain that blame the frog of calling for rain. None of them ever said that it was what they should have done. None of them took responsibilty of what happened.

In the end only the snake admitted that the frog is its food. And he has done nothing wrong in eating the frog.
 Lets be the snake. Although some may consider that snake as a very mischievious, not thrustworthy animal. But at least it dare took the responsibility when the time comes.

Peace out

Friday, December 3, 2010

Stop Child Abuse! Stop Child Beggers!

Pasar Malam, Shopping complexes, Bus stations, LRT stations, banks, under the overhead bridge...What do all these places have in common?

You might be thinking, Hey, these are places I pass by all the time. Whether its going to work, to eat, to shop, to do what ever routine in our daily life.

And if we are alert enough we  might sometime see/encounter children wandering aimlessly, alone, begging for money. And these children may appear begging in different ways;

1. An adult and a child begger

I have seen this type of begging happening alot. An adult probably the child's mother or father will bring a child with them, asking for money. People will pity them seeing that the child is dirty, malnourish and start to "donate" money. But the reality is, are these adult the real guardian of the children or are they just using children for money. Abusing the children for money as they themselves are lazy to get a job.

And reality is, some of this children might be victims of kidnapping. I once encountered an adult bringing a chlid begging for money in a hospital. Read more here. And the way he acted made me suspicious on whether a father will do that to his own child.

2. Selling bookmarks with religious verses

This type of begging happens alot outside banks, at petrol stations and at bus stations. I have encountered children begging in these place. They came to you claiming that they are selling the bookmarks or cds to raise money for their school, their home (orphan home), or to support their poor family. Personally I don't believe any of it. You may say that I am a heartless person. but hey, I have encountered child begger that ask a minimum donation. Can you believe that?

This happen when I was in the bus and this child came up and distributed book marks with verses from the Quran. He gave them out, sort of like wanting to sell them. Each costing RM 2. I saw this woman who didn't want to buy the book mark but gave a RM 1 donation. You know what happen. This kid had the nerve to say " Seringgit tak cukup, Kurang kurang pun 5 ringgit" My damn!

I think he might have been given a quota to fill each day. There may be a syndicate behind it. The boy might be required to beg for a certain amount of money so that he stays unharmed. Hell, I don't know if that is true. But that is what I watch in Movies, take Slummdog Millionaire for example.

Using children to beg for money is wrong. Maybe their parent cannot afford to support the child, maybe the child has no parent. Whatever the reason is, a child should be protected. He/she does not know right from wrong. When the child grows up. What do you think will happen? Go on begging for the rest of his life?

Stop Child Abuse! One act of child abuse I never want to see happen again is using children to beg for money!


Support the Unicef move! Raise your Hand! Stop child abuse now! Together we can make a difference! (Sounds abit cliche. haha)

Peace out!

Menteri Datang. Semua boleh!

Hellooooo!!! Ohoooi!! Bertemu kembali! wahahaha. Kemana kah Si Da Niel menghilang?
Lama Tak berblogging? Lama Tak Komen Komen. Lama... tak lamaaa mah...ahaha.
Sebenarnyer Malas jer nak berblogging. Tapi sebab hari ni gua ter "rajin" skit. Gua kasi cite skit apa yang terjadi hari ini.

Hari ni..(Eh Bukan..) Minggu ni gua dgn rajin nyer mula bersenam. Alaa, jalan jalan and jogging. Dah tiga hari berturut-turut gua mengekalkan gaya hidup yg sihat ini (bangga seh!). Teringat pula lagu kat tv tu : "30 minit setiap sesi. Dalam Seminggu hanya tiga kali" hahaha.

So hari ini gua ke Taman Botani yg terkenal di Melaka. Taman Botani ini dulu dikenali sebagai hutan rekreasi. Tapi sebab dah di "face lift" so nama glamour nyer di tukar kepada Botanical Garden. Tempat ni memang sesuai untuk jogging2 and aktiviti riadah bersama keluarga.

Cut the story short. Sampai jer kat taman botani tiba tiba gua di stop pegawai Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (dulu dikenali sebagai Majlis Perbandaran Melaka Bersejarah).

Die tanya gua, "Nak kemana". Gua dgn blur nyer gua cakap, "Nak kedepan". Hahaha. Patut Gua cakap gua nak ke hutan kutip cendawan.  Dier pun cakap "Jalan ni tak leh nak lalu". Gua pun parking ar jauh skit.

Oh rupa rupa nyer ada menteri yg datang melawat Taman Botani ini. Ketua Menteri Melaka Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd. Ali bin Mohd Rustam bersama dgn Menteri Pelancongan Y.B Dato Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen. Patut la jalan ditutup, pegawai kerajaan pun banyak. Pertama kali seh nampak Dr Ng Yen Yen dari jarak dekat. (Ali Rustam tu dah beberapa kali dah nampak). 

Cut the story short again. Lepas Gua selesai berjogging dan bersenam. Gua pun on the way la nak balik ke moto EX Pie (5) gua.

Then Gua terdengar la skit perbualan mak cik, mak cik and pak cik, pak cik.

The aunty : You saw the toilet? Whoaaaa so clean...

The uncle : You see the newly put dustbin..

Setakat tu ler jer gua dengar. Tapi Gua telah membuat kesimpulan bahawa. Disebabkan ada menteri yg nak datang melawat. Dengan "Magika" nyer . Tandas yg kotor "ting!" menjadi kilat berseri seri! Tong Sampah yg dahulu nyer tiada "ting!" tiba tiba muncul. Bunga orkid yg dahulu nyer mati "ting!" bernyawa kembali. Maintainences semuanyer tip top!

Gua pun terangan angan skit kalau ler gua menteri ..ahaha.

Begitu la keadaan di Malaysia. Ada YB yg datang semua yg rosak boleh jadi baik. Macam monorail kat Melaka ni. Masa pengisytiharan Melaka sebagai negeri yg Maju (tarikh 20.10.2010) Monorail itu dengan "Magika" nyer beroperasi. Tapi Minggu Lepas Gua nak pergi try naik...tutup! Tak der org! Nampak Wayar wayar terkeluar dari monorail itu. Gua terfikir sejenak.. masa menteri datang jer ker beroperasi?

Tgh tulis blog ni gua teringat kata kata bekas perdana menteri kita yg dikasihi...Pak Lah. Masa tu dier datang kat uni gua (Universiti Malaysia Kelantan). Kalau tak silap inilah beliau cakap:

Bila ada lawatan sebegini. Tiba tiba ada pula bilik yg tak boleh masuk. Tiba tiba muncul bilik dalam maintanences. Gua paham maksudnyer tu. Beliau tgh menyindir sektor perkhimatan awan yg tidak mementingkan maintenence. Bila ada lawatan rasmi. Baru la nak tergopoh gopoh buat kerja last minute.

Ps: Manalah Parlimen Tak bocor. Semua buat kerja sambil lewa.

hahaha Peace out!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Love You...

Three simple words that mean so much...

Some how I am afraid to believe in it anymore...

Is it going to be real this time?

I am tired..

I am scared..

To be hurt again..

If you go..

What do you thing will happen?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stop Child Abuse! Stop Child Beggers!

Pasar Malam, Shopping complexes, Bus stations, LRT stations, banks, under the overhead bridge...What do all these places have in common?

You might be thinking, Hey, these are places I pass by all the time. Whether its going to work, to eat, to shop, to do what ever routine in our daily life.

And if we are alert enough we  might sometime see/encounter children wandering aimlessly, alone, begging for money. And these children may appear begging in different ways;

1. An adult and a child begger

I have seen this type of begging happening alot. An adult probably the child's mother or father will bring a child with them, asking for money. People will pity them seeing that the child is dirty, malnourish and start to "donate" money. But the reality is, are these adult the real guardian of the children or are they just using children for money. Abusing the children for money as they themselves are lazy to get a job.

And reality is, some of this children might be victims of kidnapping. I once encountered an adult bringing a chlid begging for money in a hospital. Read more here. And the way he acted made me suspicious on whether a father will do that to his own child.

2. Selling bookmarks with religious verses

This type of begging happens alot outside banks, at petrol stations and at bus stations. I have encountered children begging in these place. They came to you claiming that they are selling the bookmarks or cds to raise money for their school, their home (orphan home), or to support their poor family. Personally I don't believe any of it. You may say that I am a heartless person. but hey, I have encountered child begger that ask a minimum donation. Can you believe that?

This happen when I was in the bus and this child came up and distributed book marks with verses from the Quran. He gave them out, sort of like wanting to sell them. Each costing RM 2. I saw this woman who didn't want to buy the book mark but gave a RM 1 donation. You know what happen. This kid had the nerve to say " Seringgit tak cukup, Kurang kurang pun 5 ringgit" My damn!

I think he might have been given a quota to fill each day. There may be a syndicate behind it. The boy might be required to beg for a certain amount of money so that he stays unharmed. Hell, I don't know if that is true. But that is what I watch in Movies, take Slummdog Millionaire for example.

Using children to beg for money is wrong. Maybe their parent cannot afford to support the child, maybe the child has no parent. Whatever the reason is, a child should be protected. He/she does not know right from wrong. When the child grows up. What do you think will happen? Go on begging for the rest of his life?

Stop Child Abuse! One act of child abuse I never want to see happen again is using children to beg for money!


Support the Unicef move! Raise your Hand! Stop child abuse now! Together we can make a difference! (Sounds abit cliche. haha)

Peace out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everything Happens for A Reason

I lost my Ic. oh damn.. how could I be so careless.

Actually maybe I left it at the celcom branch. Cuz they took my Ic to get it photostated, but due to my carelessness I forgot did the guy gave me back my Ic? Damn!

Only realised it awhile ago, when I wanted to check my broadband account.

Luckly my fren asked me out for a movie (Skyline). And luckly he said he wanted to buy something before we went in the cinema. And luckly for me, I pass by a celcom shop. And luckly at that moment I wanted to check my account. And luckly the salesperson wanted to see my Ic.

A chain reaction that created the end result. Oh my my....

Hope they have my Ic with them..

Everything happens for a reason.

If they don't have it.

I will take this as a lesson to be more carefull next time. To be more alert..

Peace out..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Misteri 99 x 5. Akhirnya Selesai!

Yahoo. Hari ini gua email Prof gua berkaitan dgn soalan 99 x 5 tu. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, clik sini.

And Guess what! =) Betul la . Dia mau tunjukkan bahawa there are different ways to get an answer. There are different ways to solve something.

99 x 5 = 100 x 5 -5 = 55 x 9 = 495. The answer is not important. but the process of getting the answer is. just like what bloodytiramisu wrote.

This is what I wrote to my Prof:


Regarding to the question you gave me on what is 99 x 5, I gave the answer as 495. And you asked me how I got the answer. I told you my method and you said that it is not critical thinking.

So I went back, taught about your question. And came up with a conclusion. Was it you wanted show me that critical thinking is actually about doing the same thing differently.

Meaning finding other approches, other alternative to do one thing?

Like the question you gave me. 99 x 5 = 100 x 5 - 5 = 55 x 9 = 495. Here, we can see that there are many ways of getting the answer. Was this what you were trying to teach me? Is this the critical thinking you have in mind?

Daniel Teng.

And this was his reply:

That's it Daniel. We have to think differently - outside the box in this case.


(short and simple answer beliau. Datuk tuh! hahaha!)
Peace out! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sampai jer rumah...


Sampai rumah akhir nyer!

Rumah Gua yg lagi syok, lagi selesa, lagi tenteram.

Sampai jer rumah first thing gua buat... Gi toilet la dulu. wahahaha. (10 jam kot dalam bus, waduh waduh)

Kena la melepas dulu.

Pastu gi mandi! Then terus buka tv. Mcm setahun kot tak tengok tv.

Makan Nasi lomak! Uhhh!! Nikmat! Minum Kopi! Uhh! nikmat kali 2!

Pastu online guna TM Net yg laju lagi best!

Apa apa pun, its good to be back!

Kepada Kawan gua, Mogan! Malam ni gua datang rumah lu.

Makan Kari Kambing nyer!

Sebelum gua sign out.

Gua nak ucap "Stay Strong" kepada member gua yg telah kehilangan kete nyer yg berumur 6 tahun. Di curi seorang yg tak berotak!

Banyak banyak bersabar bro.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Bye Umk. Till We Meet Again!

Will be leaving UMK in approximately 12 hours time.

Going back home. My home Sweet home!

Sem 7 officially over!

To all SBS 4 see you all in a months time.

And soon it will be all over.

I hate to say this...But I am going to actually miss UMK, Kelantan, The Friends I made for the Whole 4 years.

Life in UMK has not always been good. But It has certainly become My second Home!

Enjoy the pictures below:

"We may Grow old with time, But the memories will never fade"

Kali Pertama Buat Kerja Amal Sama-Sama (waduh, rindu seh!)

First outing (sebenarnye utk subject biodiversity, but end up having fun)

masa mude mude. canguk seh!

Sambut Majlis perpisahan Lecturer sama-sama (Dr Hisham! We miss you!!)

Gi melancong sama-sama (Penang Tuh!)
Buat Lab Work yg Bukan Mcm Lab work

Raye Sama-Sama

Gi Cameron Sama Sama! Baju Hijau Fasa tuh! Bangga Seh!

Jadi Model Jap!

I ll Carry the memories to where ever I go

Life is Full of Wonders.

The people you meet.

The people you share you life with.

Will always be remembered.

As, at one part of our lives they were present together with us.

Living their life in our presences..we were part of the history in their life.

For all we know. When we meet again in 10 years time..

He/She might say "Itu la kawan atuk masa kat U dulu"

Peace out

Thursday, November 11, 2010

99 x 5 = 495. Correct ?

I went to see my Academic Supervisor today.

He asked me what is Critical Thinking?

I answered him with my own version of answer.

He then gave me this mathematical question. How much is 99 x 5?

I answer 495. He asked me, how did I get the answer. I answer. I times the equation one by one. 9 x 5, 45 balance 4 bring it up on 9. and 9 x 5, 45 plus 4, 49. ( this was what I learnt in school). so in the end I got 495.

He said, that is the normal way of doing things. That is not critical thinking.

I paused...Are there any other ways to get the answer....

I cannot answer him.

He then said why I don't give you 82, 53, 37...Why did I used 99...

Again I paused I can't answer him...

I went back. Google the meaning of critical thinking. Google for different ways to get the answer of 99 x 5...but I still cannot get why he use 99 instead of other number?

I start to think. maybe if I was alert enough I would have used 500 - 5. Since 100 x 5 = 500. 99 x 5 = 500 - 5 = 495.

Is this the answer that my academic supervisor was looking for?

Does critical thinking means finding other ways, approach of doing something?

Any body has a clue?

Please help...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hahaha. Waduh-waduh, kenangan-kenangan. Masa tengah browse kat Facebook. Jumpa plak gambar gambar lama, masa gua disekolah dulu. Haha. Rindu seh!

Layan la photo2 kat bawah ni!

2 Alamanda: Guru Kelas: Pn Rosinah

3 Alamanda Guru Kelas: Cikgu Kee (Mak Kee)

5 Sains: Guru Kelas: Pn Jamaliah
Lower 6 Guru Kelas: Mr Ong
Hoho. Masa Tingkatan 3 baru mula jadi ketua tingkatan. Naik tingkatan 4 dan 5 pun dipilih lagi. hahaha rindu rindu!

Boleh cam tak mana satu Gua! ahaha.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aku Bukan Dengki..

Gua tengok yg berpacaran, especially Girls..

Tulis mcm mcm tentang BF dieorg la.

Weekend ni buat apa.

Nanti cuti nak gi mana la.

Rindu la.

Tak sanggup nak pisah la..

Kalau tak jumpa rasa tak sedap badan la.

Sakit laaa...

Ini bukan sindiran ataupun kutukan mahupun hasat dengki...

Tapi tanya diri anda adakah die itu org yg is made for you?

How sure are you, he also feels the same way for you.

From experience some guys just fall in and out of love just like that.

Girls beware. Don't give all you heart soul body to that guy.

Most importantly is he a God Fearing man?

Is his relatioship with God as good, as firm as his relatioship with you?

Find a guy, a partner that is able to guide you..

Find one that puts God above all else.

Because if he is a God fearing man..

He will pray for you,

Pray for the family,

Pray for those he care for.

And God will hear him..

Most importantly

His love for you will never die

As he love you,

They way God loves everyone that believes in him.

I am not perfect..I will never be perfect..

But if I can find some one that is God fearing..

Is able to correct me if I am wrong..

Is able to look at my flaws and find something beautiful...

I would want her hand in marriage.

Peace out.

ps: God will not give us what we want. But He will definitely give us what we Need.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am just not into you

Simple Signs A Guy shows when he is not interested in you

1. When you message, he replies late and give all sort of excuses like he just top up his phone, din't notice you message because it was silent, he was busy doing something.

Believe me. If he was interested, He would be waiting, anticipating messages from you all the time. Even when he sleep, showers, or is doing something important, he will always make sure when you message, he replies as quickly as possible.

2. When he does not message you often, despite you having message him almost all the time.

Isn't that clear?

3. When you ask him out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for just makan makan, he refuses and says, I ate already, I have a date already. I got work to do, I need to see my lecturer at this time.

If he were interested. Believe me, he would put everything on hold just to be with you, spend his time with you. Even if it means passing his deadline to submit his assignment.

4. There is no random messages, like: What are you doing? Busy? Asleep already? Want to have lunch?

If he likes you, he would want to have conversation with you all the time.

5. No eye contact. It's either he is very shy. or he is just not interested in what you have to say. He is not focus and everytime you talk he just look else where.

6. He rather stay in his room watching series then to go out with you.

All of the above are just my personal opinion. It maybe also signs that he is cheating on you.

What ever it is. Be sincere, and truthful to one another.

Peace out!

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Funny...

It kinda makes me wonder..

How can people lie right in front of you and pretend that nothing is wrong.

Look you in the eye and say all sort of sweet words to you yet at the same time say the same thing back at another...

Life is full of deception.

Just pity the other that thinks the person is sincere..

For me I am just glad I knew what I know..

I am not that dumbass...

Althought I might feel being used..

But what the heck..

Its mutual..

You get what you want..

I get some entertainment too..

You happy I happy ..

So what's the fuss.

Peace out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you Believe in What you Believe

Are we Religion By Birth?

Do we Practice what we are Taught to Believe?

Are we all God Fearing?

Do we Believe in what we Believe?

Are we going to stand by our Religion when the time comes?

Are we just accepting what our parents Believe in?

Or are we living in the Real Meaning Of the religion that we are Taught to Believe in?

Ponder about it...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Babies!

Should be studying right now, but took some time out to look at some old picture.
And look what I found. My babies. Transformers there is more then Meets the eyes. Has been a huge fan of transformers since G1 generation. Been collecting ever since the real life action movie by michael bay. That was th trigger for me to start my collection.

But mum always nag. "You still small kid aaa? Play with toy"
This is not a toy mum. Its a collectible! There is more then meets the eyes.
Sambil mengtransformkan kete menjadi robot. Bangga sekejap di depan mak ku ahahaha.

Layan poto poto ini.

Autobots & Decepticons Join forces!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ho Yeah!

Minggu ni memang best! Ada Malam Sanggar Keusahawanan yg telah dianjurkan Pihak Universiti untuk meraikan pelajar tahun akhir yg bakal meninggalkan alam pembelajaran and into the working world. Salah satu sebab Malam ini diadakan juga adalah untuk mendedahkan pelajar kepada network of CEOs of top companies.

Layan la poto poto dibawah:

Future CEOs: Gambar ni memang best!
Selain Malam Sanggar Keusahawanan juga. Ada Konvoi bermotorsikal kuasa tinggi datang ke UMK!
Di ketuai oleh Tunku Hassan Tunku Mohammed Archibald (kaum Kerabat di Raja Johor)

Tunku Hassan Tunku Mohammed Archibald (tengah)
Terasa Aura yg menabjubkan masa diri sebelah beliau!

Teringin juga nak konvoi sama sama!
Konvoi in merupakan Konvoi Jelajah 1Malaysia: Kami Prihatin Dengan Anak dalam usaha menangani isu pembuangan bayi.

Maklumat lanjut disini dan disini

Peace out!


Keep On Rocking Bebeh!

StartUp Week End, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. What do they have in Common?

Minggu Startup, Where Ideas Are Born. Merupakan Satu Pendekatan Kearah Menjadi Seorg Usahawan/ Entreprenuer.

Key Lesson learnt during this startup Weekend Program are:

Taking the First Step-You might have a multimillion idea/solution/business model in your head. That idea is not going to do much for you, unless you take the first step in communicating that idea to people. That brings us to the second key lesson which is

Communicating your Idea, Put  It in Paper- The best way to validate and idea is to tell people the idea. Have it go through a proof of concept. Writing out the idea on paper enables peeple, like your peers, potential investors, mentors, understand and may be able to give you feed backs for that idea.

Its not about the Idea, but the People- Having a team of people who has different sets of skill will help build a strong team. Most Venture suceed is because they have a team of people with different sets of disicipline and are complementing each other. Three heads is better than one.

Start up Week is like no ordinary classroom tutorials where you learnt the basic of being an entreprenuer from text books. The program take the participant on a journey where they are required to take that first step in communicating their idea.

For more info about startup week end go to here. or here

Or you can add the director of Startup Weekend himself, Mr Marc Nager in Facebook and ask him about startup weekend your self.

Look Beyond the Present and Into the Future (Me, Marc)
Participants pitching their ideas
From Left: Director Startup Marc Nager, Peter (Microsoft), Prof Dato Zainai (Vice Chansellor UMK), Dash (Director Warisan Global)
The Entreprenuerial University!
Promo: Universiti Malaysia Kelantan The First Ever Entreprenuerial University In Malaysia! Proud to be One of The Pioneers! Will be the one of the first Graduate of this university among 200 plus students.

Pray for our success yo!

Peace out!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saya Di komik kan. hahaha Teruja!

Saya telah dikomik kan. Thanks to mimi. Love the work You've done!
Credits to you!

Peace Out! Keep On Rockin! BebeH!

Pengemis? betul betul org susahkah?

Hari ni Gua gi ke hospital lawat kawan gua yg sakit (mesti la sakit, kalau tak, tak kan nak duduk hospital)

Masa gua kat hospital. Ada lah seorang pak cik ni umur dalam 50-60 kot. Bawak sorang kanak kanak yg separuh bogel. Budak itu tidak di pakai seluar kerana mahu menunjuk kan yg budak tu mungkin sakit kerana kelihatan "kantung burungnye" membengkak. Gua tak perasan mula mula. Tapi kawan gua yg bagi tau.

Rupa-rupanyer org tu tgh mengemis minta belas ikhsan org. Dan menariknyer ada message yg mengatakan bahawa ibu nyer telah meinggal dua bulan lepas(kalau tak silap).

Persoalannya disini.

Kenapa pak cik tu tak bawak anaknyer(mungkin bukan anak nyer) pergi jumpa doktor sedangkan dia berada dalam hospital. Bapak mana yg mahu lihat anaknyer sakit sengsara. So disyaki itu bukan anaknyer.

Sudah berapa lamakah dia mengemis disitu? Pihak hospital tak ambil tindakan? Tak membantu pak cik itu?

Adakah pak cik itu benar benar tidak ada wang..dan hasil wang yg diberikan daripada org ramai akan digunakan utk ubati anaknyer?

Terasa ingin juga.. Gua nak jumpa pak cik itu dan bertanya kepada nye..Anak pak cik sakit kah?

Pernah tak korang masa tgh makan. then diapproach mak cik bawa bayi, budak budak kecil, org dewasa yg kelihatan tidak cacat tapi mengemis.

Di mana salah nyer?

Salah kerajaan kerana tak cukup penguatkuasaan undang undang?

Salah masyarakat yg tidak ambil peduli? (Lantak la bukan hal aku)

Terlalu baik hati masyarakat malaysia, sampaikan ada org yg menggunakan kebaikan org ramai utk mencari rezeki?

Peace out..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can You Take The Heat?

I noticed that many people are not very positive when it come to hearing/receiving critisim.

And most importantly we are a group of people that perceive people asking question a nuisance. Try to create problem. Come on we have to face it. Not every one is ur fren and they are going to come to you and say nice things about you. The world is a cruel place...but yet if you have the right attitude, the right company. you will do well. 

For me I am one of those, who depends on my mood and the person giving the crtisism.

Not every critisism when given is received with open hands by me. (Come on my heart is not made of stone, I still feel hurt when people critisized me)

Sometimes I may just accept the critisism with a smile and not have hurt feelings (like I said it depends actually).

That just narrows down to what type of critisism.

Constructive or destructive.

For me there are a few type of people who ask question

The first is they sincerely want to know something because they don't have knowledge.

The second is to ask question because they are telling us something. Trying to help us learn.

The third is to ask question so that you will be in trouble. (but for me, this type of person, I perceive as the one that will tell us that we don't know that much)

Actually I am kinda write on..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Approximately a week to go

OMG! Another week to go and it will be the finals.

Gosh gosh gosh!

Having a nervous breakdown now.

Thesis presentation this monday...


I hope I don't screw up.

Finalsssss argghhhh.

But look at the bright side.

After final. Holiday!!!


Wishing everyone Good Luck! And All the best!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

You choose the way you live your life.

I choose the way I live my life!

Not you !

Not any one else!

Ever heard about the positive thinking of the mind?

Whenever we think positively..

Good energy will come to us.

Surround ourselves with happy positive friends and we will get the "positiveness" from them.

What the mind believes the body can do.

Its up to you, me, them to decide whether to live a life of sadness, sorrow, hatred or to live a life of happiness, contentment, optimism..

You just need youself, good sincere friends in life.

Everything else will fall into places...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bile otak tak tau melayang kemana.

Adeh baru baru ni Gua nyer pokus lari.

Benda benda yg sepatutnyer gua tak lupa . Gua lupa.

I can be doing one thing at a time and the moment someone interupts me.

I go huh! what was I doing just now?

Situasi pertama:

Gua tgh buat assigment. (Stress gile kot, sebab kerja last minute. Tidur dalam 2 jam bangun balik sambung kerja. Then tido bangun. Gile ah! masa ni nervous breakdown yang amat tinggi)

Then kawan gua call. Tanya pasal tempat gua buat LI (Latihan Industri). Gua......aaaa (dalam hati shit! apa nama tempat tu??? oh damn!) then nasib baik la gua mampu ingat balik.

Tapi kat sini gua perasan that the brain needs its rest to function properly. If not its going to go Kabooom!!! Gi ji Babooom!!!

Having enough quality sleep is essential for you to know what the heck you are doing.

Then esok tu gua deman, selsema and batuk. Imuniti pun kurang kalau tak cukup tidur. My advise to my self. Plan your time. And don't ever ever procrastinate again.

Situasi kedua:

Gua tgh main phone gua. Layan internet ma! guna phone. Kata sekarang era smart phone nyer! Tengah syok syok layan fb (guna opera mini) then tiba tiba kawan gua cakap. eh mcm mana nak exit opera mini ni (dia pun kecoh nak layan internet)

Gua pun dgn bangganyer gua tolong dier. Gua nampak icon utk exit. Gua pun tekan la kat skirn tuh . Tekan punya tekan tak der benda berlaku. Gua dalam hati asal tak leh exit? Rosak ker phone dier.

Then kawan gua pun siut kan gua. woi kau buat apa. ni bukan touch skrin la. Cilake nyer org. hahaha.

Adeh Sorry bro !! Gua lupa ! ( tula asyik main touch skrin. bila dah ada butang tak tau apa nak buat)

Situasi ketiga:

Ni ada kaitan dgn situasi kedua. Gua tgh gelak gelak sebab kejadian tadi. Then masa ni la gua nak balas message kat seseorg. Gua pun taip la message gua tu. Gua cari nama, then gua tekan send. Then on the spot Gua dapat message dari sorang member gua. and at the same time kawan sebelah gua pun dapat message.

Gua baca message gua. Oh ada assigment. Kawan gua sebelah ni, pun ingat dia dapat message dari org sama. Dier pun baca....Jaga ur makan dan minum ???

Dier blur sekejap.
Dia baca nama sender....
Woi asal ko send message tu kat aku.

Adeh...malu seh..Paiseh Paiseh.

Message gua, gua gi send kat member gua la.

Memang dah terbukti gua tak leh multitask.

Gua tgh gelak+sembang dgn dier, and nama dier la yg gua gi taip kat phone and send message tu kat dier.
then gua ingat masa gua nak tekan send, gua nampak muke member gua ni...tapi kenapa leh send juga kat dier.

Nasib baik tak send kat lecturer. (nama member gua, original recepient of the message and lecturer all have the same initial)

Nasib nasib!

Macam mana nak fokus ni? aaaaa

Peace out!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have A Plan for the Future?

Don't have a plan for the future?

Don't know what to to after graduation?

Don't know what to do with life after that...

Don't worry you are not alone in this world.

You are not the only one that feel like that.

Many of us don't know what to do after uni

for those who does. Congratulation

For those who don't . Don't give up in life.

Try as many things as you like.

You will eventually find what you want to do .

For now I just want to get my degree over and done with.


Damn....Its 7.36 pm. and I just fokkin woke up. what a life.

I am feeling grumpy. and damn. I am just fok up!

I need help.

Somebody wake me up...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am Depressed

It took me just a book to tell me I am actually suffering from depression.

Well its not just any book. Its written by Dr Melvyn Lurie " Depression. Your Questions Answered"

So how do I know that I am actually depressed?

For starters I think I am feeling depress (in a depressive mode), But the essential criterion that kinda caught my attention was the disminished in interest in things that were previously of interest to me. And according to this. It is sufficient enough for the diagnosis of a major depressive episode.

Other symptoms that I currently have that strengthen the fact that I am depressed are
i.  decreased in energy (feeling tired and sleepy all time),

ii. change in sleep (I kinda want to sleep with every chance I got. The more I sleep the better I feel. But I think Its just my way of running from reality),

iii. change in appetite (kinda losing weight. food just don't taste nice anymore. I just eat because I feel hungry. And most of the time I don't),

iv. decreased in concentration (this is very true. I am unable to concentrate on things that I do, Even when I do things. It will just be for awhile)

What type if depression am I facing?

My condition is described as adjustment disorder with depressed mood. That is I become suffer from depression in reaction to a stressful event that happened in my life. (to know more just read my reflection entries)

How has depression affect my behaviour?

I like being alone now. I seek solitude. I stay in my room all the time. And in bed sleeping all the time. I feel that nothing is worth it. (this is so true, I am less motivated to pursuer goals, less interactive.

And most of the time when people ask me How's Its going? I just answer. I am ok Macam Biasa.
In the book  the answer is "Same as Ever"

My... all the symptoms are showing that I am depressed. And yes I am admiting to the fact that I am depressed.

I haven't finished reading the book. (cuz I read it half way and I felt sleepy) I hope I can find a cure for my depression.

If any of you reading this...can help me...or have experience depression and has successfully overcome it...

Please help me....I really need the help...I need someone to talk too. That understands what I am going through..

Please help...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Achooom! Es Kiss Me!

Achoom! Adoyai. Ini bulan. Manyak org sakit ma. Gua pun tak terkecuali. Manyak Susah ooo. Itu cendoi tak habis habis mengalir. Itu kokok ayam (batuk) boleh bangunkan semua org ma. Kipala macam kat itu lisko saja. Banyak pining. Tulis pun mcm org gila sulah.

Haha. paham ker korang apa yg gua tulis? Paham kot.

Aduh!!! Time nie la gua nak jatuh sakit. Terkenang zaman kanak kanak gua dulu.

Kalau dulu sakit. Masa Kicik kicik itu masa. Ada mak gua la bagi kasih sayang. Cuma perlu tidurrrrr saja.
Nak air? no hal!
Nak makan? no hal!
Nak tgk tv? no hal!

Nak mandi? No way! hahaha. mak gua tak bagi ar anak anak dier mandi kalau se..mel se ma. Cakap tak elok. Gua pun masa kecik kecik mana suka mandi. Lagi syok adalah! ahahaha=)

Then masa time ni lah leh ponteng sekolah. Yahooo!!!!! Tapi gua pernah dapat la sjil kehadiran 100%. bangga seh!.

Duduk rumah tak yah nak susah susah nak ingat makan ubat. Mak gua. time makan ubat jer. Ah!! Boy !!!! eat ur medicine.! Siap bagi makanan tambah air lagi (ya mah..mana leh makan ubat perut kosong)

Kalau deman panas plak. Usah risau. Tak yah pakai cool Fever. Pakai jer tuala rendam dalam air letak kat kepala.

Oh I miss my mum!

Sekarang. Kalau sakit You pandai pandai sendiri la jaga diri. !

Achoom!!!! Alamak tersembur cendoi2 di skrin laptop ku. Tak per pakai dettol kasi sental nanti.

Gua nak rehat dulu ooo. Pening...


Peace out!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We can't Please Everybody

You know it's hard to make everybody happy.

In life there must be people that aren't happy with the decision we make.

Some might agree. But some might not..

Like a saying :Its not that I don like what you say"'s just that "I agree to disagree."

But we human tends to want to please everybody.

Human wants to be Appreciated, Loved, and Feel being Accepted.

We want everyone to like us. (For some people)

We cannot please everybody.

It not that easy you know to kill two birds with one stone.

A friend once said to me:

"You will never get want you want. You will only get what you bargain for"

Which I think is very applicable in our life.

Wanting something and taking action or getting up to get what you want is more important.

In life We have to be realistic. This is not a fantasy.

We planned our future. But the Lord will set our step.

Something quoted from a friend.

Last words...

Just be yourself...

There are people that really care for you out there. Appreciate them. Cuz once they are gone. There is no use crying over spilled milk...

Hahaha.I don't know if this counts as a negative or positive post. There you have it. An example of me wanting to please people.

Peace out!

Living A meaningful life.

A friend once said to me, that I need to move on.

Another said that my blog is full of negative entry. haha..I guess she is right.

So by today I wil try to cut down on negative things but focus more on funny, interesting, things in life.

I will be like the Tamil Hero. That can jump into burning fire without getting burned.

Beat up 20 man with my bear fist!

Jump from 10 20 storey high building and land with style. (Exagerating la plak)

They talk boldly of them selves. Stand straight with their chest up high!

Like My all Time Favourite Rajinikanth!

Dey!!....I forgot what to say....=P

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kenapa Org Leh JAdi Gilo?

Tadi Gua tgh makan dgn kawan kawan gua kat kedai tepi longkong ( haha asal nama tepi longkang..Sebab dia tepi longkang la..banyak tanya plak).

So kita org pun makan la dgn best nyer. Dapat lauk free ma. Tak kan tak nak makan. Then makan sampai jilat pinggan. (haha lebih lebih plak) then dah habis tentula kita org duduk borak borak.

Then tiba tiba (jeng jeng jeng) Gua nampak sorang makcik ni. Agak bergaya. Pakai hadbag. Bawak Dua plastik besar. Gua ingat dier nak jual benda. Sebab Dia datang menuju kearah kami.

Tempat Kejadian..

MakCik yg Agak BerGaya: Ni nk goyak(haha tak tau ler betul ker tak spelling.) sikit..

Kawan Gua yg baik hati tuh pun pandang la makcik tu...

And Lepas tuh.. Pang!!! Volume Suara nyer ditinggikan macam Speaker kat pasar raya!

DUIT 5000 TU AKU PUNYA! DUIT TUH AKU YG PUNYA.! Then BLA BLA BLA (sebab Gua tak paham sangat and masa tuh terkejut campur sedikit takut. terus masing masing pandang bawah. macam muka bersalah)

Kawan Gua tak pasal pasal kena tiga kali tembakan padu dari mak cik tuh!

Gua sempat lah toleh kat dier. Dia pun tunduk macam bersalah jer.

Mana tak takut seh! kang dier bagi pelempang kang baru tau!

Then Gua ingat lepas dier marah kawan Gua dia nak marah Gua pula. Then nasib baik la dier pergi membawa diri.

Hahaha! Pastu kita org gelak gelak. Gua cakap, kenapa kawan Gua yg satu ni yg kena. Mungkin ada mirip dgn org yg tipu mak cik tu kot? hahaha

Tapi kenapa org leh jadi gilo?

Kena Tipu?
Ker suasana persekiatran yg membuatkan org jd gilo?
Gua pun tak tau la. Ingat nak gi interbiu mak cik tu.

Masa kita org nak balik terserempak mak cik tu lagi sekali. Gua takut seh nak bertentang mata dgn nyer. Gua toleh belakang. Eh mana kawan gua yg kena marah tu?? Hilang ?? hahaha. Oh rupa rupa nyer dier ambik camera nak tangkap gambar mak cik tu. hahaha.

Macam kamikaze (eh salah paparatzi) jer. Nasib baik la mak cik tu tak sambung marah. hahaha. kalau tak nyaye!

Peace out!

Thank you

It took me awhile before I decided to post this entry..

Even when I finish typing the words down..

I am not sure whether should I click the post button..

I will forever keep that message you sent to me..

I will remember every word in it..

Cuz that will be the reminder of how you hurt my heart over and over again.

You know there is no need for you to send that message to me..

It just make me feel like I am the one that going afer you..When you know that my intentions is only to care and be there when you NEED me.

I just give out a small laugh when you said you would consider me as the option. Well guess what. I am not your alternative. I am not something that you want you come. You feel you don't want you leave. Sorry.

If I am Just that OPTION you mentioned. Please..stop... you are not going to get that option.

I promised my self that I won't mentioned you back in my blog..

But here I am breaking my own promise..Like you breaking my heart over and over again.

Sorry to say, but I feel lot better now..that I know You are losing one great guy here.. And please don't perasan that I am talking about That "Ediot"

You will never get that chance to know how much you mean to me.

Thank Yourself. For All the things you said and done.

And Thank you. for Loving me once...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster

Shontelle - Impossible

You don't have to look Far..I am just in Front of You

Did You noticed..That I am always here...

Did you noticed that I am not going anywhere..

You said you needed care,

You said you wanted to find somebody to care for you..

You said you needed somebody to love you...

I am here...

Why don't you come to me...

Like you ...I just need some one to love...

I am here if you just care to look nearer..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ctrl C, Ctrl V..Wah Lah!


No worries Internet kan ada. Ctrl C, Ctrl V wah lah! Siap!

Is our education up to standard. Or is it the norm of Malaysian students to just look for info in the internet.

Well it is the easiest way I guess. Just click click click. Everything is at our finger tips.

Some time I wonder why we spend our time in Uni?


Sial! Termimpikan dia pulak.

What the heck. Patutla org cakap tak baik tidur petang. Damn.

Dalam mimpi tu memang I pour out everything la.

Damn. Leave me alone. Dalam Mimpi gua Pun kau nak masuk.

Gi la masuk dalam Mimpi Justin Va Vi kau.


What a Night Mare

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Raya..

This Raya is definitely very different from the past raya.

One thing for sure..You are not there anymore.

I used to like this type of celebration.

I would make an effort to borrow baju melayu. Cuz I know you like to see me wearing it.

And I know It attracts you..

This year around every things is just plain boring to me.

Tomorrow is the Moon Cake celebration. Not sure if I am going...

But one things for sure..If I go I will be going alone.

Hope some one ask me to date them tomorrow. =) That would be nice.

Till then Peace out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We only have ourselves to blame when things go wrong

Damn I am angry at myself.

What the heck is going on with me.

I was never like this!


I am losing focus.

I am doing all sorts of stupid things.

I am wasting my time!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

I feel so angry at my self right now.

I was not like this.

I used to be very determined, focused!

Now I am just a lame ass shit head!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Wake up you dip shit!

You are just detroying yourself!

Damn you! Wake up!

Be responsible for your own action!

Take action!

Don't Sleep!

"Tidak Apa" Attitude

I woke up with a shock today. And this is what I mean. WTF!

surat saman
Damn!? If you can see at the pic. It is written there, jenis kesalahan: mengotorkan aras blok 1. Damn! Apparently some Idiot after doing his art work, decided to just leave his trash for the some one to clean it up. Damn! I should have taken a pic of this idiot's trash. And not only his action menyusahkan the mak cik cleaner. His dumb action got the entire floor of student kena saman ekor. I think this must be the feeling of saman ekor. (We don't know what we did wrong. Hell! I didn't even do it!) damn Idiot!

This brings me to the Tidak Apa attitude most of us Malaysian have. (including myself)

When some one throws rubbish out of his/her car.
Tak apa la. Akan dibawa angin. Majlis bandarayakan ada.

When some one decides to just leave what ever left over they had after a picnic.
Tak apa la. Org lain akan bersihkan.

When some one decide to just leave the water running for no reason.
Tak apa la. Bukan saya bayar pun.

When some one decide that its ok to double park.
Tak apa la. Kejap jer.

When some decide to not pay his loan (any loan)
Tak apa la. Bukan nye mereka claim pun.

When some one decide its ok to take something that does not belong to them.
Tak apa la. Bukan nyer mereka tau pun.

And many more tidak apa attitude!

Then I say damn you!
What happen if that rubbish ends up causing an accident? Are you going to pay for that lost life?

What happens if the rubbish you left behind attracts rats. This shit has happen. and if I am correct it cause the late Din Beramboi his life. F! Die because some idiot think its ok to leave his/her rubbish for other people to clean up.

What happen when suddenly there is no water? A fire or emergency (like you need to poo). Then who do you want to blame? The government? The syarikat air? Damn you ! They already provided the necessity for us.. (Read New Sunday Straits Time, 3.10.10: Malaysia uses the most water. and are unlikely to reduce its usage)

What happens if some one is in emergency and your car is blocking their path. What happen when that same shit happens to you?

What happens when the government decides they will not give out anymore loan, because the country is going bankrupt because the defaulter does not want to pay up. Then what is going to happen to those that cannot afford a higher education.

What happen when people starts treating stealing as a norm of life.

Here I can conclude that Malaysian are a pampered lot, bunch of senseless, ignorant beings. As long as it does not disturb my life, what do I care.

I, you, she, he, We are not perfect. But just implant in ourselves the sense of respect, responsible in our daily life would make a huge difference!

Think about it.

And because of some one's tidak apa attitude. I might be ending up RM 50 poorer. (but hell I am not going to pay. Do what ever you want. I din't do it. And I am not going to pay!)

End of story
Peace out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life of a Procrastinator

ironically most of us just...waste time

woman are the same.

What men can do. woman can do as well.

So when a man cheats. Woman cheats too.

When a man fuck around with girls. Woman fuck around with men too.

If a man goes out with as many girls as he wants. Woman can do that too.

So what's  the fuss?! 

What's the blaming men only if somethings goes wrong ?!

F you !

Cuz you and me aren't very different after all

KFC.. is it really finger licking GooD?

I was a fan of KFC once upon a time ago. And KFC was the first fast food ever introduced in my life. If my memory serves me rite..I had my taste of the delicious chicken at the age of 7 or 8. And to make KFC special in my life, whenever my family celebrated birthday. We would go to KFC for a bite of that delicious chicken. And I remembered too. My teacher once asked the class, which chicken is the best in town. Majority including me answered KFC. (my teacher said, Kenny Rogers. That time I din't agree. But now...I have to)

The quality of KFC has been deteorating or so to say. Maybe it has some how got to do with the management of the outlet. some KFC outlet I must say really serve great chicken. Clean. And very welcoming.

But as of lately I must say. that McDonalds has out run my favourite KFC. I think the only thing good about KFC is the chicken and cheesey wedges. Other then that...Just look at the pictures and you will know what I mean.

Greasy, pale whittish looking fries
Limp, soft un"erect" fries
The fries basically tasted bland. Look like under cooked (based on colour) More like it needed some "Super Power" (tongkat ali) to boost its erectile dysfunction.

what the heck is this?
The burger my goodness. Only has 2 piece of bread with a I don't know how to describe. A piece of chickent meat (look more like someone cooked it out of boredom..just dip in oil and wallah! you have your chicken meat) A tiny portion of Salad.
And they expect this to be finger licking good. WTH?!! It seems like it was prepared half heartedly.

Using this was supposed to give life!

The chilli sauce tasted...nothing.. was not even spicy enough. Taste like "Lifeless" despite its a Life chilli sauce.

At the end of the day..This is what I got..

Oily finger
I din't even dare to lick my finger..KFC Its not that finger licking good after all.

Peace out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rain Shelter or Car Shelter

Tiap kali hujan inilah yg berlaku kepada supposedly "Rain shelther" untuk pejalan kaki.

Kete gua kena payung juga

Apakah kete itu tidak berbumbung? Apakah air akan mengalir dan membasahi tubuh badan mu?
Apakah manusia boleh melompat melangkah kete satu per satu macam dalam movie.

Apakah yg dipikirkan pemandu yg bijak lagi sana?

Kalau hujan lebat lagi lah best. gua pun tak tau mana nak jalan. Jalan depan basah. Jalan belakang basah... Aduyai...People are just plain ignorant. They don't give a damn whose life they are making difficult as long as they get to do want they want. Be considerate for goodness sake.

Peace out!

It hurts..

God its getting unbearable each morning. Waking up to a painful leg.. it because of the second accident. Or is it the rain.

God make the pain less...I cannot take it.

Every morning it takes me 15 to 20 min to bear the pain before I can walk...

I don't want to go thru that experience once more..

I pray that its nothing...

Some notice that I sometimes walk with a limp...

But I cannot help it.. Some times the pain would just go away after I get used to it.

But lately it comes and go as it wishes..

Some time sitting down and standing up triggers the pain..

Some time just lying down.. I cannot move my leg anymore.

I don't want to be a cripple....

God help me.....

Enterprise Saturday. Just another lecture Series.

Entreprise Saturday...

Waste time. Waste money. Not really inspired at all.

Just another series of lecture...

What did I gain from the program..

Feel bit sleepy at the end...

The Q & A session was too short...

The speaker seems like in a rush.

And to imagine the uni paid RM 5000 for him to come.

Evertything said in that hall today...

Already knew most of it.


Should have gave some workshop. Give task for the participants to complete. Not just talk...


How to feel inspired. If Tony was there then its a different story..

Friday, October 1, 2010

What has been going tru my life for the past few days of my abscense here in my blog....

Basically all I did was sleep...

Woke up...

Eat and

Waste time entertaining people that never seem to be serious in life...

I had it with all of these nonsense.

I need todo something with my life.. but what, how, when...

I got tons of works yet I lazed around. Like not a care in the world.

I need a girl that can care for me..

I need a girl to tell me to do my work.

I think I need my mother.


What jibberish am I blabing out.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Promoter ke...Patung?

Minggu ni ialah minggu penghayatan Islam di Uni gua. So kalau dah tajuk, temanyer begitu mesti la ada mcm mcm aktiviti yg berkaitan dgn penghayatan Islam. Baru 2 hari lepas (kalau tak silap) ada Busana Muslimah, macam fesyen show kot. Tapi dgr khabar la..Satu dewan ditutup dan yg boleh menghadirinyer hanya kaum hawa. Gua tak tau la tapi gua dgr jer...Tapi yg best nyer lepas fesyen show itu, adalah org yg menguploadkan gambar malam itu ke Fesbuk. So wth yg mereka pergi tutup dewan dan tak benarkan kaum adam masuk (bukan wa nak masuk) tapi mcm la dier org tgh pakai pakaian tak senonoh. Semua tutup kot. But wth..ini dah lari topik ni. hahaha

So berbalik kepada tajuk, minggu ni juga adalah business week untuk student yg ambik subject keusahawanan. Dierorg kena la buka bisness jual la apa saja yg boleh menjana kewangan.

So sebagai seorg yg menyokong usaha murni ni..
Gua pun turun la untuk lihat apa yg dijual. (sebab semalam tak sempat) Masa tu pun gua tgh lapar. konon konon nak beli la makan. Then gua dgn semangat nyer gua turun. Ambik la beberapa botol kosong ke bawah untuk dikitar semula. (kata nak go Green!) Lepas gua campak buang masukkan dalam tong itu. Gua pun pergi la melihat gerai gerai.

Gerai 1:

Gua nampak ada bihun goreng, mee goreng dan beberapa lagi makanan yg menarik. Gua pun pergi la. Gua tgk. Diri....Tgk lagi.......

Tak der org tanya pun gua nak makan apa..Senyum pun tak der. Ohh..maybe gua kena bagi tau kot...Tapi dierorg nyer muka tak der expressi pun..macam ...tunggul..patung jer. so gua pun belah.

Gerai 2:

Gerai kedua ni..Gerai jual hamster...Tak kan gua nak makan hamster kot...
hahaha Gua pun belah la. Pergi carik makan kat kedai luar.

Tapi sebab gua encounter situasi ni la gua terfikir tentang entry blog ni. (cite pendahuluan bukan main panjang lagi)

Pernah tak korang ke pusat membeli belah. Korang masuk kedai then ada la promoter dtg serve korang. Mesti la ada kan. Bagi Gua, Gua dah jumpa beberapa promoter yg gua kategori kan disini.

Promoter yg ikut jer kemana saja kita pergi (mcm hantu kuning tu)

Promoter mcm ni tak bersuara, tak bersenyum, tak buat apa apa. Dier cuma tgk jer kita. ikut jer kita kemana jua. Ku bersama mu. Siut tol, mcm la kita nak kuar kan camera, ambik gambar barang yg dijual pastu hantar gi China suh dierorg buat produk yg sebijik.

Promoter yg akan cakap (persuade) sampai kita membeli barang mereka

Gua pernah jumpa juga. Aduh ni promoter memang susah . dier org akan cakap. sampai kita sendiri yg tak nak beli barang tu pun terasa nak beli. Gua senang jer. Gua cakap ok I'll think about it and I'll come back later if I want to buy. Then gua belah tak balik balik lagi kedai tu.

Promoter yg ingat dier pandai sgt

Promoter jenis ni memang Cilake. Ada lah satu hari ni Gua nak beli batery utk camera gua. Then Gua dah beli dah. bawak balik umah test. memang tak boleh. sebab batery yg tak ngam. Gua bawa la balik ke kedai tu. Cilake punya pekedai starts blaming the camera. Cakap the connection tat touches the batery source to deep and all shit.
Cuz that's the way that they are design. U just gave me the wrong batery you moron. Then tak nak mengaku. Then marah2. memang sial. Then adalah brader sorang ni test. Then correct! there is nothing wrong with my camera. Its the batery . Pendek Cite i got a new batery that is correct. and the camera is working fine!

Promoter yg best!

Promoter jenis ni tau apa yg mereka jual. knows their product very well. Pandai berkata-kata. Not aggresive. Let us browse thru the product. Lest us have the option. Let us test the product. Tell us the good and bad of the product. Basically doing what a promoter shud be doing. That is promoting the product!

I say Good Job!

You the best!

Gua pun dah penat type. So like always..

Peace out!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hose Bomba..untuk apa?

Kat Uni gua ni dalam Seminggu mesti ada beberapa kali tak dak air. Kadang kadang kejap jer dalam 1 jam. kadang kadang boleh sehari lebih tak dak air.

Air memang penting. Kalau tak dak air..semua benda yg melibatkan air akan tergendala. Contohnye mandi, basuh pinggan, berak..Cakap pasal berak. Tak ke terkejut badak korang, kalau tiba tiba time korang tgh syok "NG NG!" dah hampir selesai...korang buka pili air tu..just to find that there is no water. WTF!!! memang nak kena balun ni!

Cakap pasal mandi. Time korang tgh syok syok sabun. Dan menyampoo. Pap! time untuk bilas. Tak der air. (yg ni pernah berlaku kat gua, yg berak tu tak pernah lagi, nasib... =) )

Memang Cilake betul la.

So konklusi nyer. hose bomba tu jadik mangsa alternatif. Bukan sebab kita saja saja nak guna tapi dah terpaksa. Mana boleh tahan kalau tak dak air. Mau ker tahan berak. Gua tak sanggup beb!

Dalam time ni, baldi dgn gayung la benda yg paling berguna sekali.

Untuk tadah air. And untuk pasti kan air sentiasa cukup untuk cuci...ehem ehem....


Tapi kadang kadang Gua ter"imagine" juga. What if tiba tiba ada kebakaran. then Org nak carik hose bomba. Dan hose itu pula org tgh guna sebab dier tgh ehem ehem..Tak ker dier berebut dgn abg bomba tu.

Abg bomba: Mana Hose bomba ni!??
                    (gi carik dalam tandas)
                    (jumpa, terus tarik)

Org disebalik tandas(tak tau la siapa): Woi !!! Gua nak guna la!!! Gua belum cuci lagi!!!

Abg bomba: ni kebakaran ni!!!

Org disebalik tandas(tak tau la siapa): Apa gua kisah!! Gua tak nak lari keluar dgn kek ni di buntut ku!!!

hahaha. Kalau sampai macam tu ....macam mana yer....

Peace out!

Entry ni gurau gurau jer ma..Tapi ada unsur unsur sex sindiran juga. Pandai pandai la korang buat tafsiran ditujukan kepada siapa. hahaha!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not everthing that is bad is Bad

Kinda funny the ways how I get topics to blog about.

Well today, I am going to bring you to the other side of smoking. I am not encouraging smoking to anyone. But this is my view and opinion on smoking.

Welcome to the other side of huffing and puffing.

I know smoking is bad. With all the bad ingredients it has got inside.

To me smoking is not an addiction. However, it is something I quite enjoy.

The moment you light up a cigarette. I regard it as lighting up a flame. You see how the cigarette burns. You can actually get a lot of lesson from it. For me I like to smoke alone. Occasionally I like to do it in groups.

When I smoke alone, it gives me time to think about the day. Gives me time to reflect on my day as a whole.

When you see the smoke, you realise that life is full of uncertainty.. you may be clouded by uncertainty..

But eventually the wind wil blow away all that smoke (uncertainty) away. Which means be optimistic. Rain or shine. Life has to go on. If you want to live life full of misery then be my guest. But if you start to be optimistic and view problem, obstacle, or challenges that come in a beautiful way. You might be surprised what you might end up with

Then you will the the smoke pattern forming into different shape and curves while being blown by the wind. Kinda like art.

And the amazing thing is, smoking makes you appreciate life. This may sound crazy.. But when I smoke, when I inhale the smoke. I get dizzy. I kinda like want to faint. Here the twist is.. Every time I inhaled and when I start to feel dizzy. I stop and take a deep breath of the air. I close my eyes. Breath in slowly. With the angin sepoi2 blowing tru my face.. I kinda like the feeling as if I am given the second chance to live.

Like in life, its little details like this we miss. and everytime we want more of what we don't have.

Try to see life differently. Like the title say. not everything that is bad is bad...

Peace out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keep on smiling.

When you have good friends.

Who needs to go to the entertainment outlet.

Let ur frens cheer u up.

Keep on smiling bebeh!

You can do it!

Look at the bright side of things.

There is always a good reasin things happen.

Yeee haaa!!!

Like I said. nothing comes falling from the sky.

With the right attitude.

Positive thinking..

Be optimistic

And most importantly self and people respecting.

You , Yes You!

Daniel Teng Chin Loong !

You can be successful!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nobody is perfect

We always want more then what we have.

We always wish that we could have what other people have.

We always compare what we don't have but we forget to see what we already have.

Life is like that, we will never be grateful for what we have.

We will always want more.

Sometimes wanting more can be good.

But too much of something is not good as well.

To be can never be...

But to be perfectly imperfect that is one thing every one can do.

Be grateful with what we have...Appreaciate them before they are gone...

When that time comes there will be no room for regret.

Like a friend said to me...

All is Well...

Peace Out!