Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year 2011. Apa Erti?

Hello hello. Apa khaaabaaar Semua.? Kemana si Da Niel ini menghilang. wahahaha.

Dia tak kemana mana cuma sudah mulakan hidup baru! wahahaha

New Year Sudah mau dekat. Apa Azam baru ? Hahaha. Tak buat lagi

Bagaimana dgn korang? Apa makna Tahun Baru kepada anda. Kongsi kongsi la. Mcm Gong Xi Fa CAi!

Peace Out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bila Rokok Mula Membahayakan Mahluk Lain

Walaupun lipas dianggap mahluk yg paling kotor jijik. Tapi kesian mereka kena cancer angkara perbuatan perokok yg tidak peduli..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baru Ku tau..Review: Top Gear: Proton Satria Neo, Perodua Myvi, Chevrolet Aveo

Pendapat pengacara Top Gear terhadap Proton Satria, Myvi dan Chevrolet Aveo. Rancangan permotoran yang popular di UK. Dalam siri ini dua buah kereta buatan Malaysia ini di review oleh mereka. Apa pendapat orang Malaysia terhadap kedua buah kereta ini? Lebih lebih lagi kepada mereka yg memiliki kerete tersebut...? Komen komen la

ps: ayat yg selalu di ulang "Rubish rubish! and so plasticky"

Bukan Salah Saya..Its not My Fault..

Have we notice, that when sometime, something wrong happened, we always blame someone or try to blame someone else so that whatever went wrong is not our fault. We are fast at pointing finger at someone to bear all that wrong doing. Little that we notice, when we point a finger at someone, the other 4 fingers are pointing back at us.

Human makes mistake. That is why we are called imperfect beings. It does not matter what the mistake is. A mistake is a mistake. The question is, how many of us are daring enough to take the blame. To bear the responsibilty of our mistake. We may argue that "Hey that is not my fault", well that may be true some times but most of the time the mistakes we make is due to our own hard head of not wanting to listen to others. Like the time when we were young, our mum will advise us not to ride the bicycle fast, or not to eat lots of junk food, or not to run around in the shopping complex. The end result is we fall from our bike and had cuts all over our leg, we get food poisoning, and we get lost in the shopping complex.

As we grow older, our responsibility in life becomes more. We start to choose the road that will shape our future. And during this phase we make alot of decision. Those decision may produce good result. Some may in turn make us end up in big trouble. What ever happens, there are bound to be times that we make mistakes. Like the time we play around when exam is around the corner, we procrastinate in doing our assignment. Then we start to blame the lecturer of not giving enough notes. Blame the lecturere of giving such hard questions.

Writing this entry is actually a reminder to my self that I need to start thinking about the consequences of the decision I make in life. To start taking responsibility in my work, my life. No one is going to do your work for you. It's up to ourself to make sure the work given is done. When some one enthrust a responsibility to us. It means that they thrust we can complete that task. Our life is our own responsibility.

We always try to push the blame, the responsiblity to someone else.But we always want to take credit of the things we do, always wanting people to appreciate what we contributed. That when something goes wrong it is suddenly not our fault.

 A way to illusrtate this is by a Malay idiom.

Bangau oh bangau mengapa engkau kurus
Mcm mana aku tak kurus, ikan tak timbul timbul.
Ikan oh ikan kenapa kau tak timbul,
Mcm man aku nak timbul rumput panjang sangat,
Rumput oh rumput mengapa engkau panjang,
Mcm mana aku tak panjang, kerbau tak makan aku.
Kerbau oh kerbau mengapa tak makan rumput,
Mcm mana aku nak makan, perut aku sakit.
Perut oh perut mengapa engkau sakit,
Macam mana aku tak sakit makan nasi basi.
Nasi oh nasi mengapa engkau basi.
Mcm mana aku tak basi, kayu api basah.
Kayu oh aku kenapa engkau basah.
Mcm mana aku tak basah, hujan turun tak henti henti.
Hujan oh hujan kenapa engkau turun,
Mcm mana aku tak turun. Katak panggil aku.
Katak oh katak mengapa panggil hujan.
Mcm mana aku tak panggil, ular nak makan aku.
Ular oh ular kenapa nak makan katak.
Mcm mana aku tak makan, memang makanan aku.

From the bangau blaming the fish because it is skinny, to the kerbau of blaming the food it ate that made it sick to the rain that blame the frog of calling for rain. None of them ever said that it was what they should have done. None of them took responsibilty of what happened.

In the end only the snake admitted that the frog is its food. And he has done nothing wrong in eating the frog.
 Lets be the snake. Although some may consider that snake as a very mischievious, not thrustworthy animal. But at least it dare took the responsibility when the time comes.

Peace out

Friday, December 3, 2010

Stop Child Abuse! Stop Child Beggers!

Pasar Malam, Shopping complexes, Bus stations, LRT stations, banks, under the overhead bridge...What do all these places have in common?

You might be thinking, Hey, these are places I pass by all the time. Whether its going to work, to eat, to shop, to do what ever routine in our daily life.

And if we are alert enough we  might sometime see/encounter children wandering aimlessly, alone, begging for money. And these children may appear begging in different ways;

1. An adult and a child begger

I have seen this type of begging happening alot. An adult probably the child's mother or father will bring a child with them, asking for money. People will pity them seeing that the child is dirty, malnourish and start to "donate" money. But the reality is, are these adult the real guardian of the children or are they just using children for money. Abusing the children for money as they themselves are lazy to get a job.

And reality is, some of this children might be victims of kidnapping. I once encountered an adult bringing a chlid begging for money in a hospital. Read more here. And the way he acted made me suspicious on whether a father will do that to his own child.

2. Selling bookmarks with religious verses

This type of begging happens alot outside banks, at petrol stations and at bus stations. I have encountered children begging in these place. They came to you claiming that they are selling the bookmarks or cds to raise money for their school, their home (orphan home), or to support their poor family. Personally I don't believe any of it. You may say that I am a heartless person. but hey, I have encountered child begger that ask a minimum donation. Can you believe that?

This happen when I was in the bus and this child came up and distributed book marks with verses from the Quran. He gave them out, sort of like wanting to sell them. Each costing RM 2. I saw this woman who didn't want to buy the book mark but gave a RM 1 donation. You know what happen. This kid had the nerve to say " Seringgit tak cukup, Kurang kurang pun 5 ringgit" My damn!

I think he might have been given a quota to fill each day. There may be a syndicate behind it. The boy might be required to beg for a certain amount of money so that he stays unharmed. Hell, I don't know if that is true. But that is what I watch in Movies, take Slummdog Millionaire for example.

Using children to beg for money is wrong. Maybe their parent cannot afford to support the child, maybe the child has no parent. Whatever the reason is, a child should be protected. He/she does not know right from wrong. When the child grows up. What do you think will happen? Go on begging for the rest of his life?

Stop Child Abuse! One act of child abuse I never want to see happen again is using children to beg for money!


Support the Unicef move! Raise your Hand! Stop child abuse now! Together we can make a difference! (Sounds abit cliche. haha)

Peace out!

Menteri Datang. Semua boleh!

Hellooooo!!! Ohoooi!! Bertemu kembali! wahahaha. Kemana kah Si Da Niel menghilang?
Lama Tak berblogging? Lama Tak Komen Komen. Lama... tak lamaaa mah...ahaha.
Sebenarnyer Malas jer nak berblogging. Tapi sebab hari ni gua ter "rajin" skit. Gua kasi cite skit apa yang terjadi hari ini.

Hari ni..(Eh Bukan..) Minggu ni gua dgn rajin nyer mula bersenam. Alaa, jalan jalan and jogging. Dah tiga hari berturut-turut gua mengekalkan gaya hidup yg sihat ini (bangga seh!). Teringat pula lagu kat tv tu : "30 minit setiap sesi. Dalam Seminggu hanya tiga kali" hahaha.

So hari ini gua ke Taman Botani yg terkenal di Melaka. Taman Botani ini dulu dikenali sebagai hutan rekreasi. Tapi sebab dah di "face lift" so nama glamour nyer di tukar kepada Botanical Garden. Tempat ni memang sesuai untuk jogging2 and aktiviti riadah bersama keluarga.

Cut the story short. Sampai jer kat taman botani tiba tiba gua di stop pegawai Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (dulu dikenali sebagai Majlis Perbandaran Melaka Bersejarah).

Die tanya gua, "Nak kemana". Gua dgn blur nyer gua cakap, "Nak kedepan". Hahaha. Patut Gua cakap gua nak ke hutan kutip cendawan.  Dier pun cakap "Jalan ni tak leh nak lalu". Gua pun parking ar jauh skit.

Oh rupa rupa nyer ada menteri yg datang melawat Taman Botani ini. Ketua Menteri Melaka Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd. Ali bin Mohd Rustam bersama dgn Menteri Pelancongan Y.B Dato Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen. Patut la jalan ditutup, pegawai kerajaan pun banyak. Pertama kali seh nampak Dr Ng Yen Yen dari jarak dekat. (Ali Rustam tu dah beberapa kali dah nampak). 

Cut the story short again. Lepas Gua selesai berjogging dan bersenam. Gua pun on the way la nak balik ke moto EX Pie (5) gua.

Then Gua terdengar la skit perbualan mak cik, mak cik and pak cik, pak cik.

The aunty : You saw the toilet? Whoaaaa so clean...

The uncle : You see the newly put dustbin..

Setakat tu ler jer gua dengar. Tapi Gua telah membuat kesimpulan bahawa. Disebabkan ada menteri yg nak datang melawat. Dengan "Magika" nyer . Tandas yg kotor "ting!" menjadi kilat berseri seri! Tong Sampah yg dahulu nyer tiada "ting!" tiba tiba muncul. Bunga orkid yg dahulu nyer mati "ting!" bernyawa kembali. Maintainences semuanyer tip top!

Gua pun terangan angan skit kalau ler gua menteri ..ahaha.

Begitu la keadaan di Malaysia. Ada YB yg datang semua yg rosak boleh jadi baik. Macam monorail kat Melaka ni. Masa pengisytiharan Melaka sebagai negeri yg Maju (tarikh 20.10.2010) Monorail itu dengan "Magika" nyer beroperasi. Tapi Minggu Lepas Gua nak pergi try naik...tutup! Tak der org! Nampak Wayar wayar terkeluar dari monorail itu. Gua terfikir sejenak.. masa menteri datang jer ker beroperasi?

Tgh tulis blog ni gua teringat kata kata bekas perdana menteri kita yg dikasihi...Pak Lah. Masa tu dier datang kat uni gua (Universiti Malaysia Kelantan). Kalau tak silap inilah beliau cakap:

Bila ada lawatan sebegini. Tiba tiba ada pula bilik yg tak boleh masuk. Tiba tiba muncul bilik dalam maintanences. Gua paham maksudnyer tu. Beliau tgh menyindir sektor perkhimatan awan yg tidak mementingkan maintenence. Bila ada lawatan rasmi. Baru la nak tergopoh gopoh buat kerja last minute.

Ps: Manalah Parlimen Tak bocor. Semua buat kerja sambil lewa.

hahaha Peace out!