Thursday, March 31, 2011

What else now??

I mean what the heck. Look like the "Banning Craze" is getting more crazier!

First it was the ban of the use of ALLAH in Bible.

Now they want to ban POCO POCO. 

All because some guy. One guy claims that:

"Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria had recently announced that the “poco-poco” dance would be banned, describing it as haram to Muslims as it contained elements of Christianity as well as spirit worship."

What the heck??!! Elements of Christianity??

Where do they come up with shits like that??

Crazy world.

Read the full story here

What does a random personality test tells about you?

Ever wondered how do they come up with personality test?

Are the result conclusive? Are the result based on solid findings? Are the result reliable, the truth about who you are?

Basically I have no idea how they do it. But it is still fun taking them, trying the test out.

Here is one example of such test. The test is said to be attributed to Oprah's Dr Phil. or so they say. Before and taking the test. there is a disclaimer.

"Nobody, not even a quiz like this, can tell you conclusively whether this is truly how your friends see you or not. In fact, although this quiz is attributed to Oprah's Dr. Phil, we have no way of knowing whether it has any basis in empirical research or not. So you should take these results as something for fun and not too seriously. (Supposedly Dr. Phil scored a 55 and Oprah scored a 38.)" source : Psych Central. Take the test here

Mine... I got a 47 score. What does it tells about me?

The Lively Center of Attention

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

How did I find the result? Some how true...

Credits to: Syeragh

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terlepas Peluang Kerja??

Hari ini lepas submit first draf thesis. Balik bilik baring baring golek golek. Terima satu call dari Great Eastern. Rupa rupanye mereka panggil untuk interview. Tapi lepas dengar, yg gua masih study macam tak jadi jer...aduh... adakah dah terlepas peluang?

I don't think so.. I mcm tk yakin yg akan ada syarikat yg nak panggil kerja lepas submit application kat jobs street. But the phone call prove me wrong. Just be patient. Sekarang rasa lagi semangat nak apply.

Takat ni baru apply untuk dua position satu kat Great Eastern and satu lagi kat Krafts.

My advice is be confident. Apply jer kalau rasa nak kerja itu. Terpulang pada mereka nak menilai. kalau dapat job interview its a bonus. Bukan kena bayar pun apply.

Always update the resume. Silap gua juga tak letak tarikh when I will be available.

Elaborate on skills that you are good at. don't limit ur resume just to 1 page. What can you tell in one page??
Nobody said a resume should be one page.

When they do call be confident! Stay calm.
Lastly always remember what job position that you have already applied for. You don't want to sound lost when they call.

Good luck job hunting. Final Year Final Sem..Time flies so fast! Anxious! but at the same time Eager to step out to the world and work for that first job!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Helping People...Helping a Friend

We can only do this much (_________________________) to help people.
Espeacially a friend.....
We can only help till what we are capable of......
In the end its all up to the person to help him/herself....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Planet is Fine. But the people are FFFUUU

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

Another view of the damages cause by men. 

Must watch!

Credit: Blog Serius

Earth Hour! Safe time to Ehem ehem?

What is Earth Hour to our understanding. To me, what I understand is switch off all lights and electrical appliances for one whole hour and that will help reduce global warming. The one whole hour is for the Earth to rest. It's Earth only chance to get a rest from all that spotlight of heat and radiation we human give to it.

For me I am not sure whether all the hype about saving Earth is true or not. But hey, why not give it a try. If there is a slim chance of prolonging the life of the Earth for the future generation, for our children. Why not do it.

What the heck, it's just living without our so called "needs" for an hour. Like that also cannot do ka?

But there are also people that are against Earth hour. Saying that when there is a hype of celebration of Earth Hour, we travel to get to a place, cause more congestion, more emmission of CO2, CO gasses. Thus causing more harm.

I say the best way to celebrate earth hour is to gather with family and friend have a nice dinner under the candle light at home. But limit to only one candle la. Later cause more global warming pulak.

If you have kids its a good time to tell them some bed time stories.

If you are married its the best time to ehem ehem!. If you know what I mean. Safer ma. No need scared some peeping tom came record ur moment and show it to the whole world like the infamous Datuk Trio.

What ever its is, I can see now people are more concern, more aware of what they do to nature.

Remember to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic bags if possible. If you buy pen, tak kan want to put in plastic bag kot. Put in poket ma.

My uni was not left out in the celebration too. Actually this is the first time, the students took the initiative to raise awarness of the community. Hope this tradition goes on in future.

A few shots of photo taken during the Earth Hour celebration in UMK 2011.

Before Earth Hour

During Earth Hour

Guna tanglung tin aluminium untuk menerangi jalan yang sudah gelap
Show some love to the Earth yo!

Se you all again next year!
Happy Birthday Earth!
ps: why call Earth Hour Celebration. Answer, Easy ma! Every one get together happy happy, enjoy enjoy, at the same time save the earth ma! What la you!

See ya!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lighting Up A Cigeratte is Like Burning Money

I don't know why people smoke. For me, my reason for smoking is because I just want to get my head out of something just for that moment. Some people blame the nicotin in the cigeratte, for thier continuous addiction to smoking. Not knowing that smoking has already became their habit. Habit is like every day you wake up you go to the loo. Everytime you sleep you need ur bantal busuk.

For me sometime I think smoking is like burning money. Rather then you burn a cigerratte which is far more dangerous. Why don't you just burn the money? Got a friend that told me that you can actually buy half a box of cigarette rather then one whole box.


To me whatever makes him happy...

But I don't think anyone sane enough will have the rational to burn money. Better burn cigarette.

But then if you are the joker...then money doesn't even matter to you. For the rest of keeps us going..keeps us away from starvation...Money can't buy money sure keeps the world going!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Essential Things for a Student...Really?

Here is a check list of the essential item that a student must have.

No 1 on the list: Handphone!
Sekarang budak sekolah pun dah ada Iphone sebijik. Paling Cikai pun Hanphone Touch Screen. Tak main ah handphone 3310


This nokia 3310 was the first ever phone I used. Got it only after I finished my SPM. Now budak budak primary school pun dah ada handphone sebijik. Alasannya??senang nak contact Ibu Bapa. Safety reason...oooo gitu...

No 2 : Laptop, Notebook, Ipads

 Lagi bagus, Lagi Stylo kalau dapat Ipad. Tapi kalau dapat note pad pun kira ok gak. Alasan. nak surf internet cari maklumat untuk assigment. Apa jadah baca buku kat library. Layari je internet! Boleh tau perkembangan semasa. (Cth: Apa jadi kepada miyabi masa tsunami di Jepun)

No 3 : Facebook Account

Kita kena hype bro! Kena ada Facebook account, Kena twit twit. bagi org tau status kita. Facebook ni sebenarnya baik bro! Org leh tau apa kita buat, leh share photo. pastu leh tekan like. best nyer!!!

Bagi aku, yg pernah satu ketika dulu bergelumang dalam facebook, just feel its a waste of time. We spend hours, browsing through other people's statuses, clicking like. and commenting on them. Imagine for the whole 3 hours or more sitting on the monitor making friends througth the screen. Some have 1000 friends to boast about. But in reality you don't even know who these people are. Ironic. Then some go the step further creating hate groups just because they don't like a person. 

Not saying it is bad. Even our prime minister has a face book to stay ahead of time

No 4 : Car, Motor
Alasan easy to get around.
If we think about it. All these item are not from our own money, They come from the hard earn money of our parents. Think of it, Dulu our parents tak ada pun semua ini, But they manage to survive. Even put food on the table for us. 

We are now a pampered bunch of generation. Everything is given, spoon fed to us. Making us becoming lazy and taking things for granted.....Little that we know, our parents work hard for the money...

I am not good my self. I get carried away sometimes in spending. But just remember to repay our parents back when we succeed.

Thats life...

Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are Words - Chris Medina

American Idol Contestant Chris Medina sang this song for his girlfren, who got into in accident just days after he propose to her. The accident left her disable, but Chris never left her but stayed by her all the way. He cared for her and loved her with all her heart. Now that is what true love is all about. In times of sorrow and pain till death do us part. Enjoy the song. Sang from the heart and touches everyone that listens to it....

What are words

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
How every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me
And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight
And I am Gonna be by her side
 I will never leave when she needs me most.

Any where you are I am near
Any where you Go Ill be there
And I am gonna be here forever more
Every single promise I ll keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most
I am forever keeping my angels close.

Ps: Credit to My View of the World, stumble upon this beautifull song while reading the blog. Thanks for Sharing....

Peragut. Memang PAtut Kena Bantai

YUP! You read it right! Peragut kalau kena tangkap. Jangan hantar ke balai terus. Biar dia kena belasah dulu kau kau baru puas hati. FUH! ayat kejam gile. Tapi memang patut pun dia kena pukul.

Kepada mereka yg pernah jadi mangsa ragut, ada kawan, saudara, keluarga yg pernah kena ragut, atau mereka yg pernah saksi kan kes ragut akan faham perasaan saya ini.

Hari ini, baru jer lima minit parking moto, tersaksikan kes ragut. Walaupun bukan saya yg jadi mangsa. Tapi trauma mangsa tetap ku rasa.

Terkenang kembali, 20 lebih tahun yg lepas, neneku menjadi mangsa ragut. Dah lah kena ragut, jatuh dan lebam lebam, nasib baik, Tuhan memberkatinya. selamat. Tapi bagaimana pula dengan mangsa ragut lain, Yg coma, mati!??

 Adakah patut dilepaskan begitu sahaja? Damn!

 Bagi saya public justice must be serve. Beat the crap out of the bastard baru puas hati..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

GooD Service VS Bad Service

In my opinion there are only two types of services. the bad and the good. But often in time we encouter the not so good.

Here is the list of excuses people give when they haven't done shit about what we ask or just don't give a damn about what we ask for help in the first place.

1. System down-Get this excuse very often when we want to renew license, pay summons, buy amanah saham. No back up kah?? See depend to much on technology. once down.. horray! no need work! sometimes take more then a day to rectify the so called system down. And the worst part is. Its easy just to give the excuse and people will just go away. Horray!!! Again no need work!

2. Orang incharge cuti-wth!?? means everywork in the department depend on one guy?? then the rest 20 people in the office do what?? So one guy goes on leave mean horrray!!! no need do any work! Be efficient for goodness sake. Know something about your work please! Happen in Government department always!

3. Belum sampai lagi- Get this alot when want to go claim package or letter in the universiti. Damn! ask them check, they say wait tomorrow. Damn lazy ass.

4 Waktu pejabat habis-this one always happen in government department. The clock shows 4.50. They guy behind counter already getting ready to go back.

Working in Malaysia very easy. Especially government servant.

8.00 am punch in.
8.30-9.00 am go breakfast.
10.00 am minum pagi.
12.00-1.00pm lunch
3.00 pm minum petang
5.00 go back home.

and when they decide to take a break. it's not 10 - 15 min. its the whole farrrking hour and sometimes even more.

Malaysia boleh! In Boleh land ! Kita boleh rehat lama2! Kerja skit skit!

Of course not everybody is like that. but wth.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Money lost can be replaced

Trust lost...its hard to replace...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Modern Talking Vs Rosalinda! Tokse Cakap aa! Meme Sebijik!

Rosalinda - Ku TOkser!


Sapo tiru sapo?

Seriusly the kelantanese are way better in inovation compared to others. They produce more music. Are good in Advertising. business!

Thats why you see so many BMW and MERCEDES in Kelantan

A video showing that they are taking a step forward in marketing!


 Welcome to Maleisia Ladie Jentlemen

Pantai Cahaya Bulan HDR

My first time using photomatix. Am currently using the trial version. The good side of trial version is it never expires. I liked the way the picture turn out. However, the down side of it is having the company water mark printed on the pic.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Senyum Lah, Senyum Lah Ahai! Cik Mek Molek

Pernah tak korang perasan...bila org senyum kat kita...kita akan automatically rasa ceria and the day is going to be a very nice day indeed. So smile people!

Spread the joy!
Whether you are a baby..

or whether you are old..

young or old...

Just smile and spread the joy...
Peace out!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kena Paksa..?!!

Pernah tak korang gi jumpa mana mana jabatan kerajaan...

Time hari yang ceria lagi ber sun shine...

Tiba tiba bertemu dengan si "dia" yg muka mcm makan asam boi..

Pertuturan yg mcm the hulk?

Hari ini,  sepatutnye package yg dihantar sampai melalui pos laju sampai.

So dengan perasaan penuh harapan ke unit hal ehwal kolej kediaman untuk bertanyakan bungkusan yg sepatutnya sudah sampai...tapi...kecewa bila tidak tercatat nama ku....=(

So tanya la kepada staff...bila lagi surat akan sampai? Jawabnye...pukul3.30 pm..ok....

dengan harapan baru...ku pun berjalan membawa diri....

Pukul 4. pergi sekali lagi...30 minit lebih dari waktu yg di beritahu.. sekali lagi ku kecewa..tapi! staff tersebut cakap boleh pergi check kat Unit satu lagi di kampus...

So pergi la dgn gembira. Sampai ker disitu... terjumpa seorg perempuan yg lagi ayu dan ker??

bertanya soalan yg sama..ada bungkusan yg sampai ari ni...

Dengan sekelip mata wajah yg ayu lagi cantik...bertukar...berkerut...smcm terasa annoyed...SINI tak Terima LAgi Surat Student..!..

oh.....jawab hati ku........susah sgt ke nak jawab soalan saya? atau pun say bertanya soalan yg salah?

tak pe lah... terima kasih ....ku pun membawa diri ...tapi dengan harapan esok bungkusan itu sampai...

Ada Bau..

Ingat lagi tak kepada iklan Ada Bau la bang.

Sejak hampir sebulan, ketiadaan bekalan air yang mantap lagi stabil

bila lalu jer kat tandas....ada....bau.....hancing...busuk...hanyir....mcm mcm bau ada..

Kalau dulu....nak dapat cium bau ni kena masuk dalam tandas...

Tapi sekarang satu koridor boleh bau...kesian doh kepada mereka yg duk tepi tandas.

Lagi kesian kepada mak cik cleaner yg membersih tandas...

Dah lah air tak der....bau..kencing taik...

Mulia sungguh mak cik cleaner...memang tabik!

Bagi student plak....tak tau nak cakap apa....

Bagi pihak kolej kediaman....bising pun sudah..tapi masalah tak sudah sudah...

Harap sem baru....keadaan akan lebih baik...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

United We Stand Divided We fall....

I think the U is full of tut......

As the saying goes united we stand divided we fall..

Since some stupid idiot student decided to go smoke at the stairway and didn't bother to clean up his mess. Now the U is coming up with the best known solution that...the next time they find another ciggarate bud. They are going to summon the whole aras. WTH.

My suggestion:

1. Saman the whole blady block la. WTH. Lets say...just imagine if some guy from the top floor decided to go smoke at the first floor ...and he throws his shit there. Because of his intelect to not smoke at his floor, he made all those in the second floor got summon. WTH

2. If you want to prevent student from smoking. Educate them since young. Here, at home bapak pun dah merokok. ni dah besar panjang . you think they want to quit??! and.....even the staff themselves smoke in the compound of the how you going to say stop smoking! blady WTH!

3. Conduct spot check. Well you read corrrectly. Ya . if we so called U student act like small children . I say lets treat them like one.

4. The student themselves must be aware. Report to the so called Higher Authority.. but then again is there any use???

The last time some one made a mess they blame the whole aras. Padahal if they really look at the mess it was made by one particular group of student from one particular faculty. conduct Interogate that group and you will find the culprit....but noooooooo. Malas punya pasal...(both the dumbass that did not want to clean his shit...and the U management) they decided that it was best to summon the whole floor. Because its One for all! and All for one!

Kemudahan ada tapi...

I mean wth. mcm prof saya selalu kata.

Kemudahan tandas ada

Kemudahan pili air ada

kemudahan toilet paper ada

but wth...air jer tak da. I mean wth!

Isu air yg tak pernah dan saya rasa tak kan selesai.

Setiap kali tak da air. maintanance... setiap kali tak da air. kerja penyenggaraan..

Kami bosan dengan alasan demi alasan yg diberi. Dulu kata sudah di "install' dua lagi pump yg berkuasa besar.

Itu semua KONON sahaja. WTH!

Pastu kat setiap aras ada TV. tapi Ariel ( bukan ariel peter pan) tak da. Nak tgk apa?? TV bukan yg murah, tapi Plasma! Lagi sekali wth! Kalau tak nak bagi student tgk yg gi pasang tv buat apa?? baik guna duit untuk mempercepatkan KONONnye kerja kerja menaik taraf itu.

Kemudahan wifi juga ada. Tapi wth! Tak boleh nak pakai...

Janji demi janji...Manifesto demi manifesto....Tunggu punya tunggu.....apa pun tak sampai....

Wrong Turn...Kasi U Turn la...

Haha. Apabila kita meng"translate" kan sesuatu dari bahasa Inggeris ke bahasa Melayu..begini la bunyi nya.

Baru jer habis tengok cite Wrong Turn 3: Left for dead.

Just like the two previous movie Wrong turn kali ini memaparkan kisah yg sama. Orang Mutan Kanibal yg prey on human for food.
Kalau kita perasan semua filem horor cheap flix akan banyak menggunakan babak babak gore, bloody dan gruesome untuk menarik minat penonton. For me wrong turn is just another cheap horror filem made by another white guy who just love to see the Ewwww faces the audience shows.

Jalan cerita yg ok. tak berapa mendebarkan. Cuz some of the scene are just down right predictable. You can just guess in an instance what is going to happen next in the story. Whether its dying by an axe, an arrow, or a trap. you just know in your guts, that what ever you had in mind is going to happen in this scene. 

And one more thing. Dalam filem horror mcm ni. Selalu ada gadis yg tak tau mana akan muncul just to spice up the film. And acting was bad. The girl for example coudldnt deliver the fear factor. Watching her scream..cry...was like uh..duh..are you really scared or are you just faking it. And there are times when the girl acts tough like fearless when encountering convict. But when the mutant man eater come she acts all scared. Mcm dibuat. Dealing with killer rapist convict who is going to rape you any moment and kill you after he is done is more terrifying or running from a mutant canibalist.

Then, another thing about horror film. Watak utama akan seemingly like killed the blady mutant bastard but then he does not give a second blow just to make sure the monster is dead. My.... if it were me. I will will blady pump a few more rounds of shot just to make sure the thing is dead.  My sure the bastard few more times in the head heart just to make sure!

Another way to know that the story is not going to have an ending is at the end of the movie. Ironic isnt it.  Sure.. and I mean for sure..100% there will be another man eating canibal.The same goes for other horror flick. They just don't end. But if they do.. then they can't do another sequal couldn't they.

Overall it was a fair movie to watch nothing that make movie goers go WOW! that was a great movie. It was ok to pass time. Just to see some head, brain get chop off. Watch it with you girlfren and they will go all aaaa!!! ewwww!! and hugging you all nite. Isn't that a fair trade? Wink! =)

Boobie pada awal movie
Mutant kanibal yg punya anak dan kadang2 agak gersang

Pictures credit: Google

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kalau bosan dengar lah lagu kat mp3 sony Zappin


Entry kali ni lain sedikit. nak guna blog ini untuk jual mp3 player zappin colour merah.

Ada radio, voice recoder and boleh jadi usb juga. Jual dengan harga RM 140. Ni termasuk kos pos kalau nak pos.

Tolong sebar sebarkan. Terima kasih diucapkan.

Apa apa pertanyaan sila hubungi Da Niel di 012 5290702.

Thanks ya!