Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amalan sindir menyindir

Amalan yg tanpa kita sedari..banyak sekali digunakan dalam kehidupan seharian kita....

Fikir fikir kan...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Hello ello.

Lama sudah tak update blog. Sibuk dgn exam, dan juga viva, atau nama panjangnya, presentation untuk final year project report (thesis). haha.

Inilah presentasi terakhir untuk selama aku bergelar seorang mahasiswa. This is the last and most important presentation of the undergraduate life before stepping out to the working world.. Lepas ni, sudah tak ada ruang  untuk buat salah. Kalau buat salah masa uni boleh lagi baiki. Lecturer boleh bagi chance. Boleh rilex rilex. Ambil mudah hidup kami ini. Tapi lepas keluar je dari uni dan bergelar graduan. Each one of us have to be serius in life. No more fooling around. Each one of us have to be responsible for the actions that we make... don't wan't to end up jobless and still having to rely on parents for money, shelther and food.

Sebenarnya masa ini dapat ku lihat pelbagai sifat rakan ku.

Ada yg betul betul serius dalam presentation. Ada juga yg mengambilnya sambil lewa. Yg serius betul betul mahu berjaya dalam hidup. Yg sambil lewa...well thats their choice....Some how it reflects personality....

Masa presentation, aku duduk untuk melihat semua presentation kawan aku. Well bukan semua la.. mana yg aku berkesempatan. And really sad to say....Some of us just don't have a clue what they are doing. Some just don't care. Some just want to get it over and done with. Sometimes I wonder to myself if in my own class there are people that just don't give a damn...What's more in the whole of the education system?

Is there something wrong with the system that it is creating less quality graduates?

I wanted to write something else actually but some how I end up writing this....
Cut the story short. What ever it is, I wish all my friends the best of luck. Ya, you can say Bill Gates, Einstien and some other billionairne don't have degree but they still succeed. If we want to compare sedapkan  hati diri sendiri ourselves with them....Well guess what.. Lets all look in the mirror. And ask our selves...are we that Einstein...Are we that Bill we have the determination  and perservation to succeed...?

It's easy to just say's even easier just to think about things....well....its not even that hard to succeed....... but the hardest part is to get up, take charge and do something to change ur life....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I like car trips!

Ever been on a car trip? What is a car trip? hahaha. Basically it is getting on the car and driving yourself to a destination mostly for vacation or sometimes work.

So why do I like car trips?

1. I like to drive. When I get the chance I always choose to drive for my self. I just like the feel of in control when negotiating corners, overtaking lorries. Maybe you can say, I trust my own life in my own hands.

2. I like the idea of me having the control on when to stop. When to move. Where to go. All at the leisure of my own time. No time constraints. Once I had a very bad stomach ache. When I politely asked the bus driver to stop, I was rudely shooed! off. What to do..Have to "tahan" and pray hard that he stops when ever he passes a petrol station.

3. You get to experience or see things you always wanted on the way to your intented destination. This reason is more or less the same with the second one.

However, there are also some downs to the idea of driving your self.

1. Tired!!!! Imagine if you were to drive for 6 7 hours straight. Oh! my! upon reaching the destination you will feel really really tired. Best option. Have a second driver. Or stay a day more at the place. So you will have plenty of rest to go sight seeing the next day.

2. Have to constantly check for temperature if the car is old. I once had my car breakdown when going up to cameron. Ended up paying RM 1000 ++ in repairs. So the next time you go on along journey. Check the condition of the car first! Luckly I was not alone when the car broke down.

3. Getting lost. While trying to get to the destination as soon as possible. We are inclined to use the shortest route. However, there are times when things don't go according to plan. You get lost. end up going round and round in circles. Best thing to do when lost. Stop and ask for direction. Save more time then beating around the bush. 

How about you guys? When is the next trip?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Menari Poco Poco boleh kena Tangkap Polis??!!!

Saw this cartoon strip by Lat in the New Straits Time today.

Funny but at the same time really got the message through.
 Great work!