Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Balik Kampung!!

It the time again. The most anticipated time of the year in a student's life. Holidays!!!! Wooo hoo!!

Going back home sweet home.

Adios UMK.

Till we meet again.

Peace out!


I don even know why I still keep doing the things i do.

Obviously, all the signs has shown,

You don even try..

You don even give a damn.

I want to stop trying too.

It just make my heart ache.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What is done is done

I believe most of the time people are angry is because we are unable to accept the fact that, what is done is done.

I believe that this is the cause of me getting angry all the time.

Accepting the fact that, what has been done or what has happen in the past is a difficult thing to do.

That is why we see people committing suicide, getting mad, doing all sorts of unthinkable things.

My theory is, stress can be handle. But the thing that drives a person off the edge is, not being able to accept that what is done is done.

We are not able to tell our mind that we have to accept the fact that we cannot change the past.

We read about husband splashshing acid to daughther, artist commiting suicide, throwing of babies, murders, and the list goes on.

All this has somehow got to do with not being able to accept reality.

When a person is told by a doctor that he/she has cancer. The first reaction is of course you are surprise, then you feel sad, after that you get angry, you are angry and you question why God put you through this test. You are angry with everyone. You stop do things, and you eventually end up doing nothing at all. You feel self pity all the time. All you want is for that cancer to go away. You question everything that has happen to you.

But what you fail to realise is that, what has been done is done. You fail to accept the reality that you got cancer. The longer you take to realise that you have cancer, the longer you will indulge in self pity and the longer you do that, the longer it takes for you to heal.  You will eventually lose it.You will lose what ever control you still have on youself, you will be angry all the time, and you will eventually end up driving away everybody that is close to you. 

The solution is to learn to accept reality, that what has happen, has already happen. Its now time for you to fight off cancer with what ever treatment there is out there. To have the determination to live. To have the perseverance to try and fight off cancer. The faster you accept reality the faster you will heal emotionally. Cuz the road towards healing is a very tough one. You will need all the support you can get.

This entry is dedicated to me and all of the people that keep on feeling self pity and angry with what life has brought them.

Learn to accept the fact that, what is done, is done. Live a better life then then yesterday. Indulge in activities, Socialize, talk to people and you will start to realize that life does not just revolve around us, and there are many interesting things to do, to explore, people to meet.

Cuz when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. As life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you get.

Peace out.

ps: cancer is just a represention of what is done is done.

A letter to my self



Self control,



Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Be or Not To be Virgin?

Read this on Found that it was intereting to know that

1. For young people these days, it should not be an issue but many still believe in having sex only after marriage.

2. WHAT people do behind closed doors is none of anyone’s business.

3. Younger generation today should not be judged on whether they are virgins or otherwise.

4. Virginity means honouring a promise to God as well as a gift only her husband will receive.

 5. Virginity has lost its relevance as it is no longer a criteria in getting into a relationship or a marriage. 

6. People today should not expect their partners to be virgins.

7. Strongly against double standards in a relationship where “some guy may have sex with multiple partners but expects his future wife to be a virgin”.

8. “Most youngsters nowadays think love means sex. Love is a choice,”

Lets fuck. Cuz we love each other! Bull shit!

9. Many youngsters see sex as a physical act; one that is as common as eating.

Shit! My son knows better than me

10. The physical act stops half an hour later, but consequences last forever,

11. 92% believed sex after marriage is the best choice and signed pledges of abstinence.

12. Youth should hold on to their Values and Belief.

13. “Your friends might make fun of you, but you have the right to say no.”

If that can really happen. Lust can't be stopped

Full story on

Peace out!

Doing Things on the WWW

The Internet has really made life easy for many people. You can basically do anything with the internet.
You can shop, sell, promote, find info, and well basically anything you can think of.

My personal favourite of the internet is

1. Online banking

Maybank 2 u is one of the most convenient way to do anything that is related to purchasing or selling. It give the user the convenience to do basically anything. With maybank to you on my side . I can purchase flight tickets with ease. Buy gift, flower for that love one without going through the hassle of buying it my self. With just a click of a button your buying needs is all at your finger tips.

2. Social Networks Site

Sites such as facebook has really change the way people interact with each other. You are connected to every of your frens no matter where you are. You can post updates about what you are doing. Attach pictures of where you been to and what you've done. You may even find that some one for you in such website.

3. A way of learning new skills

I like this the most. I learned the techniques to solve the rubic cube from you tube. There are plenty of tutorials that teaches you to do things if you know where to find them. All range from planting, to hacking, to how to get that girl, well basically anything you can think of is there in the internet.

Out of the 3 I listed, I personally like the first!

Technology is such a wonderful thing if you know how to use it.

Peace out. Enjoy surfing in the World Wide Web! =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Touched By an Angel

Our first date, our first meeting
Our first outing
You touched my heart you touched my soul.

You changed my life and all my goals.

And love is blind and that I knew when,

My heart was blinded by you.

I've kissed your lips and held your hand.

Shared your dreams and shared your bed.

I know you well, I know your smell.

I've been addicted to you.

Our first to Kemboja

My Favourite pic
 I will never forget every first moment I had with you

 I am a dreamer and when i wake,

You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.

And as you move on, remember me,

Remember us and all we used to be

I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.

I've watched you sleeping for a while.

I'd be the father of your child.

I'd spend a lifetime with you.

I know your fears and you know mine.

We've had our doubts but now we're fine,

And I love you, I swear that's true.

I cannot live without you.

And I still hold your hand in mine.

In mine when I'm asleep.

And I will bare my soul in time,

When I'm kneeling at your feet.

Goodbye my lover.

Goodbye my friend.

You have been the one.

You have been the one for me.

Touched by angel

You are an angel sent from above,

To bring joy and happiness in my life,

My life was truly touched by angel.

I will never forget you,

I love you now,


& Forever

Thank you 

For changing my life.

It may be over but it won't stop there,

I will always be here for you.

James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rain(Bi) | Love Song [HQ:MV] (ENG SUB)


I wish you want to stay,

But surely, I think you come back.

Today, I am wondering around your house again,

I am getting angry, It's really tough for me, It's really tough like this.

But I can't help it.

It's too late to change your heart.

At the end, It can't be helped.


For a moment, the hand that is familiar to my body is now pushing me away.

What sould I do, What should I do.

Your breath has gone, but I still love you.

What should I do, What sould I do.


Oh Please come back.

I think of you, I keep remembering you.

I can't hold your hands, like I used to do.

I love you so much,

I can't forget anything about you.

Those eyes that used to meet me.

Just look at me again, those eye,

Want to tell me something?

That you still love me.

For a moment, the hand that is familiar to my body is now pushing me away.

What sould I do, What should I do.

Your breath has gone, but I still love you.

What should I do, What sould I do.


Oh Please,

I love you.

I'll remember you forever.


I will never forget the first contact I had with you,

You can't see me, but I can see you,

Remembering that just puts a smile on my face.

Big bear was the name you gave to me,

As time passes we started to call each other darling,

and soon after it became our love name.

Aling aaa, how I wish that every time you call me by that name,

I would learn to treasure you like I treasure my life.

Almost everyday, every minute we would see each other,

We were in separateble,

We would study together,

Eat together, and some times do little naughty things together,


As time passes I recall all those memories.

For those are the memories I created with you,

The memories that brought us together as one,

I don't want those memories to fade away,

nor do I want you to go away,

But all I longed for is to create New Memories,

So that when we are old and weak.

We know that we still have each other side by side,

Reciting those memories over again.

Peace out!

When A Soul Becomes Two

What happens when A soul,

A soul that is originally one becomes two,

Are the two souls the same as the one soul which they originated from,

Does that two souls share the common goal,

Does that two soul feel the way they felt when they were once one,

When that two souls becomes apart,

Becomes some what disconnected,

Becomes two individuals that are different from that one soul,

Can they trully be one again?

Peace out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

First there was the one who challenged
All my dreams and all my balance
She could never be as good as you

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You should be the one I'll always love

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

Before you

I miss You

I miss you,

I miss the nights with you,

I miss you dearly,

Do you miss me,

Went down just now,

But I could not find you,

I search everywhere,

Just to know that you are already gone,

How I wish I was a little faster,

How I wish I had control over my anger,

How I wish I was the one you longed for,

I miss you so very dearly,

I miss you so much..

Peace out!


When we mentioned the word privacy. What does it exactly mean. Does the word privacy mean anything.

Well if we look in Facebook for example. There is this setting called the "privacy setting" With this you can share what ever is private to you from the viewing of others.

But some how or rather when it come to respecting others privacy. We human tend to.. how to put it..ermmm
tend to try to un Private the private thing. hahaha Get what I mean?

For example. How many of us are guilty of

1. Looking into the message of our spouses/gf/bf/frens/ or anybody else.
There is an urge to read that inbox rite? hahaha

2. Browsing to the content of a personal laptop.(without permission)
Eh eh ...jeng jeng jeng!!! hahaha

3. Hearing others conversation
Eh you know that guy and that girl they... this that you know. (at the other end . you trying to figure out what they are talking)

4. hrmmm can't think of any rite now.


Peace out!

Malaysian Service..

This entry is not about my personal experience but rather it was the experience encountered by a fren.
A fren of my was vomiting and she suspected that maybe she got food poisoning. So as clinic 1Malaysia was the nearest to where she is staying, she decided to go there for treatment.

This was the following conversation:

Upon reaching the clinic she headed straight to the counter. (hahaha tak kan head to the toilet plak)

IAC : Datang sini buat apa?

Fren: Nak tengok doctor.....(in pain state)

IAC: Oh tak boleh tgk. Check boleh.

Can you spot whats wrong..

1. Why did the IAC ask datang sini buat apa.. You come here for what? What kind of a question is that. What is my fren suppose to answer. Tak kan want to say. I datang sini nak beli ikan sekilo, Ayam dua kilo, tambah bawang sekilo. Wtf. You open a clinic and you ask patients "Datang sini buat apa" Buat teh ker. Mai so hai betul.
Start with a smile, And selamat pagi. Apa yg boleh saya bantu Cik. Sila duduk sebentar.

This baru Malaysian Service!!

Ah forgot. the IAC got the guts to sarcastically tease my fren. wtf!!

Second encounter. Also food poisoning (I wonder why she always food poisoning)

Went to the same clinic at aorund 9.50 am. Clinic was supposed to open at 10am. She was in pain and went to the IAD. Asked her can she go in. The IAD said tunggu lagi 10 minute..Wtf....

Lets say a person is stabbed in the guts. Then that person have to wait la another 10 minutes to get treatment. Memang no 1 Malaysian Service. DO You know Malaysian very tepati masa..

1. Masa makan pukul 1. mesti makan pukul satu.

2. Masa balik pukul 5. Mesti balik pukul 5.

3. Start kerja pukul 8. Mesti la tepat, sebab kena punch card. Then after that off to the cafe for breakfast till 10 am.

Malaysia Boleh

Malaysian. Makan kena tepat, Balik kena tepat, kerja kalau boleh nak rileks. Tapi gaji tetap jalan. Memang the best!

The Implementation of policies by the government is a smart move. The correct move. But however, when it comes to maintaning the service. Kita Malaysian cakap Tak Boleh la

We makan first then talk about performance later


Peace out

Ps: IAC=Idiot at counter
     IAD=Idiot at door

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Final Curtain Call

Finally the decision hase been made,

I will be moving on with my life,

The final curtain call.

Good bye .

Good bye my love,

You once brought joy to my heart.

Now its time for you to give that joy to another.

I love you.

Always will.

The final Curtain is now drawn down.

This is it.

Peace out.......

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letting Go

At one point of life, there are things that we should be ready to let go,

Letting go is hard,

but sometimes it is the best thing that should be done,

Peace out

What is reasonable and what is not?

How do we define that something that we do is reasonable or not,

How do we justify the action that we take,

Many of our action taken today are actions we perceive to be correct by other,

What ever we do now is based on what other people think,

or in our mind we perceive to be reasonably correct by others,

So when a husband leaves a wife for another woman,

Society will see him as the one wrong,

but as a human being he has the right to do so,

morally or ethically he maybe do the wrong thing. 

For me I say f@#ked the system. 

do what you like as long as there is a boundary of what you are doing.

Those reading might say that I am reasonably wrong.

But in this world who does not put themselves first before other, 

We are indeed selfish being whether we realised or not,

But despair not too much in it.

Peace out!

Ilmu di dada. di Bawa sampai ke...?

Org kata ilmu di dada di bawa sampai mati. Tapi gua rasa ilmu kalau setakat belajar kat buku-buku, dalam bilik kuliah, bilik darjah atau pun kat tuisyen center skor A, skor A++ cuma dibawa sampai ke medan peperiksaan saja. Whether you notice or not, ilmu yg korang belajar itu, kemungkinan besar dah dilupakan sebaik saja korang menlangkah ke sem baru.

Tapi kalau ilmu pratical, ilmu dari pengalaman akan dibawa kemana mana saja. Akan diingati di mana mana sampai bila2.. Gua bukan cakap ilmu yg korang belajar dalam kelas tu tak berguna. Nanti ada org ban gua pula, cakap gua gini la gitu la. Tapi kalau korang perasan berapa banyak ilmu yg korang belajar dari sem sebelumnye korang ingat. Gua hari hari dalam bilik, gua tgk gua nyer room mate study. Bangun tidur study, pastu tidur kejap, then study balik. Malam tak tidur, tapi siang tidur. ni gara gara study waktu malam. Sampai ke pagi kot study.

Study sampai pening!!
Bacaaaaaa jer... Guna highlight..pen dan macam macam lagi. Maybe bagi dier itulah cara terbaik untuk die "HAFAL" tapi gua masih berpegang kepada kata2 salah seorg prof gua bahawa se nya baik u faham daripada u hafal. Ini gua nampak yg chinese masuk Uni pun still sama jer stail belajar, iaitu menghafal.

Haizzzz. Gua pun setresss tgk dier org. Ada kawan gua tiap tiap sem dapat dean list. memang la bagus dapat dean list tu. Gua pun rasa best kalau dapat dean list. Tapi gua rasa study tu cuma academic jer.

Memang penting ijazah yg kita akan dapat nanti. Tapi apa yg lebih berharga ialah, Kita belajar bukan setakat nak pass exam. Tapi belajar kerana ilmu itu berharga dan kalau boleh kita kembang kan dan bawa hingga ke akhirat. Long life learning.

Peace out!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We love Freebies

Malaysian's do love free things. Whether its free perfume, free food, free drinks, or buy one free one, we just love free things.

As the festives season is coming. Majlis buka puasa is a place where you can get free food. For students like us I will give two thumbs up to such event. Well first we got to save our money and second its free.

Being in Malaysia, I can say that we are very blessed cause whether you notice or not in every government event there is always refreshment at the end of every event. I remembered our field trip was always ended with sedikit jamuan ringan from the organizers. So those who say they have nothing to eat in Malaysia is a liar!!!

Well Selamat berpuasa and Happy Holidays!

Peace out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Buang Bayi. Ingat Sampah ker!

Mai so hai! betul. Org kat dunia ni. Dari kes Rogol ank sendiri, Curah asid, hingga ker kes buang bayi. Apa yg nak jadi kepada org org di dunia ini.

Mak ai! Ingat bayi tu sampah ker! Ingat benda makluk ciptaan Tuhan tu sampah ker.
Masa main ko bukan main so syok. Oh sayang.. Abg cocok skit skit je..Aa aah abag terlepas kat dalam. Bodoh betul. Gua bukan nak halang korang nak ber ahi. But use a fucking condom la. Mai! Sohai! Pada aku memang susah nak henti kan sex (apa org panggil sekarang?) terbuka. so rather then debating on whether sex education should be taught or not. I say hell yeah!

Ada sekali gua baca dalam paper ke mana tah. Ada org cakap dalam subject biologi pun sudah diajar pasal pembiakan. And in subject Islam and Moral pun ada sentuh. So tak payah ajar. Pada gua org yg cakap tu memang bebal. Ada tak dier pergi belajar sendiri ke 3 3 subject 2. Gua yg belajar moral pun tak bermoral praktikkan apa yg gua belajar dalam subject itu. Unless kalau ada subject sex education yg betul betul mantap gua rasa bayi yg keluar akan bertambah kat tong sampah yg terdekat di rumah anda.

Kalau tabooo sgt nak implement seks education. Bagi jer condom free kat 7 eleven. Easy access means more people will use. Bagi sekali yg ada flavour nyer. nanti yg si bangang tu leh la cakap sedap la abang. I suka taste ni. Nanti yg lagi bangang leh lah cakap kalau ayg suka. abg gi ambik lagi ka 7 e.

Bayi yg sgt comel ni. (Mcm gua rasanye hahaha). ala ala senyum dier. =)

Ni baru sampah ngok!

Peace out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What makes me Tick

What make a person angry? For me I think I get angry most of the times. So what makes me Tick.

1. People talking in the cinema.

I think many of you have come across this situation. You are watching a movie, and this one dipshit idiot guy start to comment on everything the hero is doing.

I remembered once, I was watching Triple X staring Vin Diesel, I think this guy was like a fan of his. Starts to wooo!! wow!!. Stylo la! Hebat la! on every move Vin diesel is taking. And what irritates me is he is talking in this low voice. and is hoping that no body hears him. WTF.

antoo kuning yg satu ketika dulu buat gua takoT!!!
ingt lagi kah pada iklan ini??

2. Don't ask me too many question when I am just awake in the morning.

I don't know why am I am always angry at this time. Maybe I am a vampire that dislike to be distured early in the morning. You can ask me question about 1 hour after I woken up. It just irritates the shit out of me when in the morning you are bombarded with whole lots of question.

3. Don't ask me too many question when I am hungry.

Have you ever gone out to lunch, dinner or just for makan with frens or family. What irritates me is when you ask them whay they want to eat they will say up to you. I sometimes do that too. But hey no body is perfect.
And when you suggest a place, they start to say, "Eh not nice la." Then you ask again "So want to eat what?"

Then they will say "I don't know, Up to you la." Mai so hai!! Dah la org tgh lapar ni! It just boils me inside!

4. People critising.

I know critisism is good. But there are 2 things you don't comment about me. That is my weight and...hahaha I forgot whats the other. But I just don't like it when people comment on my weight! Just keep it to your self next time. But if say you are some one really really close to me. Like my best fren . Then you are entitled to do just that. Even gf or family members are not allowed!

5. People talking real soft/loud.

Mai! if you want to say someting, say it out loud. Don't mumble. And don't shout!

6. People talking like they know shit everything about me.

If you don't know me please keep you opinions to your self. I don't need them.

Well I am hungry, thirsty and tired rite now. So back off.

Peace out!

Ps: Don't nag. If i want to hear you nag. I would have paid you for it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Muke oriental..1 Malaysia!

Eh kau org melayu ker?
Ko macam indon la..
Ko cindian ker?
Mcm org sabah/sarawak jer...
ko mix ker...

1 Malaysia Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan

Hahahaha. These are some of the remarks I get when I let people know that I am a chinese. Well to be precise I can consider my self a Baba Nyonya (since on of the definition of baba nyonya is living in the life style of the malay culture)
Well what ever it is. I am just proud to be gifted with this..ermm how to say...muke oriental. hahaha. Well I did not gave this title to my self. oh no no no =)

I still remebered 2 incident that happen during my secondary school. Eh actually it was 3..or maybe more..hahaha. what ever it is. These are the incident that I remembered.

The first.

Back in shool, i think it was in form 4, i join the pengguna club, and was selected to participate in the Quiz pengguna competition. We were called by our principal, cuz he wanted to pass us some notes that will help us in the competition(he was one of the judges of the competition last year) So off we headed to see him. The moment we entered the room..

He asked " Erm kamu dua ya yg akan masuk pertandingan tu"

We (me and my fren) "Ya kami dua"

Principal "kata ada seorang chinese..mana dia.."

..what?? I am standing in front of him and he asked where is that chinese guy ahahaha.

My Fren " Ni sebelah saya ni (pointing to me, and giggling)

Principal " Huh?! ya kah muke macam melayu jer.."
               "Betul ker awak cine.(muka mcm tak percaya)
              "Yg Cina mcm melayu, Yg melayu macam Cina"

hahaha. Imagine that!

My fren: "betul."

Hahaha well that was my first encounter with such situation

ps: I think my principal's name was A'Saiman

The second

It happen when I was receiving my certificate for the commitment I gave when I join the Badan Pengawas.
Was on Stage to receive the certificate from this high rank police officer, when he suddenly ask.

"Nama awak Daniel Teng Chin Loong ker?" Again muka tak percaya.

Me "Iya..Nama Saya tu"

Police officer " Giggling. Tapi muka macam melayu" My teacher aslo Giggled.

The Third

A teacher asked me. You chinese ker? and I answered " ya kenapa?"

Muka awak macam melayu ada, chindian ada, macam org asli sabah sarawak ada and a few more she mentioned. Then bla bla bla( hahaha can't really remember the whole conversation) She said you are special. cuz you have an oriental face. Which mean I can be anyone I like aahaha( no la mean where ever I go, my face will look like the natives)

And that is how I got the title muka oreintal. hahaha

Well there are other incident too happening after that. Like the time I want to pay my celcom bill

Gave them my mobile number to check for the bill and their reaction was like.

"Daniel Teng Chin Loong??!!
" Nama awak"
"Ya nama saya"

With the confused face hee.

Well what ever it is I am just happy to be who I am. Sometime (including me) tend to focus at the the things we lack rather then the things we already have.
We got to be more grateful, cuz everybody is unique in his/her own ways.

Everybody is born in the World for a reason.

Appreaciate life and live life to the max

Peace out!!

ps: so now when people ask me "awak org apa"
I just answer I am a Malaysian. Saya anak Malaysia!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bile org Senyap??

Hello heloo
sudah agak lama juga wa tak update blog gua ini. Sebab tak der ilham la nak tulis pasal apa.

Tapi!! Ahaaaa!!!  hari ini tiba tiba gua dapat ilham. hahaha!!! yg best nyer gua dapat ilham ni masa gua dalam tandas. masa gua tgh mandi hahaha

Tak tau la korang perasan ker tak..tapi bile kah anda rasa anda berada di satu situasi/tempat yg senyap giler. Yg bising giler then all of a sudden senyap gile!

hahaha. ini yg gua nak merepek kongsi ni heee!

Situasi pertama

sebelum buka puasa..
masa ni la ramai yg bercakap. berazan ala ala nak tipu diri sendiri ataupun kenkawannyer yg sudah masuk  waktu utk berbuka. masa ini lah juga mercun berdentam dentum. Pau!!! Piang!! kadang gua menyirap juga dgn org yg main mercun tu. Tapi gua rasa gua sabar jer la. Sebab dulu pun gua suka bakar mercun and buang kat rumah org. hahaha =)

Selepas buka puasa..
masa ni la kalau korang kalau jatuhkan pin dari tingkat atas, boleh dengar kot sampai tingkat bawah.haha memang sesuatu yg ajaib lagi susah utk difahami. masa ni. memang senyap gile. kalau gua kentut pun org boleh dgr ahahaha.

Situasi kedua

Gua rasa semua org pernah alami ni. Masa korang tgh berbual bual sakan. Tgh gosip pasal org. Tgh cite pasal benda yg sensasi then tiba tiba semua senyap........kenapa??? sebab apa yg nak di cakap sudah diluahkan. Then korang mula la tgk antara satu sama lain. Dgn harapan.."ai...mcm mana ni...kekok la....tak de org nak cakap lagi ker" Then masa ni la kau pandang gua, gua pandang lu.. then ada seorg ni yg bijak. Dia pun cakap jom makan then mula la topic yg baru.
Nak makan kat ner?
Nak makan apa?
Tu sedap ker?
Gua nak makan ni tapi tak nak makan tu
Kat situ mahal la. hahaha
dan mcm mcm lagi. 

Situasi ketiga

Ni gua rasa semua pun tau kot. Masa korang tidur la.
Masa apa yg boleh didengar cuma bunyi cengkerik, atau pun bunyi dengkur korang. hahaha =)

muka gua lebey kurang gini kot masa gua tido hahaha

sebenar nya ada banyak lagi situasi. tapi ni yg gua dapat pikirkan setakat ni.

Peace out!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


You blame me for all the wrong that I've done,

You said that I had no self control,

What about you,

Just because you are depresessed you did that to me.

Wtf, All those talk about you being in control,

Being the master of you self, all bull crap.

I would do anything for you,

Just to show you how much I love you.

Peace out!

What more to say...

Saturday August 7, 2010

Girl’s handphone affair ends in rape

A PRIMARY school student waited for four months before meeting a man with whom she had fallen in love after a handphone affair – and ended up being raped by three men instead.
The 12-year-old from Kampung Teluk Menara, Manir, Kuala Terengganu, who got to know her 22-year-old “lover” via SMS, was coaxed into meeting him last Monday.
The daily quoted Kuala Terengganu OCPD Asst Comm Zamri Shamsuddin as saying that the victim waited for her “lover” in front of a clinic in Kubang Jela but another man, who claimed to be representing him, turned up at around 4pm.
The suspect then brought the victim to a rented house at Jalan Sultan Mahmud where he and two other men raped her.
The victim lodged a police report at 9.30pm on Tuesday and the three suspects have been detained and remanded for a week to assist investigations.


1.Technology is harmful
2. Girls are emotional creature that are gulible to emotional pressure
3. Men are sex prey that will only think of sex
4. Parents should pay more attention to thier children activities

Nasi dah jadi bubur. Who is to blame for all this. well the question lies in the individuals themselves. We can always play the blame game but in the end. We need to find the root of the problem and solve it.

Sex education is important to educate children than sex is not to be fooled around with.

What more can i say. Shit happens

Peace out!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sekolah Pondok!!! Apa Cer!!

This incident happen early this morning. Just after I arrived in Melaka. Ma home sweet home.

Guard MS: Balik mana?

Me: Balik Batu Berendam

Guard MS: Ooo Dekat jer, Dari mana? KL?

Me: Tak la Kelantan.

Guard MS: Oh?! (mcm terkejut) Org Kelantan ker?

Me: Tak la belajar kat sana.

Guard MS: mumbling something I din't hear...

Me: (Muka masih blur..maklum la baru jer keluar dari bus) Huh?....(senyum jer, gua suka senyum jer kalau gua tak bape nak dgr apa yg org cakap. sopan skit =) heee)

Guard MS: still mumbling.....

Me: Huh??

Maybe he noticed that I din't quite get what he was trying to say. And said something again.

Guard MS: Belajar kat sekolah pondok ker?? (pastu dier gelak2)

Me: (Dalam hati, sekolah pondok???!!!) Tak la Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. (dalam hati apa kes! Sekolah Pondok??? Ko ingat kat kelantan tu hutan belantara ker. Memang Cilake tul   hahahaha)

Me: Senyum jer...

Masa tu gua baru perasan. Org Ramai masih tak tau lagi pasal UMK. Ada ker ckp sekolah Pondok. Ingt ni masa Zaman Jepun ke. British pun dah lama blah la woi. Igt madrasah lagi ker?

Ni Baru UMK.

Ni Baru Sekolah pondok!

Hahahaha Memang siut ar.

Peace out!

PS: Walau apa pun melaka tetap the best!! ahahah


You said you love me,

You said you care ,

You said you miss me,

But right when I am gone,

You are telling it to someone else,

I don't know why I still keep doing the things I do,

I should have stop,

Cuz I can never live, with you loving some one else,

Angry I very am,

Knowing that you are doing it all the time.

But wtf, buzz of you negative feeling,

Go away,

I just want to love you as you are

I just want to live knowing that you too once love me.

Peace out!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Opss Tak Sengaja. Opss Sorry!

Hahahah. Apa punya luck hari ini. gua pun tak tau .
Tapi masa gua tgh mandi pagi ni. Tgh Syok syok sabunkan kan badan. Apa punya cilake la nasib la, mak cik cleaner tu pergi ar buka pintu. dan jeng jeng ternampak la badan ku yg  6 pack macam tak seberapa ni. ahahahaha.
Kalau badan gua mcm ni. mesti mak cik tu go Crazy!!! waaaaaa!!!
Siap mak cik tu cakap sorry sorry. tak pasan ada org. ahahaha.
Gua masa tu punya la blur gua pergi toleh kat mak cik tu dgn selamba kodok. Entah apa yg di lihat nya.
Burung? Gajah? Ular? Pisang? hahaha.itu kena tanya mak cik tu la.

Tapi lepas tu, gua mcm dalam hati. "mak cik tu nampak ker gua punya" hahaha
tapi lepas tu gua pun fikir. "Ala mak cik tu mesti dah kahwin. Dier dah biasa dah"
Pastu gua dgn perasaan selamba terus kan menyampoo rambut.
Dah habis tu  gua pun fikir nak keluar ker tak? nanti jumpa makcik tu nak senyum ker? nak lari ker?
Dalam hati gua nak la buat lawak dgn mak cik tu. Gua nak cakap "mak cik..gua dah ternoda...hahahaha"

Tapi nasib baik ar masa gua keluar. mak cik tak der. dan gua pun cepat cepat lari masuk bilik.

Tapi kenapa hal mcm ni boleh terjadi. haa itu la persoalanya

1. Sebab memang cilake la itu lock la. semua rosak. Apa kejadah mandi sampai rosak.Sebab tak der lock la mak cik cleaner tu boleh pergi buka pintu masa gua mandi. hahaha

2. Sebab gua tak practice precaution steps la. Gua lupa gantung tuala kat luar masa mandi. Tapi tak leh nak salah kan gua. itu kan blok lelaki. biasa la kalau tak tutup pintu ker. kan semua sama jer. wahaha

Yg best ialah masa gua dah habis mandi. Dah siap siap pakai baju formal gua pergi ar toilet kat bawah blok gua. Terjumpa lah mak cik yg sama. Kebetulan die.....tgh betul tudung. Dan ternampak lah gua kat aurat dier. Nampak tengkuk jer. Dan gua dgn mak cik tu pun senyum sipu sipu. wahaha. Dan gua sempat berkata. "ahaha. mak cik?!" dan masa tu gua agak malu lah juga. Gua rasa makcik tu pun sama kot.

Tapi gua selamba ar. Tak kan nak gi tanya" ermm mak cik rasa gua nyer tut ok tak" ahahaha.

Peace out!

SayEMESTidapatawEk aR satu!!!! (SEMESTER 1)

Masih ingat lagikah kepada perkara yg berlaku masa sem pertama.? Masa minggu orientasi. Hahaha. Mana boleh lupa bro. masa tulah boleh kenal dgn ramai kawan baru. Bagi yg lelaki ini lah time paling best tuk usha kenal awek awek cun.

 Hahaha. kalau korang perasan . Masa time ni lah banyak org yg bercouple. Dah semacam hormone change yg ketara bile remaja nak melangkah ke era golongan belia.

Kenapa yah ramai remaja pada masa ni nak cari pasangan.? nilah analisis and pemerhatian gua terhadap isu ini.
tapi in pandangan gua jer. so kalau tak sependapat lu org punya hal la. wahahaha!!!

1. Terasa kesunyian/kesepian.

Gua rasa ini faktor paling utama org berpacaran. kenapa? sebab dieorg sunyi la. dah la kena hantar belajar jauh-jauh. sedih tinggal kan umah. mesti lah hendak cari org utk berbual. sharing. makan sama-sama. bergelak tawa. And paling best ialah untuk cari pasangan yg berlainan jantina. (Apa kejadah cari lelaki.. gay ker ni monolog dalaman aku yg bersuara =) ) Tapi memang yg opossite sex lebih sesuai utk dijadikan teman berbual. sebab satu takkan yg lelaki nak attrated to guy kan.and this brings us to the second reason. that is

2. Opposite attract 

Yup seperti magnet. yg kutub utara attracted to kutub selatan. Mcm gitu la lelaki dgn pompuan. Gua pun tak dapat nak explain kenapa. Tapi pasan tak korang bila sem satu, korang jumpan awek yg mcm cun tu, hati korang rasa gundah gulana. Rasa mcm tak kena jer kalau tak dapat nak tegur sorang awek ni. mesti ada kan. tipu la kalau tak der.
Like the picture says, "Who says love has to make sense"

3. Puppy love 

Ni aku rasa reason yg paling best sebab, gua rasa majoriti yg bercinta time ni adalah di sebabkan perubahan hormone dalam badan. umur dah meningkat dewasa bhai. Kalau tak dapat awek habis la status. Sebab gua tgk ramai juga la, masa sem 1 dgn ni, 2 3 sem lepas tu break. hai....gua pun tak tau apa nak cakap la. Tapi life has to go on kan. ni la time nak cari option. kalau tak kerja nanti asyik asyik jumpa kerani opis, sangkut pula. (ni kata kata kawan ku)

Walau apa pun. kepada yg couple, couple la seriously kalau rasa nak puaskan nasfu, ke nak puas kan kegersangan korang. Gua nasihat kan lu org baik lu concentrate belajar lagi bagus. kepada yg perempuan jgn termakan kata kata songsang manis kaum lelaki. they will do anything to get into your pants. but trust me. If a guy really really like/love you, he can wait till you are marry to have S E X.
topic ni gua akan kupas lain kali.

Gambar ni gua rasa 100% benar!hampir benar. hahaha.
 But this is the ugly truth!

Women associate love with their mind and soul.

but men with their...You Know What.

Kepada lelaki diluar sana Jgn nak nafikan fact ni. Sebab Gua pun lelaki juga. wahahaha statement berani mati ni.

Hahaha. Gua type type pun dah panjang lebar gua cite. Sebenarnya mengantuk ni. Tapi kena la rajin skit utk berblogging

Hope you all enjoyed reading
Peace out!