Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I like car trips!

Ever been on a car trip? What is a car trip? hahaha. Basically it is getting on the car and driving yourself to a destination mostly for vacation or sometimes work.

So why do I like car trips?

1. I like to drive. When I get the chance I always choose to drive for my self. I just like the feel of in control when negotiating corners, overtaking lorries. Maybe you can say, I trust my own life in my own hands.

2. I like the idea of me having the control on when to stop. When to move. Where to go. All at the leisure of my own time. No time constraints. Once I had a very bad stomach ache. When I politely asked the bus driver to stop, I was rudely shooed! off. What to do..Have to "tahan" and pray hard that he stops when ever he passes a petrol station.

3. You get to experience or see things you always wanted on the way to your intented destination. This reason is more or less the same with the second one.

However, there are also some downs to the idea of driving your self.

1. Tired!!!! Imagine if you were to drive for 6 7 hours straight. Oh! my! upon reaching the destination you will feel really really tired. Best option. Have a second driver. Or stay a day more at the place. So you will have plenty of rest to go sight seeing the next day.

2. Have to constantly check for temperature if the car is old. I once had my car breakdown when going up to cameron. Ended up paying RM 1000 ++ in repairs. So the next time you go on along journey. Check the condition of the car first! Luckly I was not alone when the car broke down.

3. Getting lost. While trying to get to the destination as soon as possible. We are inclined to use the shortest route. However, there are times when things don't go according to plan. You get lost. end up going round and round in circles. Best thing to do when lost. Stop and ask for direction. Save more time then beating around the bush. 

How about you guys? When is the next trip?


  1. aku pernah bawak superbike, dan aku dah mnat gila dgn benda alah tu. accelerat tinggi dan sedap cilok2. beriya2 nak bwak superbike keliling malaysia.. 200km/j.. yeah~!

    ada rezeki nak angkat sebijik..

  2. i have no driving license now but i'm going to have it soon. once i get it i would like to have a car trip ! i think it's fun. :)

  3. bulan 5 nk ke tgh fikir lg...nk drive ke nk naik flight...hurm...skrng da busan n pnat drive...awal2 dl ske gile drive...hehe... ;)