Monday, September 26, 2011

Who is most proud when we succeed in life

Our parents of course.

They may nag

They may scold us

Beat us up when we were naughty

They do all that is because they love us dearly

And when the day come to see their children suceed in life

it is the happiest moment of their life.

Spending time, taking the time off just to talk to them....coming home to visit them...

That is the most precious gift that we can give 

For they do not want riches, fame 

They just want us to spend time asking how they are.

Tribute to my wonderful parents 

On the 19 September 2011, all hard work paid off when I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. We were the pioneer graduates and history was set on that day.

Not long after that it was my brothers turn to graduate.

Here are the moments that we manage to capture.

19 Sept 2011, First it was me
26 Sept 2011 then my brother
 After that mom and dad also graduate??!!
My father's Idea to also try on the graduation robe.
 Followed  by my Dad
Then it was mom's turn
The Teng Family

The Brothers


  1. a happy Teng Family :)

    hehe, ingatkan Melayu :)

  2. ya lah.. i thot u ni melayu... heheheheh

  3. A Huge Congratz for the bros.

    uit ling.stil wake up early2 morning.. btw.he.s definitely not a malay.though he look like one.

  4. congrats to both teng's family =) =)