Monday, October 17, 2011

Inikah Manusia.

Makin hari manusia makin pentingkan diri sendiri.

The tidak apa attitude, The mind your own business attitude. The biarlah.... org lain boleh buat,attitude.

That's nothing to do with me. I dont want to get involve. To much trouble..

Watch the video and you will know what I mean.

In life we can't just say we would do something and don't do it.

When people ask what would you do in such situation. We will say call the police. Call the ambulans. Help the boy.. Catch the culprits. But do we notice that we are all say and no action...

If we notice we always say, Kalau lah aku org tu...Kalau lah aku dapat tangkap...

Nanti aku akan....Kalau lah kita berhenti bercakap dan bertindak...that would really make a difference

Thoughts to ponder about.


  1. huuu tengok dah....xda lansung ke belas kasihan dekat budak tu...xfaham apa yg diaorg fikir... :'(

  2. Oh god, I feel so sorry for the little girl. The pain she has to go thru :'( gosh. I'm speechless

  3. WHYAT THE HELL!!! How could they just walk around like nothing happened??!!!The bastards! I wish i was there, that I could do something, is it really that possible for people to be so numbed down by death that they turn into selfish zombies???

  4. Adoi..kan rules kat China camtu..sape amik taw, kne fully responsible....

  5. Inikah yg ade dibiakan berhabuk....
    Dulu cakap..........

  6. Daniel! Im Sirin! Do you remember me? I miss you :)