Saturday, January 8, 2011

It will be 4 years now..yet I don't feel safe

I always wanted to write a post about the place where I studied for 4 year, but was always put on hold for some reasons..

However today, I was more eager to write about the 4 years (almost) of experience living here. The place where I studied, and made my second home...or should I say temporary stop before I enter the working world. This is the place where I share laughter and joy with the various people I met in my life.

I am not going to mention exactly where this place is...but those who follow this blog will know where I mean.

The intention to write about this place has longed bottled in my mind. Sometimes I get this feeling at my chest that I just want to let out my views and thoughts about this place. but again, for some was put on hold.

Well something happen today and that was it. This would be the day that I write out my 4 years of living here.

"Mu mai sini kejap."
MU MAI SINI KEJAP. notice the change of caps. and you will get the emotion when reading this phrase.

Reading the title, many may ask why you feel unsafe. For a start, I find the people here some what unfriendly. Not all but most of my encounter were the unfriendly type.

 When you walk around here, one can't help it, but to feel self conscious. Its the feeling like everybody is looking at you. It is the feeling that you are being judge the moment you step out in public.

The guys here for example are typically "miang" when they see girls walk pass by. The make noises. Do all sort of crazy stuff like stalking. And believe me. I got a few friends that are stalk by the guys here.

Me saying the people here are unfriendly is not just mere accusation. You go to shopping complexes you will see cashiers, promoters giving you that face where it says. I am pissed of with my job and don't bother me.

I will stop right here...


  1. hai, it is my second year here in umk, by reading this post, i am totally agree with TOTALLY. the first sem here, i need to really adapt with their faces of
    urghhhh..even the guys that i can consider as pakcik2 are miang..

    i never feel safe here tho.even to go to the PT alone.

  2. very true..maybe can be considered the most dangerous place in malaysia. plus the kereta sapu yg entah apa apa.