Sunday, January 2, 2011

Manusia tak pernah Puas..

"What comes from men will never last, 
It's here today, tomorrow past,
What comes from God will always be, 
The same for all eternity" - Spencer

"Kadang-kadang, rasa hidup sendiri lebih baik dari bercampur dgn org. Lebih tepat lagi bercouple. Ha..Inilah lumrah manusia. Tak pernah puas dan tak kan puas terhadap apa yg ada. sehinggalah kehilangan"

Tahun Baru, Azam Baru? Tahun Baru, Penampilan baru? Tahun Baru, Baju Baru? Apakah erti tahun baru kepada saya?

Tahun baru ini. saya inginkan ketenangan. Mugkin kerana permasalahan emosi yg begitu menggangu hidup tahun lepas. Tahun baru ini, saya ingin kan ketenangan. Hahaha guna "saya" pula ..mcm skema jer.

Pada tanggal 1.1.11. Gua dapat message dari bapak gua. 

" So what are you going to do this New Year?,
Shall you rest in your laurels,
Follow the old patterns, 
Yield to the same temptation,
Or do something that changes your life radically?"

A short simple message but yet full of provocation. The beginning of the year is one calm one. Boleh dikatakan "A  New Year is just another day in life". I only notice that it was 2011, when I heard a group of people counting down to the 12 midnight seconds. 

This new year,I believe will be a Good year for all of us! 

For those who don't know. This is my final sem . After this is hello working world! Right now still uncertain for the first batch of graduates students of UMK. However, I believe we all will succeed!

Flash back 2010. 

That was the year that I gain and loss. The year 2010 began with my intern ship in Cameron

Followed by an opportunity for students exchange in Bengkulu Indonesia.

Followed by a break up .

Ended the year with an accident. 

What a year.

But this 2011 will be a better year. I once heard that in life there will be ups and done. for me 2005 and 2010 was not a good year. But it was a year that taught me a lot. Grew a lot from all those life experience. 

" Pleasure, material, possessions,
and even great knowledge do not bring lasting satisfaction,
A person who possesses everything this world has to offer,
but does not prepare for eternity is spiritually destitute"


  1. what a touching entry!hee,chaiyok2 daniel!dis is ur final sem...enjoy masa blaja yang terakhir..tehee~unless u nak smbung master lorh^^

  2. thts ryte daniel..
    2010 full of bad n sweet memories..
    hope this yr will btter than b4..
    may God Bless us to be succeed! :)