Monday, May 2, 2011

Merong Mahawangsa Review

Mesti korang tertanya tanya. Mengapa setelah sekian lama baru ku melihat wayang ini..

Ini kerna baru ku tahu, bahwa wayang ini ternyata lebih baik dari movie terbitan yang lain.... haha terpengaruh plak dengan cara bercakap org org dulu kala.

Overall I can say that Merong Mahawangsa is one of the good movies Malaysian has ever made. Maybe not the best but it was a good effort by the Yusri KRU production team. Can be better though..

What I like about this movie was its genre, moving beyond the same old cinta, rempit, and hantu genre. This movie reminds me alot like the Lord of The Rings where there is an epic battle scene. At least we get to see other actors. Not always Farid Kamil and the geng.

However there are some parts that I find just lacking in the movie.

1. You get cut but there is no wound.

This was real obvious in the fighting scene between Marcus the Prince of Rome between Kemawas. Kemawas scratch the body of Marcus. But there is no blood on the body. And if you look closely through the torn shirt, you can see clearly the white smooth skin of Marcus having no sign or wound at all.

Then there was the scene where Merong got trap on a tower. and all the Gerudas men were trying to push the tower down. When Merong fell to the ground he woke up and you can barely see and wounds on the body. It was like he was invinsible. But then when the old man save him. My goodness suddenly he is wounded everywhere. Bandage here bandage there. blood here and there.

The details were lacking.

2. Scene that does not make any sense.

Remember I said Merong was trap on top of a tower. When he was up there. He got connered. And if you hear carefully. The Gerudas shouted "Dia sudah mati, Dia sudah mati" Then proceed to come down one by one. When some of them reach the ground, They started pushing the tower to overthrow it.

My question is.
1. If the Gerudas know that Merong is dead why the heck they still want to push the tower down?

The moment the tower went crumbling down. All of the Gerudas suddenly were dead. Only Merong survive. Huh?! like that also can aaa??

That brings me to my second question

2. How come everybody die just like that? One tower came crumbbling down, the next moment every body die already. So funny one!

3. Obviously that is not the same person acting.

Again back to the fighting scene between Marcus and Kemawas. When the camera was shooting only the image of the back of the two men. I know for sure the men fighting were stunt mens. Why?? Cause...if you observe closely, Kemawas was skinny. But when the scene came to the two men Figthing. Kemawas suddenly gain weigth. Jadi berisi already. Then got some parts the face of the stunt man gave out his true identity. Marcus'ws stuntman was not that obvious. But again if observe close enough you can see two different men.

It was movie that I may watch another time just to have a good laugh on the funny, ridiculous scene. Maybe when tv3 decide to air the show. I  may give it another go. But to pay RM 10 maybe RM 8 for this movie...My verdict ok Malaysian Movie Ma. Patriotic bit.

To buy this movie on DVD....hmmm have to no need think la worth it. Download...? ok la.! hahaha.

One more. the Gerudas and the people of Langkasuka look like malnourish people.  So skinny one. But then again Malaysian memang kecil what.  Some where in the movie I thougth the Gerudas were monkeys hahaha.

Movie Rating 6/10


  1. haish,nampaknye alin je la yg xtengok movie ni lagi.hu3

  2. big lol at the nonsense tiba2 mati scene. hahahahah

    btw, u observed well.^^

  3. brilliant insights. I had the same thought about this movie. Especially the fighting scenes.