Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love is In the Air (Hafiz & Nelly)

Hello hello. It's been quite some time I was missing. (Anybody miss me) hahaha

A quick update on life. Currently looking for a job. Already got 2 job offer. One pending in request. Hopefully I will get an answer by this week.

Passing time by going for aerobics with uncle and aunties. Saving that story for another time. =)

This post is going to be about the new friends I made last month. To be exact on the 4/6/2011 (that is what the date in the picture says =P). I was fortunate enough to know them. Hafiz and Nelly. A very cute, spontaneous and friendly couple. They made me feel very comfortable shooting them. There wasn't any awkward moment. I had lots of fun. Hope they did too.

They are going to have their wedding soon. I think it's in August (correct me if I am wrong) Wonder if I will be invited haha. =p.

Anyways, they wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot in Melaka. A friend of theirs was supposed to shoot them but did not turn up the last minute. So it was my chance to shoot them ahaha.

Like the saying goes;
"Everything happens for a reason"

Because of that, I met this two wonderful individuals. To Hafiz and Nelly "Semoga jodoh kekal ke akhir hayat" "Semoga beranak cucu cicit yang ramai" =)

When you do drop by in Melaka give me a call. I would like to shoot both of you again. hahaha.

Supposedly wanted to post some photos in this entry but I will post it in the next one. Stay tune!

Ps: this post was supposed to due in June, but I just wanted to shared some great moments here.


  1. Daniel! nice to know u too!!!
    Yes, we enjoyed the shoot so much, you were such a friendly person, we feel like we've known you for long time already, in fact we just met in few minutes that time hehehe...

    Thousand thanks to you...
    Now I feel like I wanted to change my wedding concept from Moroccan to Batik theme. Thinking of printing the Melaka pic in LARGE size for display at dewan hehe...

    Hey, waiting for the aerobic story, sounds interesting D

  2. It was great getting to know you guys. Come again to melaka. And we will have more fun hahaha

  3. sure sure we will!
    and one thing, dont crop people's foot when you take their pics... im dying to edit and to get my foot back, hehe...