Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rasuk (review)

Hello hello. Its time for another movie review. This time is another horror genre by local director Baldev.

Before I begin. Just a lil sinopsis to sum up the entire move. Usually I don't review on the sinopsis. But  why this time? Well because the story plot is simple and short. Here it goes. Those that haven't seen the movie, you would not mind a lil spoiler.

The movie was about the vengence of a Hantu Jepun towards this girl Melati. Apparently this Hantu Jepun was a soldier that was killed by Melati. Feeling not happy over his death he decided to haunt a sword. Unveiling the sword means releasing this hantu to the world. Want to know the rest of the story and ending. Then head on to you nearest cinema.

That should sum it up. haha,

For me this movie lack the plot, the story line. Unlike the movie where maya karin was the main actress. (suddenly I forgot the movie's name...pontianak something if not mistaken)

For those who just want to be scared then this will probably satisfy the need.

Some of the scenes where Melati was possessed by the Japanese Demon, reminded me a lot of The exorcism of Emily Rose ( the old version).

The movie relies heavily on the sound effect. You know basic horror movie. The part where Melati was possessed was a job well done. I felt kinda scared seeing the Melati possessed version for the first time. Boleh dikatakan menjadi la. Menakut kan aku ini. haha

There is a reason why I "hand pick" which Malaysian movies to watch. Not every movie interest me.

The reason is

1. The sound coming out from the actors mouth don't match
This is one problem I always see in Malaysian made movies. For those who often watch will know what I mean if you review each movie closely. The audio seems very artificial. Its like they acted and after that they go back to the studio to do the sound. For instance in this movie when the Melati's Mother inlaw came to visit, she sat in the living room and unzip her bag. If you observed carefully you can see that the zip goes open first then only comes the sound.

There are other scene where suddenly you can hear two different audio quality. The scene where Melati's Mother recite the verses from the Quran. For that reason I seldom watch Malaysian film unless I think its worth while. Sound so plasticky. Macam di buat buat...Watch the movie and you will know what I mean.

Now continuing with the review.

I find the plot some what strange and a lil funny.


Reason: The fact that it was all along a Japanese Ghost is funny. The Ghost was Japanese. Takut pula to the Quran. I taught Japan Ghost, American Ghost all different one. Boleh Pula the ghost be chased out of Melati's body by reciting verses from the Quran. This made me think that actually there is only one God but many Beliefs....Don't want to comment much. Pendek Kata Hantu Jepun faham bahasa Melayu.

Secondly, Why do things that people don't want others to find can so easily be found. Like the sword that held the Japanese Ghost was just burried a few inches from the ground.

Then there was another scene where Melati's husband follow her to the jungle. He cross the same bridge where he did his film making. The reason why I brought this up was because earlier it seems like the bridge was located very far from the house. Dia mula mula bawak kereta balik rumah. Tapi bila ikut hantu itu jalan kaki dah sampai...tak masuk akal betul...(for those who don't get what I mean go watch the movie)

Overall  Rasuk will scare you. But some of the scene, actually should be scary but turn out funny.

You can go watch this movie if you have watch all the movies in the cinema but only left this movie that you haven't watch. In other word Kalau dah tengok semua muvie ada budget lebih baru la pi tengok.

Why I watch it...Becauce terpengaruh oleh review kat surat khabar.

Visual 7/10
Audio 6/10
Scariness 8/10

Overall 2.5/5 stars.

I google for a pic and a picture of this guy was all over

This is the real one

Scarry huh...


  1. oo..nasib i x pegi tngokkk..rugi aa..tgu keluar d TV ja mesti x lama lagi ni movie akan keluar d Movie=D

  2. Flat 3A lagi best. Rasuk is utter crap. Also, the scene where Melati was brought to see the doctor, what the hell is wrong with the doctor? Asyik saja ketawa.