Thursday, November 11, 2010

99 x 5 = 495. Correct ?

I went to see my Academic Supervisor today.

He asked me what is Critical Thinking?

I answered him with my own version of answer.

He then gave me this mathematical question. How much is 99 x 5?

I answer 495. He asked me, how did I get the answer. I answer. I times the equation one by one. 9 x 5, 45 balance 4 bring it up on 9. and 9 x 5, 45 plus 4, 49. ( this was what I learnt in school). so in the end I got 495.

He said, that is the normal way of doing things. That is not critical thinking.

I paused...Are there any other ways to get the answer....

I cannot answer him.

He then said why I don't give you 82, 53, 37...Why did I used 99...

Again I paused I can't answer him...

I went back. Google the meaning of critical thinking. Google for different ways to get the answer of 99 x 5...but I still cannot get why he use 99 instead of other number?

I start to think. maybe if I was alert enough I would have used 500 - 5. Since 100 x 5 = 500. 99 x 5 = 500 - 5 = 495.

Is this the answer that my academic supervisor was looking for?

Does critical thinking means finding other ways, approach of doing something?

Any body has a clue?

Please help...


  1. Thanks daniel for ur comment.owh, for this time..tak sure macamne and ape yang dia nak.confius2..lau i pun da pk mcm as u are. criticalnya thinking~~:P

    how was ur exam?

  2. bloodytiramisu.confused.hahaNovember 11, 2010 at 6:46 AM

    For my opinion, your supervisor objective is not to find a correct answer but he wants to know the process of getting to the conclusion rather than maths.

    there are many types of critical thinking because there are many fields in our daily study.
    I also get confused sometimes.

    How much is 99 x 5?
    well to put it this way, there are probability that 495 isnt the ans because, we can argue that statement.

    let me give you an example. my matrix physics lecturer asked our class: why do chicken cross the road?*I think you've heard this before*

    we all have the same ans. the chicken cross because it wanted to cross.
    then he said, because the chicken follows Newton's Law.
    object at rest remain at rest unless it an external force is applied to. so here the chicken, 1st remains at rest because it's thinking either wanna cross or not.because we are not sure why.

    so every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. the chicken then decides to cross the road due to external force weather it is running from something, or there is food cross the road or etc.

    we can go on and on based on our creativity and logic. but for your case, maybe the first reaction he was expecting like
    the ans is 495 if we expect that 99 isnt changing with respect to time,distance or etc. if 99 is changing with respect to distance let say, then we have to take the integral from 0 to 99 and take limit from 0 to 5..or something like that.

    but overall, I think he wants you to be creative~

    another interesting q is either hell is hot or cold? for normal people, they will say its hot.
    but, I found this on the net.*just for fun*

    you can read it here:)
    p/s:nway, after all this discussion, i'm confused.hahahhaha
    at my place, some of the lecturer wouldnt want to check the final answer(on exam).they wants us to show the various eventhough ur ans is wrong, but the work method is ok, u still ok.

    hope it helps~

  3. Sachi: Prof Anwar nyer soalan. arghhhh!! hahaha. Exam was ok. tough... so to speak. when is your last exam?

  4. Bloodytiramisu: Thank you for sharing your point of view. I agree on what you said about the process matters more then the result. We mature from experience rite =)

  5. this 14th.hey, you tak balik melaka?

  6. I am going back tomorrow. on the 13. hope there are still tickets left. =)

  7. this is cool!!!! addmaths physics the world, wow!