Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everything Happens for A Reason

I lost my Ic. oh damn.. how could I be so careless.

Actually maybe I left it at the celcom branch. Cuz they took my Ic to get it photostated, but due to my carelessness I forgot did the guy gave me back my Ic? Damn!

Only realised it awhile ago, when I wanted to check my broadband account.

Luckly my fren asked me out for a movie (Skyline). And luckly he said he wanted to buy something before we went in the cinema. And luckly for me, I pass by a celcom shop. And luckly at that moment I wanted to check my account. And luckly the salesperson wanted to see my Ic.

A chain reaction that created the end result. Oh my my....

Hope they have my Ic with them..

Everything happens for a reason.

If they don't have it.

I will take this as a lesson to be more carefull next time. To be more alert..

Peace out..


  1. be more carefull next time.

    skyline ? xbest sgt lah!

  2. ada reason knapa aku slalu mng main royal.. hahaha