Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you Believe in What you Believe

Are we Religion By Birth?

Do we Practice what we are Taught to Believe?

Are we all God Fearing?

Do we Believe in what we Believe?

Are we going to stand by our Religion when the time comes?

Are we just accepting what our parents Believe in?

Or are we living in the Real Meaning Of the religion that we are Taught to Believe in?

Ponder about it...


  1. :Yes, I am religion by birth,
    : sy solat and pakai tudung start form 5 and sy tau itu lambat..and sometimes, I didnt practice what we are taught to believe
    :sometimes, bila sy buat dosa, sy tau tuhan tgk sy tp sy buat bodo :(
    :I hope i have the guts to defend my religion when the time comes
    :in searching for real God, I once read bible too. but i stick to Quran
    :I slacked off many times, BUT I'm TRyiNg to fulfill my duties..

    ...........this brngs back old memories when I'm in confusion

  2. arlyn: that's great for you

    bloodytiramisu:God will always hear us. We just need to open up and talk to Him.
    Its good you are practicing what you we taught to believe in.

    Wish you well. =)