Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am just not into you

Simple Signs A Guy shows when he is not interested in you

1. When you message, he replies late and give all sort of excuses like he just top up his phone, din't notice you message because it was silent, he was busy doing something.

Believe me. If he was interested, He would be waiting, anticipating messages from you all the time. Even when he sleep, showers, or is doing something important, he will always make sure when you message, he replies as quickly as possible.

2. When he does not message you often, despite you having message him almost all the time.

Isn't that clear?

3. When you ask him out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for just makan makan, he refuses and says, I ate already, I have a date already. I got work to do, I need to see my lecturer at this time.

If he were interested. Believe me, he would put everything on hold just to be with you, spend his time with you. Even if it means passing his deadline to submit his assignment.

4. There is no random messages, like: What are you doing? Busy? Asleep already? Want to have lunch?

If he likes you, he would want to have conversation with you all the time.

5. No eye contact. It's either he is very shy. or he is just not interested in what you have to say. He is not focus and everytime you talk he just look else where.

6. He rather stay in his room watching series then to go out with you.

All of the above are just my personal opinion. It maybe also signs that he is cheating on you.

What ever it is. Be sincere, and truthful to one another.

Peace out!


  1. ok,i'l live him now!hahaha..
    pakwe pn xde..

  2. vice versa the stories.

    simple signs a girl shows when she's not interested in you.

    oh,da banyak sign diberi.tak tau ape kekuatan dat guy in keep ignoring my warning.huhu.

    can i shout in ere??

    "Hey, i am just not into you!" :P

    thanks daniel.