Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Bye Umk. Till We Meet Again!

Will be leaving UMK in approximately 12 hours time.

Going back home. My home Sweet home!

Sem 7 officially over!

To all SBS 4 see you all in a months time.

And soon it will be all over.

I hate to say this...But I am going to actually miss UMK, Kelantan, The Friends I made for the Whole 4 years.

Life in UMK has not always been good. But It has certainly become My second Home!

Enjoy the pictures below:

"We may Grow old with time, But the memories will never fade"

Kali Pertama Buat Kerja Amal Sama-Sama (waduh, rindu seh!)

First outing (sebenarnye utk subject biodiversity, but end up having fun)

masa mude mude. canguk seh!

Sambut Majlis perpisahan Lecturer sama-sama (Dr Hisham! We miss you!!)

Gi melancong sama-sama (Penang Tuh!)
Buat Lab Work yg Bukan Mcm Lab work

Raye Sama-Sama

Gi Cameron Sama Sama! Baju Hijau Fasa tuh! Bangga Seh!

Jadi Model Jap!

I ll Carry the memories to where ever I go

Life is Full of Wonders.

The people you meet.

The people you share you life with.

Will always be remembered.

As, at one part of our lives they were present together with us.

Living their life in our presences..we were part of the history in their life.

For all we know. When we meet again in 10 years time..

He/She might say "Itu la kawan atuk masa kat U dulu"

Peace out


  1. ur entry sounds like u oredi in the last sem..huhu...sedihnye bile senior d fkps dah hbs...

  2. "Itu la kawan atuk masa kat U dulu"


  3. ehehe..cepat btul masa berlalu.since year 1,takde perubahan rupanya saya.haha

  4. gambar aku botak ada. yeah~!! haha