Monday, November 1, 2010

My Babies!

Should be studying right now, but took some time out to look at some old picture.
And look what I found. My babies. Transformers there is more then Meets the eyes. Has been a huge fan of transformers since G1 generation. Been collecting ever since the real life action movie by michael bay. That was th trigger for me to start my collection.

But mum always nag. "You still small kid aaa? Play with toy"
This is not a toy mum. Its a collectible! There is more then meets the eyes.
Sambil mengtransformkan kete menjadi robot. Bangga sekejap di depan mak ku ahahaha.

Layan poto poto ini.

Autobots & Decepticons Join forces!


  1. uish...! brani sungguh kamu mempertikaikan kesahihah nyer. I ada kotak nyer siap cop ori lagi. Semua orginal. Yeza!!!!

  2. Whoa~ Best gila ada collection mcm nih! Terbaek lah! ;)

  3. izzaty: trimas trimas.! nak tambah koleksi lagi

  4. I once worked at toy store and everytime when the new figure arrived the collectors--mcm kena rasuk hantu! bapak-bapak org pun mcm tu jugak!haha!

  5. bloodytiramisu: that just what we love. Even when we are grown up man. You can't separate us away from our toys.

    Kecik2 tak der duit nak beli.
    Dah besar treat is as hobby. Some how it helps us remember our child hood.

    ps:when I was younger I wish I had 1 million so that I can buy all the dragon ballz toys!


    (in the background: Oi!! beli lagi !! banyak duit kah: Mak Gua Bising)

  6. brutal solo:thanks. Kamu ada koleksi apa pulak?

  7. ahahaa...this is the one you told me when we're in the burger's stall ayte?wow, these are your babies. time entri pin tin minuman pulak jd you babies. u go daniel!:) chill out. my name is sachi.ahahaha~

    p/s:baru tau yang u ni tak sombong.haha.

  8. Heloooooo Sachi. Yep these are my babies. Main Transform transform pun best hahaha.

    I, kalau tak kenal maka tak tau ma. haha. It was a nice chat that day. =)

    My name is Da Niel

    Nice to meet you Sachi!
    (Padahal dah lama kenal, cume tak pernah berbual face to face) =P