Sunday, November 14, 2010

Misteri 99 x 5. Akhirnya Selesai!

Yahoo. Hari ini gua email Prof gua berkaitan dgn soalan 99 x 5 tu. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, clik sini.

And Guess what! =) Betul la . Dia mau tunjukkan bahawa there are different ways to get an answer. There are different ways to solve something.

99 x 5 = 100 x 5 -5 = 55 x 9 = 495. The answer is not important. but the process of getting the answer is. just like what bloodytiramisu wrote.

This is what I wrote to my Prof:


Regarding to the question you gave me on what is 99 x 5, I gave the answer as 495. And you asked me how I got the answer. I told you my method and you said that it is not critical thinking.

So I went back, taught about your question. And came up with a conclusion. Was it you wanted show me that critical thinking is actually about doing the same thing differently.

Meaning finding other approches, other alternative to do one thing?

Like the question you gave me. 99 x 5 = 100 x 5 - 5 = 55 x 9 = 495. Here, we can see that there are many ways of getting the answer. Was this what you were trying to teach me? Is this the critical thinking you have in mind?

Daniel Teng.

And this was his reply:

That's it Daniel. We have to think differently - outside the box in this case.


(short and simple answer beliau. Datuk tuh! hahaha!)
Peace out! 


  1. Gud.Gud.Glad to hear that.ape2 formula or tricks nnt inform yah!

  2. xtnya prof balik ke? kdg2 nama disease pun kna think out of box jugak prof...