Sunday, March 20, 2011

GooD Service VS Bad Service

In my opinion there are only two types of services. the bad and the good. But often in time we encouter the not so good.

Here is the list of excuses people give when they haven't done shit about what we ask or just don't give a damn about what we ask for help in the first place.

1. System down-Get this excuse very often when we want to renew license, pay summons, buy amanah saham. No back up kah?? See depend to much on technology. once down.. horray! no need work! sometimes take more then a day to rectify the so called system down. And the worst part is. Its easy just to give the excuse and people will just go away. Horray!!! Again no need work!

2. Orang incharge cuti-wth!?? means everywork in the department depend on one guy?? then the rest 20 people in the office do what?? So one guy goes on leave mean horrray!!! no need do any work! Be efficient for goodness sake. Know something about your work please! Happen in Government department always!

3. Belum sampai lagi- Get this alot when want to go claim package or letter in the universiti. Damn! ask them check, they say wait tomorrow. Damn lazy ass.

4 Waktu pejabat habis-this one always happen in government department. The clock shows 4.50. They guy behind counter already getting ready to go back.

Working in Malaysia very easy. Especially government servant.

8.00 am punch in.
8.30-9.00 am go breakfast.
10.00 am minum pagi.
12.00-1.00pm lunch
3.00 pm minum petang
5.00 go back home.

and when they decide to take a break. it's not 10 - 15 min. its the whole farrrking hour and sometimes even more.

Malaysia boleh! In Boleh land ! Kita boleh rehat lama2! Kerja skit skit!

Of course not everybody is like that. but wth.....


  1. huhuh...selalu jgk terkena with this lame excuses from unresponsible person especially with rehat lame2 tu...waktu rehat suppose to habes an hour call2 no one pick up...truk kn...saba je la...

  2. hahaha. malaysian service. Masa rehat diutamakan . Staff di dahulukan..