Thursday, March 10, 2011

United We Stand Divided We fall....

I think the U is full of tut......

As the saying goes united we stand divided we fall..

Since some stupid idiot student decided to go smoke at the stairway and didn't bother to clean up his mess. Now the U is coming up with the best known solution that...the next time they find another ciggarate bud. They are going to summon the whole aras. WTH.

My suggestion:

1. Saman the whole blady block la. WTH. Lets say...just imagine if some guy from the top floor decided to go smoke at the first floor ...and he throws his shit there. Because of his intelect to not smoke at his floor, he made all those in the second floor got summon. WTH

2. If you want to prevent student from smoking. Educate them since young. Here, at home bapak pun dah merokok. ni dah besar panjang . you think they want to quit??! and.....even the staff themselves smoke in the compound of the how you going to say stop smoking! blady WTH!

3. Conduct spot check. Well you read corrrectly. Ya . if we so called U student act like small children . I say lets treat them like one.

4. The student themselves must be aware. Report to the so called Higher Authority.. but then again is there any use???

The last time some one made a mess they blame the whole aras. Padahal if they really look at the mess it was made by one particular group of student from one particular faculty. conduct Interogate that group and you will find the culprit....but noooooooo. Malas punya pasal...(both the dumbass that did not want to clean his shit...and the U management) they decided that it was best to summon the whole floor. Because its One for all! and All for one!

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