Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour! Safe time to Ehem ehem?

What is Earth Hour to our understanding. To me, what I understand is switch off all lights and electrical appliances for one whole hour and that will help reduce global warming. The one whole hour is for the Earth to rest. It's Earth only chance to get a rest from all that spotlight of heat and radiation we human give to it.

For me I am not sure whether all the hype about saving Earth is true or not. But hey, why not give it a try. If there is a slim chance of prolonging the life of the Earth for the future generation, for our children. Why not do it.

What the heck, it's just living without our so called "needs" for an hour. Like that also cannot do ka?

But there are also people that are against Earth hour. Saying that when there is a hype of celebration of Earth Hour, we travel to get to a place, cause more congestion, more emmission of CO2, CO gasses. Thus causing more harm.

I say the best way to celebrate earth hour is to gather with family and friend have a nice dinner under the candle light at home. But limit to only one candle la. Later cause more global warming pulak.

If you have kids its a good time to tell them some bed time stories.

If you are married its the best time to ehem ehem!. If you know what I mean. Safer ma. No need scared some peeping tom came record ur moment and show it to the whole world like the infamous Datuk Trio.

What ever its is, I can see now people are more concern, more aware of what they do to nature.

Remember to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic bags if possible. If you buy pen, tak kan want to put in plastic bag kot. Put in poket ma.

My uni was not left out in the celebration too. Actually this is the first time, the students took the initiative to raise awarness of the community. Hope this tradition goes on in future.

A few shots of photo taken during the Earth Hour celebration in UMK 2011.

Before Earth Hour

During Earth Hour

Guna tanglung tin aluminium untuk menerangi jalan yang sudah gelap
Show some love to the Earth yo!

Se you all again next year!
Happy Birthday Earth!
ps: why call Earth Hour Celebration. Answer, Easy ma! Every one get together happy happy, enjoy enjoy, at the same time save the earth ma! What la you!

See ya!