Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wrong Turn...Kasi U Turn la...

Haha. Apabila kita meng"translate" kan sesuatu dari bahasa Inggeris ke bahasa Melayu..begini la bunyi nya.

Baru jer habis tengok cite Wrong Turn 3: Left for dead.

Just like the two previous movie Wrong turn kali ini memaparkan kisah yg sama. Orang Mutan Kanibal yg prey on human for food.
Kalau kita perasan semua filem horor cheap flix akan banyak menggunakan babak babak gore, bloody dan gruesome untuk menarik minat penonton. For me wrong turn is just another cheap horror filem made by another white guy who just love to see the Ewwww faces the audience shows.

Jalan cerita yg ok. tak berapa mendebarkan. Cuz some of the scene are just down right predictable. You can just guess in an instance what is going to happen next in the story. Whether its dying by an axe, an arrow, or a trap. you just know in your guts, that what ever you had in mind is going to happen in this scene. 

And one more thing. Dalam filem horror mcm ni. Selalu ada gadis yg tak tau mana akan muncul just to spice up the film. And acting was bad. The girl for example coudldnt deliver the fear factor. Watching her scream..cry...was like uh..duh..are you really scared or are you just faking it. And there are times when the girl acts tough like fearless when encountering convict. But when the mutant man eater come she acts all scared. Mcm dibuat. Dealing with killer rapist convict who is going to rape you any moment and kill you after he is done is more terrifying or running from a mutant canibalist.

Then, another thing about horror film. Watak utama akan seemingly like killed the blady mutant bastard but then he does not give a second blow just to make sure the monster is dead. My.... if it were me. I will will blady pump a few more rounds of shot just to make sure the thing is dead.  My sure the bastard few more times in the head heart just to make sure!

Another way to know that the story is not going to have an ending is at the end of the movie. Ironic isnt it.  Sure.. and I mean for sure..100% there will be another man eating canibal.The same goes for other horror flick. They just don't end. But if they do.. then they can't do another sequal couldn't they.

Overall it was a fair movie to watch nothing that make movie goers go WOW! that was a great movie. It was ok to pass time. Just to see some head, brain get chop off. Watch it with you girlfren and they will go all aaaa!!! ewwww!! and hugging you all nite. Isn't that a fair trade? Wink! =)

Boobie pada awal movie
Mutant kanibal yg punya anak dan kadang2 agak gersang

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  1. hmm.okey review.especially d last para.

  2. Dah tengok ceta ni.

    Ceta best, tapi banyak scene macam mutan gersang tu tak perlu la. Mengarut je.

    Pas tu bini mutan belasah suami dia sebab cemburu. bodow punya scene.