Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Essential Things for a Student...Really?

Here is a check list of the essential item that a student must have.

No 1 on the list: Handphone!
Sekarang budak sekolah pun dah ada Iphone sebijik. Paling Cikai pun Hanphone Touch Screen. Tak main ah handphone 3310


This nokia 3310 was the first ever phone I used. Got it only after I finished my SPM. Now budak budak primary school pun dah ada handphone sebijik. Alasannya??senang nak contact Ibu Bapa. Safety reason...oooo gitu...

No 2 : Laptop, Notebook, Ipads

 Lagi bagus, Lagi Stylo kalau dapat Ipad. Tapi kalau dapat note pad pun kira ok gak. Alasan. nak surf internet cari maklumat untuk assigment. Apa jadah baca buku kat library. Layari je internet! Boleh tau perkembangan semasa. (Cth: Apa jadi kepada miyabi masa tsunami di Jepun)

No 3 : Facebook Account

Kita kena hype bro! Kena ada Facebook account, Kena twit twit. bagi org tau status kita. Facebook ni sebenarnya baik bro! Org leh tau apa kita buat, leh share photo. pastu leh tekan like. best nyer!!!

Bagi aku, yg pernah satu ketika dulu bergelumang dalam facebook, just feel its a waste of time. We spend hours, browsing through other people's statuses, clicking like. and commenting on them. Imagine for the whole 3 hours or more sitting on the monitor making friends througth the screen. Some have 1000 friends to boast about. But in reality you don't even know who these people are. Ironic. Then some go the step further creating hate groups just because they don't like a person. 

Not saying it is bad. Even our prime minister has a face book to stay ahead of time

No 4 : Car, Motor
Alasan easy to get around.
If we think about it. All these item are not from our own money, They come from the hard earn money of our parents. Think of it, Dulu our parents tak ada pun semua ini, But they manage to survive. Even put food on the table for us. 

We are now a pampered bunch of generation. Everything is given, spoon fed to us. Making us becoming lazy and taking things for granted.....Little that we know, our parents work hard for the money...

I am not good my self. I get carried away sometimes in spending. But just remember to repay our parents back when we succeed.

Thats life...


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