Thursday, March 31, 2011

What else now??

I mean what the heck. Look like the "Banning Craze" is getting more crazier!

First it was the ban of the use of ALLAH in Bible.

Now they want to ban POCO POCO. 

All because some guy. One guy claims that:

"Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria had recently announced that the “poco-poco” dance would be banned, describing it as haram to Muslims as it contained elements of Christianity as well as spirit worship."

What the heck??!! Elements of Christianity??

Where do they come up with shits like that??

Crazy world.

Read the full story here


  1. agama elemen sensitif.. jgn dibincang secara terbuka sngat andai tiada fakta. lgpun hnya mufti perak yang state bnda tu.. mufti lain masih dlm pebincangan.. mcm kelantan, dia akan ikut majlis fatwa kebangsaan..


    try bca snie

  3. I dunno bout this...depends on your niat actually..if you have strong faith, why bother other things?

    when this kind of things happened, they all rage up..why didn't bother to do research from long long ago?
    why now?

    all the couples kissing, kissing, cuddling, cuddling, touching, touching in public places tak nak pulak tangkap gambar make headlights ckp haram haram haram besar- besar, take all the muftis and ronda-ronda KL ckp haram haram haram

    sorry..I'm emo tonite