Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can You Take The Heat?

I noticed that many people are not very positive when it come to hearing/receiving critisim.

And most importantly we are a group of people that perceive people asking question a nuisance. Try to create problem. Come on we have to face it. Not every one is ur fren and they are going to come to you and say nice things about you. The world is a cruel place...but yet if you have the right attitude, the right company. you will do well. 

For me I am one of those, who depends on my mood and the person giving the crtisism.

Not every critisism when given is received with open hands by me. (Come on my heart is not made of stone, I still feel hurt when people critisized me)

Sometimes I may just accept the critisism with a smile and not have hurt feelings (like I said it depends actually).

That just narrows down to what type of critisism.

Constructive or destructive.

For me there are a few type of people who ask question

The first is they sincerely want to know something because they don't have knowledge.

The second is to ask question because they are telling us something. Trying to help us learn.

The third is to ask question so that you will be in trouble. (but for me, this type of person, I perceive as the one that will tell us that we don't know that much)

Actually I am kinda write on..

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