Saturday, October 30, 2010

StartUp Week End, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. What do they have in Common?

Minggu Startup, Where Ideas Are Born. Merupakan Satu Pendekatan Kearah Menjadi Seorg Usahawan/ Entreprenuer.

Key Lesson learnt during this startup Weekend Program are:

Taking the First Step-You might have a multimillion idea/solution/business model in your head. That idea is not going to do much for you, unless you take the first step in communicating that idea to people. That brings us to the second key lesson which is

Communicating your Idea, Put  It in Paper- The best way to validate and idea is to tell people the idea. Have it go through a proof of concept. Writing out the idea on paper enables peeple, like your peers, potential investors, mentors, understand and may be able to give you feed backs for that idea.

Its not about the Idea, but the People- Having a team of people who has different sets of skill will help build a strong team. Most Venture suceed is because they have a team of people with different sets of disicipline and are complementing each other. Three heads is better than one.

Start up Week is like no ordinary classroom tutorials where you learnt the basic of being an entreprenuer from text books. The program take the participant on a journey where they are required to take that first step in communicating their idea.

For more info about startup week end go to here. or here

Or you can add the director of Startup Weekend himself, Mr Marc Nager in Facebook and ask him about startup weekend your self.

Look Beyond the Present and Into the Future (Me, Marc)
Participants pitching their ideas
From Left: Director Startup Marc Nager, Peter (Microsoft), Prof Dato Zainai (Vice Chansellor UMK), Dash (Director Warisan Global)
The Entreprenuerial University!
Promo: Universiti Malaysia Kelantan The First Ever Entreprenuerial University In Malaysia! Proud to be One of The Pioneers! Will be the one of the first Graduate of this university among 200 plus students.

Pray for our success yo!

Peace out!

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