Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Tidak Apa" Attitude

I woke up with a shock today. And this is what I mean. WTF!

surat saman
Damn!? If you can see at the pic. It is written there, jenis kesalahan: mengotorkan aras blok 1. Damn! Apparently some Idiot after doing his art work, decided to just leave his trash for the some one to clean it up. Damn! I should have taken a pic of this idiot's trash. And not only his action menyusahkan the mak cik cleaner. His dumb action got the entire floor of student kena saman ekor. I think this must be the feeling of saman ekor. (We don't know what we did wrong. Hell! I didn't even do it!) damn Idiot!

This brings me to the Tidak Apa attitude most of us Malaysian have. (including myself)

When some one throws rubbish out of his/her car.
Tak apa la. Akan dibawa angin. Majlis bandarayakan ada.

When some one decides to just leave what ever left over they had after a picnic.
Tak apa la. Org lain akan bersihkan.

When some one decide to just leave the water running for no reason.
Tak apa la. Bukan saya bayar pun.

When some one decide that its ok to double park.
Tak apa la. Kejap jer.

When some decide to not pay his loan (any loan)
Tak apa la. Bukan nye mereka claim pun.

When some one decide its ok to take something that does not belong to them.
Tak apa la. Bukan nyer mereka tau pun.

And many more tidak apa attitude!

Then I say damn you!
What happen if that rubbish ends up causing an accident? Are you going to pay for that lost life?

What happens if the rubbish you left behind attracts rats. This shit has happen. and if I am correct it cause the late Din Beramboi his life. F! Die because some idiot think its ok to leave his/her rubbish for other people to clean up.

What happen when suddenly there is no water? A fire or emergency (like you need to poo). Then who do you want to blame? The government? The syarikat air? Damn you ! They already provided the necessity for us.. (Read New Sunday Straits Time, 3.10.10: Malaysia uses the most water. and are unlikely to reduce its usage)

What happens if some one is in emergency and your car is blocking their path. What happen when that same shit happens to you?

What happens when the government decides they will not give out anymore loan, because the country is going bankrupt because the defaulter does not want to pay up. Then what is going to happen to those that cannot afford a higher education.

What happen when people starts treating stealing as a norm of life.

Here I can conclude that Malaysian are a pampered lot, bunch of senseless, ignorant beings. As long as it does not disturb my life, what do I care.

I, you, she, he, We are not perfect. But just implant in ourselves the sense of respect, responsible in our daily life would make a huge difference!

Think about it.

And because of some one's tidak apa attitude. I might be ending up RM 50 poorer. (but hell I am not going to pay. Do what ever you want. I din't do it. And I am not going to pay!)

End of story
Peace out!


  1. fucker punya pengurusan.. benda nie psang surut. aku respek klau dia konsisten, tp tgk r apa jadi pasnie.. dia saman bila dia nak saman. Kalau dia malas org buat salah depan mata pun x endah. Aku masuk lewat dlu pernah didenda, tp skrg? bertambun2 org msuk lewat x endah pun. Thats wat i call - fucker!! Menyusahkan

  2. our aras was about to kena saman also on that day. thx god ada yang ngaku. umk sucks on that way! stupid..suma nak kena betanggungjawab konon,hotak dorang! nak saman pun saman dak ftkw je, kompon akan ada yang ngaku.pastu dah kumpol duit banyak2 hujung2 sem budak2 dah kering ni kan, kita masih banyak kekurangan....haizzz...oh..i loveee umk..~~"