Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you

It took me awhile before I decided to post this entry..

Even when I finish typing the words down..

I am not sure whether should I click the post button..

I will forever keep that message you sent to me..

I will remember every word in it..

Cuz that will be the reminder of how you hurt my heart over and over again.

You know there is no need for you to send that message to me..

It just make me feel like I am the one that going afer you..When you know that my intentions is only to care and be there when you NEED me.

I just give out a small laugh when you said you would consider me as the option. Well guess what. I am not your alternative. I am not something that you want you come. You feel you don't want you leave. Sorry.

If I am Just that OPTION you mentioned. Please..stop... you are not going to get that option.

I promised my self that I won't mentioned you back in my blog..

But here I am breaking my own promise..Like you breaking my heart over and over again.

Sorry to say, but I feel lot better now..that I know You are losing one great guy here.. And please don't perasan that I am talking about That "Ediot"

You will never get that chance to know how much you mean to me.

Thank Yourself. For All the things you said and done.

And Thank you. for Loving me once...

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