Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We can't Please Everybody

You know it's hard to make everybody happy.

In life there must be people that aren't happy with the decision we make.

Some might agree. But some might not..

Like a saying :Its not that I don like what you say"'s just that "I agree to disagree."

But we human tends to want to please everybody.

Human wants to be Appreciated, Loved, and Feel being Accepted.

We want everyone to like us. (For some people)

We cannot please everybody.

It not that easy you know to kill two birds with one stone.

A friend once said to me:

"You will never get want you want. You will only get what you bargain for"

Which I think is very applicable in our life.

Wanting something and taking action or getting up to get what you want is more important.

In life We have to be realistic. This is not a fantasy.

We planned our future. But the Lord will set our step.

Something quoted from a friend.

Last words...

Just be yourself...

There are people that really care for you out there. Appreciate them. Cuz once they are gone. There is no use crying over spilled milk...

Hahaha.I don't know if this counts as a negative or positive post. There you have it. An example of me wanting to please people.

Peace out!

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