Sunday, October 3, 2010

KFC.. is it really finger licking GooD?

I was a fan of KFC once upon a time ago. And KFC was the first fast food ever introduced in my life. If my memory serves me rite..I had my taste of the delicious chicken at the age of 7 or 8. And to make KFC special in my life, whenever my family celebrated birthday. We would go to KFC for a bite of that delicious chicken. And I remembered too. My teacher once asked the class, which chicken is the best in town. Majority including me answered KFC. (my teacher said, Kenny Rogers. That time I din't agree. But now...I have to)

The quality of KFC has been deteorating or so to say. Maybe it has some how got to do with the management of the outlet. some KFC outlet I must say really serve great chicken. Clean. And very welcoming.

But as of lately I must say. that McDonalds has out run my favourite KFC. I think the only thing good about KFC is the chicken and cheesey wedges. Other then that...Just look at the pictures and you will know what I mean.

Greasy, pale whittish looking fries
Limp, soft un"erect" fries
The fries basically tasted bland. Look like under cooked (based on colour) More like it needed some "Super Power" (tongkat ali) to boost its erectile dysfunction.

what the heck is this?
The burger my goodness. Only has 2 piece of bread with a I don't know how to describe. A piece of chickent meat (look more like someone cooked it out of boredom..just dip in oil and wallah! you have your chicken meat) A tiny portion of Salad.
And they expect this to be finger licking good. WTH?!! It seems like it was prepared half heartedly.

Using this was supposed to give life!

The chilli sauce tasted...nothing.. was not even spicy enough. Taste like "Lifeless" despite its a Life chilli sauce.

At the end of the day..This is what I got..

Oily finger
I din't even dare to lick my finger..KFC Its not that finger licking good after all.

Peace out!


  1. Dulu KFC guna sos Maggi kalau tak silap.. Sekarang dia tukar pakai Life

  2. kfc lau pkai pencicah cap kipas udang lg sedap

  3. i only love zinger burger and cheesy wedges from KFC :)