Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am Depressed

It took me just a book to tell me I am actually suffering from depression.

Well its not just any book. Its written by Dr Melvyn Lurie " Depression. Your Questions Answered"

So how do I know that I am actually depressed?

For starters I think I am feeling depress (in a depressive mode), But the essential criterion that kinda caught my attention was the disminished in interest in things that were previously of interest to me. And according to this. It is sufficient enough for the diagnosis of a major depressive episode.

Other symptoms that I currently have that strengthen the fact that I am depressed are
i.  decreased in energy (feeling tired and sleepy all time),

ii. change in sleep (I kinda want to sleep with every chance I got. The more I sleep the better I feel. But I think Its just my way of running from reality),

iii. change in appetite (kinda losing weight. food just don't taste nice anymore. I just eat because I feel hungry. And most of the time I don't),

iv. decreased in concentration (this is very true. I am unable to concentrate on things that I do, Even when I do things. It will just be for awhile)

What type if depression am I facing?

My condition is described as adjustment disorder with depressed mood. That is I become suffer from depression in reaction to a stressful event that happened in my life. (to know more just read my reflection entries)

How has depression affect my behaviour?

I like being alone now. I seek solitude. I stay in my room all the time. And in bed sleeping all the time. I feel that nothing is worth it. (this is so true, I am less motivated to pursuer goals, less interactive.

And most of the time when people ask me How's Its going? I just answer. I am ok Macam Biasa.
In the book  the answer is "Same as Ever"

My... all the symptoms are showing that I am depressed. And yes I am admiting to the fact that I am depressed.

I haven't finished reading the book. (cuz I read it half way and I felt sleepy) I hope I can find a cure for my depression.

If any of you reading this...can help me...or have experience depression and has successfully overcome it...

Please help me....I really need the help...I need someone to talk too. That understands what I am going through..

Please help...