Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Be or Not To be Virgin?

Read this on Found that it was intereting to know that

1. For young people these days, it should not be an issue but many still believe in having sex only after marriage.

2. WHAT people do behind closed doors is none of anyone’s business.

3. Younger generation today should not be judged on whether they are virgins or otherwise.

4. Virginity means honouring a promise to God as well as a gift only her husband will receive.

 5. Virginity has lost its relevance as it is no longer a criteria in getting into a relationship or a marriage. 

6. People today should not expect their partners to be virgins.

7. Strongly against double standards in a relationship where “some guy may have sex with multiple partners but expects his future wife to be a virgin”.

8. “Most youngsters nowadays think love means sex. Love is a choice,”

Lets fuck. Cuz we love each other! Bull shit!

9. Many youngsters see sex as a physical act; one that is as common as eating.

Shit! My son knows better than me

10. The physical act stops half an hour later, but consequences last forever,

11. 92% believed sex after marriage is the best choice and signed pledges of abstinence.

12. Youth should hold on to their Values and Belief.

13. “Your friends might make fun of you, but you have the right to say no.”

If that can really happen. Lust can't be stopped

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Peace out!


  1. sexs slepas kawin lagi best.. aku percaya hukum karma- what goes around come around. 10 kali beromen dgn perempuan, x mustahil kita akn dapat isteri yg dah buat sexs 10x.. mybe dgn org yang berbeza. ahh~~~ takut

  2. yes thats true. what goes around comes around