Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is reasonable and what is not?

How do we define that something that we do is reasonable or not,

How do we justify the action that we take,

Many of our action taken today are actions we perceive to be correct by other,

What ever we do now is based on what other people think,

or in our mind we perceive to be reasonably correct by others,

So when a husband leaves a wife for another woman,

Society will see him as the one wrong,

but as a human being he has the right to do so,

morally or ethically he maybe do the wrong thing. 

For me I say f@#ked the system. 

do what you like as long as there is a boundary of what you are doing.

Those reading might say that I am reasonably wrong.

But in this world who does not put themselves first before other, 

We are indeed selfish being whether we realised or not,

But despair not too much in it.

Peace out!

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