Thursday, August 26, 2010


I will never forget the first contact I had with you,

You can't see me, but I can see you,

Remembering that just puts a smile on my face.

Big bear was the name you gave to me,

As time passes we started to call each other darling,

and soon after it became our love name.

Aling aaa, how I wish that every time you call me by that name,

I would learn to treasure you like I treasure my life.

Almost everyday, every minute we would see each other,

We were in separateble,

We would study together,

Eat together, and some times do little naughty things together,


As time passes I recall all those memories.

For those are the memories I created with you,

The memories that brought us together as one,

I don't want those memories to fade away,

nor do I want you to go away,

But all I longed for is to create New Memories,

So that when we are old and weak.

We know that we still have each other side by side,

Reciting those memories over again.

Peace out!


  1. Saya nak komen, tapi saya tak pandai nak komen macam mana.

    Semua karya pasal puisi tu. ahh. Puitis banget yah?

  2. hi asrul amanda.
    thanks for reading. terima kasih ya.

  3. i c ur true colours.n dats y i love u..

  4. It means alot to me for me to see you wrote that.