Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What makes me Tick

What make a person angry? For me I think I get angry most of the times. So what makes me Tick.

1. People talking in the cinema.

I think many of you have come across this situation. You are watching a movie, and this one dipshit idiot guy start to comment on everything the hero is doing.

I remembered once, I was watching Triple X staring Vin Diesel, I think this guy was like a fan of his. Starts to wooo!! wow!!. Stylo la! Hebat la! on every move Vin diesel is taking. And what irritates me is he is talking in this low voice. and is hoping that no body hears him. WTF.

antoo kuning yg satu ketika dulu buat gua takoT!!!
ingt lagi kah pada iklan ini??

2. Don't ask me too many question when I am just awake in the morning.

I don't know why am I am always angry at this time. Maybe I am a vampire that dislike to be distured early in the morning. You can ask me question about 1 hour after I woken up. It just irritates the shit out of me when in the morning you are bombarded with whole lots of question.

3. Don't ask me too many question when I am hungry.

Have you ever gone out to lunch, dinner or just for makan with frens or family. What irritates me is when you ask them whay they want to eat they will say up to you. I sometimes do that too. But hey no body is perfect.
And when you suggest a place, they start to say, "Eh not nice la." Then you ask again "So want to eat what?"

Then they will say "I don't know, Up to you la." Mai so hai!! Dah la org tgh lapar ni! It just boils me inside!

4. People critising.

I know critisism is good. But there are 2 things you don't comment about me. That is my weight and...hahaha I forgot whats the other. But I just don't like it when people comment on my weight! Just keep it to your self next time. But if say you are some one really really close to me. Like my best fren . Then you are entitled to do just that. Even gf or family members are not allowed!

5. People talking real soft/loud.

Mai! if you want to say someting, say it out loud. Don't mumble. And don't shout!

6. People talking like they know shit everything about me.

If you don't know me please keep you opinions to your self. I don't need them.

Well I am hungry, thirsty and tired rite now. So back off.

Peace out!

Ps: Don't nag. If i want to hear you nag. I would have paid you for it!


  1. comment about weight..ermm, am i allowed to? muahahaha~

  2. keeping those things in mind.