Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When we mentioned the word privacy. What does it exactly mean. Does the word privacy mean anything.

Well if we look in Facebook for example. There is this setting called the "privacy setting" With this you can share what ever is private to you from the viewing of others.

But some how or rather when it come to respecting others privacy. We human tend to.. how to put it..ermmm
tend to try to un Private the private thing. hahaha Get what I mean?

For example. How many of us are guilty of

1. Looking into the message of our spouses/gf/bf/frens/ or anybody else.
There is an urge to read that inbox rite? hahaha

2. Browsing to the content of a personal laptop.(without permission)
Eh eh ...jeng jeng jeng!!! hahaha

3. Hearing others conversation
Eh you know that guy and that girl they... this that you know. (at the other end . you trying to figure out what they are talking)

4. hrmmm can't think of any rite now.


Peace out!

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