Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doing Things on the WWW

The Internet has really made life easy for many people. You can basically do anything with the internet.
You can shop, sell, promote, find info, and well basically anything you can think of.

My personal favourite of the internet is

1. Online banking

Maybank 2 u is one of the most convenient way to do anything that is related to purchasing or selling. It give the user the convenience to do basically anything. With maybank to you on my side . I can purchase flight tickets with ease. Buy gift, flower for that love one without going through the hassle of buying it my self. With just a click of a button your buying needs is all at your finger tips.

2. Social Networks Site

Sites such as facebook has really change the way people interact with each other. You are connected to every of your frens no matter where you are. You can post updates about what you are doing. Attach pictures of where you been to and what you've done. You may even find that some one for you in such website.

3. A way of learning new skills

I like this the most. I learned the techniques to solve the rubic cube from you tube. There are plenty of tutorials that teaches you to do things if you know where to find them. All range from planting, to hacking, to how to get that girl, well basically anything you can think of is there in the internet.

Out of the 3 I listed, I personally like the first!

Technology is such a wonderful thing if you know how to use it.

Peace out. Enjoy surfing in the World Wide Web! =)

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