Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malaysian Service..

This entry is not about my personal experience but rather it was the experience encountered by a fren.
A fren of my was vomiting and she suspected that maybe she got food poisoning. So as clinic 1Malaysia was the nearest to where she is staying, she decided to go there for treatment.

This was the following conversation:

Upon reaching the clinic she headed straight to the counter. (hahaha tak kan head to the toilet plak)

IAC : Datang sini buat apa?

Fren: Nak tengok doctor.....(in pain state)

IAC: Oh tak boleh tgk. Check boleh.

Can you spot whats wrong..

1. Why did the IAC ask datang sini buat apa.. You come here for what? What kind of a question is that. What is my fren suppose to answer. Tak kan want to say. I datang sini nak beli ikan sekilo, Ayam dua kilo, tambah bawang sekilo. Wtf. You open a clinic and you ask patients "Datang sini buat apa" Buat teh ker. Mai so hai betul.
Start with a smile, And selamat pagi. Apa yg boleh saya bantu Cik. Sila duduk sebentar.

This baru Malaysian Service!!

Ah forgot. the IAC got the guts to sarcastically tease my fren. wtf!!

Second encounter. Also food poisoning (I wonder why she always food poisoning)

Went to the same clinic at aorund 9.50 am. Clinic was supposed to open at 10am. She was in pain and went to the IAD. Asked her can she go in. The IAD said tunggu lagi 10 minute..Wtf....

Lets say a person is stabbed in the guts. Then that person have to wait la another 10 minutes to get treatment. Memang no 1 Malaysian Service. DO You know Malaysian very tepati masa..

1. Masa makan pukul 1. mesti makan pukul satu.

2. Masa balik pukul 5. Mesti balik pukul 5.

3. Start kerja pukul 8. Mesti la tepat, sebab kena punch card. Then after that off to the cafe for breakfast till 10 am.

Malaysia Boleh

Malaysian. Makan kena tepat, Balik kena tepat, kerja kalau boleh nak rileks. Tapi gaji tetap jalan. Memang the best!

The Implementation of policies by the government is a smart move. The correct move. But however, when it comes to maintaning the service. Kita Malaysian cakap Tak Boleh la

We makan first then talk about performance later


Peace out

Ps: IAC=Idiot at counter
     IAD=Idiot at door

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