Wednesday, September 1, 2010

God is Great

I am not very much of a believer in God. But things that happened in my life made me, opened my eyes, opened my heart. It made me believe that God is always there, looking, taking care and guiding us so that we are on the right track. Sometimes He may show us the wrong path, but that is so that we learn from our mistakes and make sure we don't repeat it again.

Yesterday, I was some one, today I am no one, Tomorrow, I maybe a stranger to you. I should have seen the signs. does not even matter anymore. I should not be angry. For what is done is done.

God is Great!!! for so many times he showed me the path. He showed me that where I am headed is wrong. But I choose to ignore it. But He never gives up. For He is the Lord Almighty, He will never abandon his people. Not like human that would betray one another, once given the chance.

The Earthly possession, The Earthly wealth, The Earthly Love, The Earthly People. will all be gone when we die. But God's Love is undivided. For in Him we will have eternal life.

I have so long strayed from Him. But He never gives up. He made me see the consequences, the road, the wonders of life. He made me think for my self. He helped me find my self back.

I am forever Grateful in Him. What ever I have now, What ever I am sad about, What ever I am angry about. Its just part of life. He gave me the ultimate prize..When He breath life in to me. But he will not let me die just like that. For when I leave this world, He will have already have a place for me by His side. to share His unlimited wealth.

I will appreciate what ever He plans for me. Cuz I believe in a saying that everything happens for a Reason. There is always an explantion to every thing. That is why science was born. For the unexplained part. That my fren... is the power of  God Almighty!

Peace out!