Friday, September 17, 2010

Muallaf. Sepet

Muallaf or The convert is the fifth film made by the late Yasmin Ahmad. I still remembered the first time I heard about this talented yet inspiring director was when she directered the movie Sepet. With her highly controversial flims that depict events and relationships seen as forbidden by social conservatives, especially hard-line interpretations of Islam. Sepet was one brave film that break the bearrier of stereotypes which tells a tale of a love that blooms between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl.

In the latest additon, Muallaf was first denied screening in Malaysian cinemas due to the Malaysian censorship authorities request of key scenes to be cut, thus rendering the story meaningless. However, 1 year later, Muallaf finally opens in Malaysia nationwide on 24/12/09 with a few dialogues muted.

For me muallaf and sepet was the reality of life that is happening in the Malaysia. Marriages now are not only restricted in the borders of people of the same colour, race and religion..It is going beyond that. 

Yasmin Ahmad took a brave step into bringing reality to the people.

Watching this two movies... brings back the memories I had with her...

Cut the story short....

Watch the two movies if you havent...

Then we can have a debate on it. =)

Peace out!

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  1. Semuga bahagia sampai anak cucu.. waaa sweetnyee..