Thursday, September 2, 2010

Huh?? Must Queue Up ar??

Queing up. Eh..?Other people also don't queue. Why I want queue.

Faster! Faster! We want buy sardine!!
Have you been to an airport?. Ever waited for the gate to your flight to be open. Then you will notice, every time the person in charge makes the announcement, nobody only some people listen to the annoucement.

The annoucement will usually go something like this;

Pintu utk ke Pesawat AK #### sudah dibuka. Diminta para penumpang yg membeli Kerusi Panas (hot seat) sila menuju je pintu B manakala penumpang dgn kerusi normal sila ke pintu C. (lebih kurang la. gua cuma ingt skit2 apa yg org tu cakap. Gua bukannye tape recorder nak igt every word)

Then the flight attendant will come. And the first door she will open is of course the gate of the Hot Seat. Then out of a sudden you will see a flock of human. Eh correct ka a flock? A group of human rushing to that gate. Then kesian la that pretty stewardess. kena tanya one by one. Hot Seat ? Hot Seat? then only a handfull of guest that are entittled to walk through that door.

Here we can see that, Human want things to go fast! The faster the better. Mai so hai Betul. Bukan nyer the plane is going to take off immediately the gates open. It will stay until the last passenger has check in. So why the rush. Like la if you get in early to the plane, you going to get a kiss from the stewardess. Or Tony Fernandes is going to greet you and say hey. You are our lucky one million passenger.

Togehter we can makan tosai! opss! Every body can fly!
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Another thing I notice is when ever the plane stops. Even when the seat belt is still on. People start standing very quickly. I mean like lightning speed. And Pap! Pap! Pap! one by one the overhead compartment is opened. Then everybody start rushing to grab their own bags. And Remember the seat belt light is still on.

Haizzz. The door pun tak buka lagi. Even the stairs are not in place yet. Why the rush? People are so impatient. Even worse is when on the road. When its time to break fast. Every body will be rushing back home. They try to squeeeeeeze in every little opening there is. And this psissed off other road user. I know you hungry. You think you are the only one that fast ker???

Another not so nice senario is people rushing to bazaar Ramadhan or restaurant to buy food. They push, Buy like no body business. Grab like they haven eaten for months. And the irony is, this happens in the fasting month. I taught BulanPuasa was suppose to teach us the meaning of patience, endurance. But the moment people are hungry. I don't care!! Don't mess with me when I am hungry.

Patut la org tak sabar..Aneka pilihan! Rambang mataku!!!
What ever it is. I and many other are also some how guitly of committing such acts.. We are not perfect beings. Just lets not get to over self pity in it. Improving on our weaknessess rather then sulk in it, would be a better alternative.

Peace out!!