Monday, September 13, 2010

Living in The Past.

Ever felt like you are still living in the past...

Ever felt like you can't let go of some things in your life..

Ever felt like, If you had the chance, you would change what you done in the past.

Do things in a different way then you did...

Well I guess at some point of our life we actually regret the things we done..

We boast about past achievement that we've accomplish..

We let the past control how we live..

If we noticed...Being good at something..does not mean we will be good at it in the future if we don't practice..

We get lazy and just let it be...

Just like in a relationship..

Every relationship cannot work if only it is run by one...

It cannot survive if there is no longer love from the other.

Just like in life, those who are good at things might think that it will be enough for them to succeed.

Well stop living in the past. The future might not be as what you imagine..

We need to wake up.. and realise that the past cannot help us in the future.

It just make us things in a better ways.

Reflect on the past..

But don't let it contriol how you live your life..

just let it guide you to ur future..

1 comment:

  1. without a past u wont have a present...
    Without a past u wont learn to change
    But dwellin too much on the past will only make u live in da past..
    what ever u have experience in da past teaches u to be a better person/do something better...
    Yesterday..the day before is also the past...
    Keep the memories of it but never dwell on it too long my friend..:)
    Wish everything turns out fine for u soon..