Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A long Journey.

Its been a hectic week for the past few days. From Kelantan to Sarawak and from Sarawak to KL and KL to Melaka. Been thru a very very tiring journey. I have got to admit that, with globalization, the world's boundary is getting obsolete. We can be in one place at a certain time. And another just like that. I am really gratefull to be able to have the ability and means to travel. Met with people that I didn't expect. Felt the warmth of a Family. Get to feel the care of a total stanger. The journey has really opened my eyes to all sorts of opportunity. Felt all sorts of emotion. Tired, Anger, Happy...All of it has taken its toll on me.

Have been fasting for almost a month now. Fasting has actually made me a better person. Although, I am not a Muslim, I actually got some enlightment by practicing fasting. Fasting is not actually about striving from hunger. Its more then that. Fasting is actually self dicipline. I learnt the meaning of kesederhanaan (don't know what is the english word for it), Patience. I will talk about fasting in another post.

As for today I am going to talk about the journey that I have gone thru. Just to get back home.

Arrived in Lcct at about 5 pm. Quickly went to the ticket counter to find ticket to go back home. But was dissapointed to see that the earliest bus to Melaka is at 9 pm. Was in dilemma of either to wait or try my luck in Bukit Jalil.

But because I really wanted to get back home as soon as possible. I quickly grab a ticket to KL sentral. Rush to the exit to find the bus. My heart was pounding so fast. And I felt really nervous! For so long I was scared to be standed alone...

Arrived in KL sentral about 6.30 quickly disembark from the bus. Rush in the terminal to find the LRT.

The moment I reached inside KL sentral . I was blur. I panicked. I could not find the counter for the LRT. All i saw was just KTM. I went round.
 Felt like breaking down and cry. I was at the verge of giving up. At last I found the counter. But from KL Sentral there is no direct link to Bukit Jalil. So I made a decision to go to Masjid Jamek. Cuz I still remember there is a interchange there.

Arrive in Masjid Jamek at around 6.45 pm. Because the escalater was packed with people. I decided to walk up the stair. And believe me. Those stairs were long. On the way up. Felt like my legs were giving up on me. Then I realised I haven had anything to eat since 4 am today. It was hard. I felt like just sitting there on the stairs and cry.

However, I finally made it. Rushed to the counter. I was right! =) There is  alink to bukit Jalil.

The journey was long to Bukit Jalil. Then came the announcement that its time to break fast. I din't have anything to break fast. I was thirsty . Tired. I even taught of asking some water from a Family that was breaking fast in the Tren.

But I believe in this Ramadhan month. Is all about patience and endurance. What the minds believe. The body can do!

Cut the story short. managed to get a ticket to Melaka. Arrived in Melaka at about 9.30 pm. Was hungry. and asked mum to stop by kfc. Had to wait for about half an hour before being served.

Arrived at home almost 11.15 pm

What a tiring journey.

But because I endure all that. I was much more grateful to be back safe and sound.

What I learn from the journey:

1. To never give up. No one can tell you otherwise if you believe in what you are doing. Its mind over body power.

2. Patience and endurance. If you can work hard. stay strong. Eventually what you fight for will come true.

3. Being Polite. Being humble. Being Human. At time of hardship. Its easy to breakdown and blame every one for it. But try to think of it as a challenge in life that makes us a better person in life.

4. Just live life. Everything that happens to us is part of living. If you encuntered problems, You feel sad. You feel broken. You lost some one. You are able to travel. of what ever life bring to you. Just live it. Its part and parcel of life. Cuz living is the greatest gift that God has gave to us!

5. To appreciate those around us. We will regret if they are gone. I know that feeling. And I am really really scared to be alone. 

Peace out!


  1. i love this post! and I like travelling as well! i faced the same thing too but I managed to go through it by doing simple mind manipulation! like you said, "it's mind over body power" !

  2. thanks. I love travelling as well. deciding to enter Umk was the best decision in my life. Got many opportunity to travel. Just don't like living in kelantan =)