Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movie Adaptation

How many of you are a fan of dragon ball z, ever played tekken before, king of fighters (kof).

Well all three movie adaptation fail to live up to the expectation of the fans.

Dragon ball the movie was a huge dissapointment. Picolo looks like a dwarf. short. I know he is an alien but come on. he look ridiculous! And goku. Goku is a org putih. A white guy!!! he is asian!! come on !!! And kurin. Goku's best fren was not in the movie. Nooooooo!! That can't be!!!. Remember when goku turned into the Giant Gorila. Opss sorrry the little gorrila. he was fuking ridiculous!!! he is the size of a man. as tall as picolo. He should be bigger!!!!

Thts not real musles. Its just a suit. His antenna looks like the whole thing is glued to his head!

Picolo should look like this!

or this!
Haven watch tekken the movie. but from Friends review, it was a dissapointment as well.

The latest I watched is King of Fighter. Huge dissapoinment as well. Terry was old. hands arms were damn small. and his cap was a joke. he look ridiculous in it . damn.! The story is like this, the king of fighter tournament is held in this other dimension. and when the fighters enter this dimension they have to fight and win to get to the next round. the movie started with mai shiranui fighting mr big. The whole tournament was a blur. For me I didn't get the whole purpose of the virtual tournament.

I know they want to compliment the game, but when terry bogard entered the game. He wore this ridiculous red vest and a lame cap. written fatal fury. but he look really funny. How come mai was stronger then Iori and Kyo. haizzzz. wtf!

The plot was about defeating this Rugal guy before he control the world using this bad power source the Orochi!

In the movie the characther either talk too much or they just din't potray the characters very well.!

Terry in Movie! Lame. Weak! Old!

Terry from the Game! How cool is he!! Yezaaa!!!
They should have let the japanese do the movie. or don't do it at all. May be James cameroon should direct it. then it would be cool. For the fans they better stick to the comic of just the game. Don't watch the movie!

Peace out!


  1. Aku rasa Majumia UMK nampak lebih real berbanding pelakon movie ni. hehehe.. Daniel, baik kau tulis emel kat director filem ni, untuk buat ujibakat kat UMK.

    p/s Terpaksa jadi anonymous sebab nak jaga hati seseorang.

  2. huh??? jaga hati siapa??
    i rasa semua movie yg adaptasi dari game ke
    komik ker. semua cuma ada character dgn nama yg sama. tapi story line. ke asliaan tak kesampaiaan
    hee hee

    Thanks sebab baca blog ini!=)

    Majumia ahahah. bagus gak idea tuu