Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not everthing that is bad is Bad

Kinda funny the ways how I get topics to blog about.

Well today, I am going to bring you to the other side of smoking. I am not encouraging smoking to anyone. But this is my view and opinion on smoking.

Welcome to the other side of huffing and puffing.

I know smoking is bad. With all the bad ingredients it has got inside.

To me smoking is not an addiction. However, it is something I quite enjoy.

The moment you light up a cigarette. I regard it as lighting up a flame. You see how the cigarette burns. You can actually get a lot of lesson from it. For me I like to smoke alone. Occasionally I like to do it in groups.

When I smoke alone, it gives me time to think about the day. Gives me time to reflect on my day as a whole.

When you see the smoke, you realise that life is full of uncertainty.. you may be clouded by uncertainty..

But eventually the wind wil blow away all that smoke (uncertainty) away. Which means be optimistic. Rain or shine. Life has to go on. If you want to live life full of misery then be my guest. But if you start to be optimistic and view problem, obstacle, or challenges that come in a beautiful way. You might be surprised what you might end up with

Then you will the the smoke pattern forming into different shape and curves while being blown by the wind. Kinda like art.

And the amazing thing is, smoking makes you appreciate life. This may sound crazy.. But when I smoke, when I inhale the smoke. I get dizzy. I kinda like want to faint. Here the twist is.. Every time I inhaled and when I start to feel dizzy. I stop and take a deep breath of the air. I close my eyes. Breath in slowly. With the angin sepoi2 blowing tru my face.. I kinda like the feeling as if I am given the second chance to live.

Like in life, its little details like this we miss. and everytime we want more of what we don't have.

Try to see life differently. Like the title say. not everything that is bad is bad...

Peace out!


  1. you've grown alot my little one...
    Hehehe but not a man yet ler...
    Still need to climb the tangga slowly...
    gotta agree wit u on dis thou...
    excellent piece of work...
    Enjoy life,cheers :)

  2. but still, smoking is bad for health. :)

  3. Tia: =) hee... i know that..I will quit it soon. (after I finish this one last packet)

    Anoy: Thanks for the comment. =)

  4. best jgk journal psl smoking ni..haha..lain drp yg lain...:)
    tp jgn asyik smoking,x baik utk kesihatan jantung..(doktor yg ckp)..hopefully oneday u will quit frm smoking..peace bro..:)

  5. white purple roses: hahaha nama mcm deep purple comnine dgn gun and roses. berhenti rokok tidak lama lagi. kena la dgr cakap doctor yer.. hahaha but thanks for the advise

  6. hey, save one for me. i mean it, seriously. get from you soon.

  7. mae & daniel.. =.=|| xtaw dah nk ckp ape