Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why does the guy has to take all the blame?

Why the guy is always to blame in a bad relationship?
When a couple breaks up. Why is the guy always to blame.
I mean come on. There are two sides of the story for goodness sake.
The guy cheats, so? As if girls don’t cheat.
Sometimes the guy is a wrong in the (beginning) relationship, but then how if the girl does the same to him. Isn’t that considered guilty as well.
Woman talks about equal rights.
Then they should not expect men to pay up after dinner.
They should not expect a guy to give away his seat to her.
They should not say that men aren’t gentlemen enough if we don’t help u carry heavy things,
Don’t help you open the door.  Critisize you or don notice how well you look.

We men don’t have activist going in public fighting for our rights. It is always woman this woman that.

In every wrecked relationship. Both sides suffer..Don't just think that only woman is all sad and miserable.
Peace out!

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